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3rd trimester TMI thread!

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I saw one of these on a search I did for well... A very TMI keyword. I won't divulge. It was hilarious and I think we really need one. I almost woke DD up laughing. lol.gif

I'll start.

Is it just me or are any of you ladies extra smelly? I think it's my bionic nose but not sure anymore! Ewww!

My underwear have seen better days. They barely fit and are sometimes sopping wet by the time they end up in the hamper.

The gas I get sometimes makes me wonder what DH thinks of me. Not lady like at all.

Oh and I keep forgetting to shave my legs/underarms. The hair grows REAL fast over here... Hahah!
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i'm with ya here.  it has seemed like the intense smell sensitivity of pregnancy has chilled out except for my own smell - drives me crazy!  between that and an increase in sweating and discharge, i do laundry twice as often as i used to.  and i keep thinking i must have an infection...it's super annoying.


and it is hard to keep up with the hair growth - all over the place!  i've somewhat surrendered to this one since i'm crunchy enough to not be too bothered, except the chin hair.  don't tolerate that well and it's been growing like mad!  at least it's easy to see and get to, unlike other areas!

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anyone else here still trying to have sex? DF and i are and it's become soo much work. quite funny when you can't even move by yourself anymore! last time i had to take a break right in the middle of it because baby decided to position himself in such a way i think i saw his whole head and back sticking out.. painful!

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Oh yes, the smell. I've always been very sensitive to my own smells, so this is driving me crazy. Underwear is super wet, but that's not too annoying.


The flatulence is back with a vengeance, but on the bright side constipation has greatly improved.


As for sex, not a lot going on here irked.gif I feel bad about it, but mostly I just don't want it; plus I'm so tired by the end of the day that evenings are out, so that makes it more difficult to find a time when we're both in the mood. I've also always preferred to b in the bottom, and whilst we can still manage to make it work, it generally makes baby come out of my pelvis which is extremely uncomfortable afterwards.

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Oh yeah I got the smells. And the wet knickers (not the good kind lol).

No sex here as DB is away, but we did try before he left and to be honest it's just not that enjoyable anymore. I also like to b on bottom and its so uncomfortable I don't know as its worth it anymore 😏

I can still just about shave my legs, I hate having hairy legs, grosses me out lol.
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The only way we still manage it is if I'm laying on my side. Every time we try with me on top I end up having pains down low like a pulled muscle and we have to stop. I'm determined to stay active as long as possible in order to hopefully bring labor on sooner than later. wink1.gif
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We still have sex regularly. I'm not on top much anymore because my ab muscles are non existent, but it's still 2-3x/week.

Holy juices, anyone? I'll be standing around and swear I'm peeing myself... Run to the bathroom and there's a big glob of juices in my underwear.

Acid reflux is also kicking my a**.
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We're still having sex, though not quite as often as before just because I'm tired most evenings and it's harder to find time during the day.  Being on top just tires me out - honestly, any position that requires me to do much movement tires me out quickly.  So we usually end up with me on all fours.


Flatulence continues to be awful for me and the worst part is it always gets worse right when we get into bed before going to sleep.  Fortunately my partner has a sense of humor about it.


I've got hemorrhoids, which sucks.  But they aren't as bad as I had thought them to be, don't really even hurt that much.


I've also started snoring, apparently.


And my feet are so swollen that one of DP's friends commented that they looked like tamales yesterday.  irked.gif

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We are still having sex like normal, but being on the bottom is...inconceivable.  LOL


Now, this is way TMI, but ummmmmm...I have to wipe my booty about 15 times, and then use a wet wipe.  It's ridiculous.  Seriously.  Half way through every pregnancy this happens to me.  :/

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Still doing it about 2 times a week, but usually, it only works with spooning, or sonetimes me on top. It's hard to get comfortable and the second tri lust has definitely calmed down. Not to mention contractions messing things up...had a really intense oral session the other night which led to a big O and then wham! Contractions for almost an hour. Boo.

Definitely there on the frequent undie changes. No more stinky than usual but little less hairy, actually.
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We're are still having sex fairly regularly, although we can only do it if I'm on my side or from behind. I admit it still feels AAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. 


I pee myself a little bit every time I sneeze or cough. I've farted during sex, thankfully nothing to hazardous just little squeakers. 


I eat the same amount of food as a small whale I'm sure. I'm SO HUNGRY these days, I feel very piggish. Last night after a dinner of two yams, grilled beans, a bagel with cream cheese, I went for a bowl of cereal, and late some ice cream. 

My pubes are like a rain forest and I can't keep up on em. It's aggravating really cos I have to trim once a week and that's getting impossible, I'm gonna make DH do it tonight. 


The wetness thing? Yeah have that this time around .... so much mucous my god! I need to invest in some panty liners cos with the heat and sweating and the hormones making so much discharge, it's like a musty lake down there. 


My underwear are getting to small and I refuse to buy more at this point so I get wedgies...often. My butt crack hurts from when they ride up there and rub around. Sometimes I can't always pick it ya know? 

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Y'all are cracking me up. Especially because I can agree w many of the above sentiments. Pregnancy is not for the squeamish!
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Originally Posted by Mama Ana View Post

We're are still having sex fairly regularly, although we can only do it if I'm on my side or from behind. I admit it still feels AAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. 


