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DD is becoming a super soaker and has no interest in Potty training

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DD is a little over two, and the past month she has gotten to where she holds her pee for alongg time, and when she pees she leaks like crazy! She is in sposies as she has decided she doesn't like cloth diapers and rips them off all the time. I coupon some and she is wearing all types of diaper brands and leaks out of them all. She leaks the least out of huggies but I cannot afford huggies all the time. I don't want to push her on potty training as I tried to potty train ds early and it ended up taking a year to fully train him. She doesn't seem ready, she has never even peed on the pot and I ask her if she wants to on the pot and she says, "no I pee in my diaper". She even gets her own diaper, wipes etc and lies down and tries to change herself. What should I do? Just deal with leaks? Put two diapers on her? I tried to put a diaper cover over the sposie and she won't allow that either....

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I'm really commenting to bump... I'd like to know what the more experienced mamas think!  My only ideas are to do as much naked bum time as you can and getting her to know that we don't pee pee on the floor, big girls pee on the potty, and to bribe a pee on the potty for whatever her favorite forbidden food is. I feel that since she is holding it to the extent you mention, it may be time to get serious about potty training?

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I realize this is an old thread, but they do make diaper doublers.  Have you tried those?


Two diapers might work too, but you'll have to poke some holes into the inner one or you'll probably still have leaks.  Depending on what size she's in a slightly larger diaper on the outside might work better too.

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I second the naked bum, get her learning about the potty. A good lead up would be play dates with other kids who use the potty. I think not all kids show all the signs of readiness and that potty learning should be like learning any other skill: lots of patience, plenty of mistakes and a ton of practice. My DD1 has been slowly learning for a long time now but she's been diaper free except overnight since 2. She's had plenty of pee accidents but has never been resisting or afraid of the potty. Recently she's had a (very frustrating) setback but it blew over in a couple of weeks. She's so young; I don't expect perfection. I'm loving having to deal with only 5 poops outside the potty in the last year though wink1.gif
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well dd still isn't potty trained. I know lots suggest naked bum time, but I have rental now that is all carpet which is only 1 year old and where I used to live it was hardwood and tile so no big deal if ds peed on it, but it is a big deal if dd pees on the carpet. I recently weighed her and she is 35lbs, so i bought her some size 5 overnight huggies, as I had her in regular size 5 and some regular huggies size 6. She leaked out of the overnight size 5 just now, not even at bedtime. I just finished a hectic 8 week online class and I am down to 2 classes so have more time to work with her on potty training and will try to start that in the next couple weeks and see if she takes to it or not.

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