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Fever for the 5th night, getting really worried

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Ds2 got this fever (up to 102.8) that lasted 2 nights and one day.  Then he just seemed to cough a bit and is more or less over it.  Ds1 picked it up (Monday night), and I expected the fever to last about the same, but here we are on the 5th night of the fever and it's still spiking to 102 something.  During the day, it goes down to 100.6 (ear temp) and he seems to play, eat normally more or less....except for yesterday, when it actually went down to 99.8, and I thought he was over it, but he seemed the sickest...really not wanting to do much.  I thought he was just tired after being sick 4 days, but now his fever is spiking again...and it seems to really go up and down all the time.  Measured at 11pm last night and it was 101, then down to 100 and just now (4:30am) 102.3.  I don't remember him ever having a fever that did that.  I read somewhere that this is an indication more of a viral than a bacterial infection when the temp goes up and down like that...but I don't know what to make of his being sick.  

Of course I will take him to the dr. first thing in the morning, but I just can't sleep now, getting worried about what this could be.  We all got sore throats with this (neg for strep) and ds1 got swollen glands too.  Do virally caused fevers last this long?  And how could it be that his brother got over it so quickly?  Ds1 is 5.5, his brother is almost 3.

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Maybe west mile virus? Doesn't sound like flu. Yeah, I'd go to the doc for peace of mind since you can't figure it out. Fwiw, my DS1 had a fever like this when he had the flu over the winter. It was about 5 days of intermittent fever greensad.gif All the symptoms led us to believe it was flu though so we just stayed home and helped him recover and gave him medicine at night to help him rest. I hate sleeping when I have a fever and everything is so achey and miserable.

Without many symptoms though, I would probably start to get worried. Hope your kiddo recovers soon!
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Thanks sere for answering.  I'm just sitting here, doing the worst thing I can, which is googling fever, ugh.  I don't know that it would be West Nile, since we are all sick...just his fever is lasting longer.  Both dh and I had sore throats, hubby's was really "raw" feeling, mine more like just bothersome.  Ds1 did have a tummy ache for a day at the beginning and he says he has a sore throat now.  I took both ds2 and ds1 to the doc 2 days ago, and she said they had really red throats (but neg for strep).  

Ds1 just called me to bring him some ice water.  Measure his temp and it was 100.1...went to get his water, came back and it was 99.1  He feels cooler too.  

How can it just bounce around like that?  I wonder if it could be mono, but I thought mono had a long incubation period, and since we all got sick pretty much at the same time (dh & ds2 about 3 days before ds1 and me)...it shouldn't be mono, right? 

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We just came through a bout of what sounds like the same thing. Days of fever, some tummy ache, some sore throat. My son had had strep about 3 weeks before so I took him to urgent care (it was a Sunday) for a strep test which was negative. The doc dx'd it as "viral syndrome." The up and down definitely sounds viral to me. I was giving Ibuprofen for comfort and because the high fever was scaring me (103.7 at peak). He was irritable for many days after, and what either finally helped or was a coincidence was that I significantly upped the amount of probiotics I was giving him. Thinking the whole experience really messed with his gut and he needed a boost to start healing it. Hugs!

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Hi baltmom, how many days was your son sick with fever?  

I actually remembered that we were all sick about the same time last year, so I went to read my post then...I remembered ds had a fever that lasted 5 days and went away with antibiotics.  It seems that his fever was up and down then too...although, not this much up and down.  I guess I am worried because it seemed like regardless of the fever that he had something mild because he was playing and eating, but yesterday he seemed just tired and not feeling good and he didn't have a high fever during the day.  I hate guessing about antibiotics, I wish there was a test they could do to make sure a kid needs antibiotics.  

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I think his fever lasted 5 days, up and down. FWIW, I've often thought that he seems to feel worse when the fever is in the 99-100 range than when it's higher...


Did you take him to the doc? Sometimes when I get really worried because my son's symptoms don't seem to be following any pattern I can figure out, when the doc sees him she immediately organizes that particular constellation of symptoms into something recognizable and can tell me what to do, even if it's just to wait out the fever... . Also, I often learn from her that it's something going around, which seems to help it feel less scary...


Keep us posted!

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Just got back from the doc, who said that everything sounded/looked perfectly fine, lungs, ears, throat even less red, belly (except ds winced when the doc pressed on his belly, but didn't react as if he had appendicitis).  We were supposed to fly today, and doc said he could give us antibiotics if I wanted but he couldn't really say what he was treating...or we could wait 2 more days and if the fever didn't go away, then do more tests like xray & blood work.  He said we could fly or not.  I think we're not going to with a kid that we don't know what's wrong with...although dh believes fevers in kids are no big deal, and no reason we can't travel.  I hate disagreeing w/dh on this, but I can't imagine taking ds somewhere (and we're not visiting family where he can really just rest) and then having to do xrays/blood work elsewhere possibly.

I am considering taking him to Urgent Care for an xray though...my nephew had 5 days of fever w/o any symptoms and clear sounding lungs, until they did xray and found pneumonia.

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I wouldn't fly either. No way. His rest and health are all that matters right now, not running to catch a plane or taxi, etc. being around other sick people in an enclosed space, he needs his energy to get well. I do feel though more important than the fever or actual temperature, is the way your child is behaving. Taking in nourishment, lightly playing or attentively watching television, not distressed, then I would be less likely to worry. To me fever is a friend not a foe, and truly a life saver. I do nothing to lower it. But I do take into account the whole child and all that is going on, the fever is symptom. You are very attentive and a good mother, just continue to do as you are. I hope that he wakes up tomorrow morning feeling better and has turned a corner for the better.
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