I eat the same amount of food as a small whale I'm sure. I'm SO HUNGRY these days, I feel very piggish. Last night after a dinner of two yams, grilled beans, a bagel with cream cheese, I went for a bowl of cereal, and late some ice cream. 


my libido is still way up, probably preg hormones. if i were physically ABLE to, i'd have sex at least once a day at the moment!! and every time we do manage to have sex, it ends up being incredible. but it's so hard to get there now! 


we're actually trying variations of missionary again after months of spooning and me on top (both uncomfortable for me). now DF is the one who's uncomfortable (since he basically has to sit up). and my belly is massive. i know we're almost done here with this baby, but sometimes i wonder if we'll be forced to have less sex in the remaining months just cause it gets harder and harder.. just the thought of it scares me! 


Originally Posted by cmu204 View Post

Pregnancy is not for the squeamish!


haha, definitely not. i've become so gross during this pregnancy.. i can't help it.

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Anybody rockin the boob sweat?

I'm seriously thinking of making a bra with a sweat band on the bottom to absorb all this sweat.

I gotta make sure my shirt doesn't rise up underneath my boobs cos then I get sweat marks when I pull it out.

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Oh, I love you ladies!

So glad I'm not the only one who thinks my lady smell has increased. Dh swears it smells the same though. I don't know if u quite believe that though. wink1.gif

Not much going on in the sex department. My brother did just move out so I think ill feel more at ease again. My belly is getting to be huge so its either me on top or in all fours.

Here is tmi for ya.... it's been so dang humid here that after going for a long walk last week I actually chapped and blistered my booty cheeks! It hurt so bad and I can see what the heck is going on down there I had to have dh look for me. Lol

I know you lady parts swell a bit in late pregnancy, but dang, it's like I have a pair of balls! Hahahahaha

Awww, the joys of pregnancy.
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Omfg. The smell and sweating and discharge is unreal. I clearly do not remember this happening with DD1. But then again, I had central air at the end and lived at the beach in the beginning so I was in better climates. Ladies who are first-timers-- please enjoy those showers and naps wherever you need them in my honor. Oh I miss that terribly.

DH is sooooooo not interested in sex after the awkwardness last time. I feel bad but it hurt! One week I want it, he doesn't. The next week I DO NOT and he does. Should I just jump him and see what happens? Lol. The baby is sitting so low I just don't see how it could possibly feel good. After taking matters in my own hands a few nights ago-- the after-O cramping sucks!!!

Acid reflux is HORRID!!! My GF bagel made its way back in my throat while shopping at Home Depot I swore I'd never eat again. Gross.

Off to wash sheets and nightgowns because they reek of vagina. Uuuuugh gross!!!
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Omg so this is definite tmi but I feel safe saying this.

My crotch is of course very sweaty and plus the hormones....but I don't mind my smell. I kind of like it. Lol weird I know but it's not the smell that bugs me the most.
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sex has definitely gotten more complicated, that's for sure.  i envy those of you with a raging libido - mine has been fluctuating and is high at times but it's just so much damn work, that takes some of the fun out of it.  even when i'm feeling more interested, it takes longer to get physically aroused and then i've actually gotten chafed b/c i forced us onward when i was still too dry.  i thought pregnancy was supposed to make us more lubricated??  i certainly have plenty of extra fluid (ie. copious amts of sweat and discharge) but when it comes to getting turned on, that seems to be a different story.  but then again, i haven't tested that theory lately either.  and like many of you, positioning is a challenge so we go primarily for rear-entry, which has always been a fav of his anyway :)  orgasms feel different too and i don't necessarily like it - it's not the release i was used to since now my uterus contracts with the orgasm and i don't feel as relaxed as i like, especially since i often use orgasms as a way to get back to sleep when my insomnia is up.  


and boob sweat?  oh my.  i keep a hand towel by my closet just for the purpose of wiping myself several times a day because the smallest amt of exertion soaks me.  and they are just huge, which doesn't help.  i think i'm like 42 or 44H now...i don't even know because i'm wearing some soft stretchy nursing bras that are 3X since nothing else fits.  


and then there's the peeing when i cough or sneeze - yeah, love that one.  especially when i've put on fresh undies and pants. ugh. that one has actually gotten a bit better lately and i'm not entirely sure why...maybe it all those kegels that prenatal yoga was having me do (though i barely remember anymore since i stopped going to class many weeks ago!)


i think the acid reflux might be the most annoying prego "side effect" - just makes me super irritable!  i use papaya enzymes for it, which only kinda work.  i'm thinking i should go for something a bit stronger and more conventional.  

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I find after orgasms I get tummy ache for 2 days, kinda puts a dampener on sex 😒
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Yes to most of these issues!! Since the baby dropped, the belly is causing sweatiness down below, as if the discharge isn't bad enough! And the piles are much worse too, to the point I'm wondering if I'll need banding or something after I've had the baby. Definitely no sex here thanks to the warts, but thankfully they seem to be improving. And I'm also suffering from lots of gas; I'll go for a pee and there always seems to be a loud accompanying fart to go with it. I think that's about it for me, but pregnancy is truly the most unflattering thing that could ever happen to a person!

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