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Sweet Malia born in the van:)

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I never would have believed I would ever give birth on my due date! Contractions started at 6:30 in bed. I tried to sleep, but had to get up at 7 cuz they were so uncomfortable when laying down. Things picked up pretty quick, but nothing was regular, so I got confused with the whole process, especially when Dh checked me(mistake-he has never done it before and obviously didnt know what he was feeling for:)). I was feeling transitiony and pushy and he said I was like 2cm open...... He checked a little while after that again (couple hours) when I felt like pushing again and he noticed progress but said I still have a long way to go:) So, when contractions intensified like crazy, around 10am, I started wondering how long I would have to do this. It sort of felt like my body was giving little grunty pushes! My sister left on her 1+hr drive to come take our other 3 kids. About 12 was when I felt like I needed someone else's help because if I was not ready to push then I wouldnt be able to handle anything any longer. I had a very sore back the whole time and was extremely tired due to lack of sleep for one week. Which obviously didnt help coping with contractions. Around 1pm I asked Dh to bring me to the hospital, and tho I had prepared him ahead of time to not listen to me when I talk like that, I guess I'm thankful that he did respect me dire need to leave. We got things packed up and Dh put my 'birthing nest' from inside into the van. The middle seats are not in the van and I had lots of room on the floor! It's about a 30min drive to the hospital from our house. Dh of course sped cuz I asked him to, but my body finally started pushing on its own. Pop went my waters-it was kind of interesting how they came out, like an upside down balloon with the bottom cut off, full of clear water:) Maybe 5 mins after that I felt her head moving down. She came very fast. It hurt quite a bit, but even tho I tried not to push, to slow things down, she just kept coming! I tried to put a bit of counterpressure on my bottom too, but it didnt help! Her head was born and I asked Dh to stop the car and look is it really her head. And then her body came out only a few seconds later. She cried only a little, looked around and fell asleep!:) Good thing we were prepared for a UC and took all our towels with us:) I wrapped her up and Dh drove to an unused parking lot, hopped in the back with us and we checked out our newest baby:) It was a very sweet moment! In hindsight, we should have left for home then, but we came to the hospital anyway, we had called before we left home that we were coming. It was maybe 5 mins more drive and Dh pulled into the emergency circle. 2 or 3 nurse midwives came with a bed (a younger and 2 older ladies). The older ones were treating me almost as an emergency, getting ready to cut the cord and take my babe away. I told her straight that I didnt want to cut the cord yet. She said they have to check the baby out, how will they do that when she's still attached? I said why can't you check her out here in my lap:) I got onto the bed with baby in my arms and they partly 'ran' me up to a delivery room. The placenta still hadnt come. This older 'midwife' was fiddling around and said something about giving an oxytocin needle for the placenta. I kept saying I dont want any of that, let's just let it happen naturally. Like what's the hurry?!?! Baby and I are doing fine, there is no emergency, really. The 2 older ones started whispering back and forth to each other about me:) They obviously trust themselves a lot more over Mother Nature. I wanted my Dh with me before they started doing anything to us. The placenta, btw, was already detached, I just had to push it out. We didnt think at all to look at the time when she was born, but I gave a guess and they were satisfied. It's such an important thing for them:). The 2 older ones finally left and never came back! HAHA! The younger one was very respectful of our wishes and nothing more really happened. Except to me-I tore a little, and tho I understood it was nothing bad she wanted to put in a few stitches. And then the hospital stay began. Because I was given a diabetes label at the end of my pregnancy they kept us to follow baby's blood sugar. This time the stay was much more ''enjoyable''(if you can call it that) than my other 3 stays. The nurses that I ended up with were much more ''with it'', for lack of words. Well, some of them were more friendly than others have been. (And actually, this time 1 or 2 nurses that checked in on us, on their shift, were ''full of it''. Everyone was obviously talking about the crazy young mom who gave birth in the car and one nurse asked me if I drove myself to the hospital......??!!) I'm very happy how the birth went tho. And Dh is too. He was nervous I think, but now when it happened we know this much more for next time:) He actually told me afterwards that it was an AWESOME way to give birth, meaning only us, with noone to intervene. Noone knows(our friends and relatives) that we had planned on UCing. And maybe its best they dont find out:) Malia was born on Wednesday, July 17th (the 17th grandchild for both of our parents!:)) around 2pm (Finnish time) weighing 3536 grams and measuring 48cm. Her face was bruised and nose was a little squashed- most likely from the fast and wild journey onto dry land:) Without mothering I would have had another dreaded hospital birth(of course, if she didnt come so fast). Thank you, all you wonderful moms for sharing your stories and giving so much inspiration, motivation and encouragement to trust in nature's ways! And above all I want to Thank God!:) What an amazing creator.



After reading this over I want to clarify that we are living in Finland. Everyone here goes to the hospital to give birth, tho there is a small but growing homebirth community of families and midwives. I don't think too many people are very supportive of UC. Of course, that's my own opinion. We came home friday. And it's so nice:)

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Awesome! I am glad you got the birht you want. Even a better story because it was in the van!

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Congratulations!! Love reading your birth story. smile.gif
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Congrats, mommyemma! love.gif Good for you for standing up to those nurses. Giving birth really isn't an emergency. I wish more people could see that. Enjoy your precious girl!
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