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raw milk in Illinois

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Hi all, I hope I am not being obnoxious asking for more info but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a source of raw milk? Within an hour from crystal lake il? Thanks mamas! Still learning the site but loving it so far!
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Anyone know of a source?

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Not sure where Crystal Lake is but I get some from Glen Ellyn which is about an hour west of Chicago.  Let me know if you'd like more info.

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Golden Guernsey of Illinois

903 Forest Avenue Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

23385 W. Old Barrington Rd. Barrington, IL

387 S. Malta Rd Malta, IL 60150

Phone 630-790-0061 608-449-5491 cell

Here is some contact info, their milk is delicious! They have 3 pick up area places, just remember to bring your own bottles.
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Oooo Barrington is close for me! Thanks! Woodmans sells raw butter! Not sure if other locations do (though I bet they do), but the one on Randall in Carpentersville does.
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I'm not up and running yet but if there's a market for it I will be starting to sell raw milk in the spring just north of Rockford. Depending on what side of crystal lake you're on I might be just outside your range but not by much. I know it's not immediate but if your interested let me know, I'm trying to establish that there is a market to get a loan from family to start up.

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So excited to find this thread! We wEre in a coop for raw milk a few years back but my friend stopped doing it, so I did too. Then we found another farm, but it was an hour and a half away. Isisandshiva, we live in poplar grove and would be thrilled if there was somewhere close by to buy raw milk, I know many others around that would be too! Sometimes when I drive passed these farms out here i think of stopping and asking if they have milk to sell.

Btw.....I love woodmans!!!! Best store ever!
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I have found a small farm in Woodstock...http://brotherjonsfarm.com I have not bought from them yet, as I just started to decide to purchase raw milk. I live in lake Geneva wi and this seems to be the closest source.

ETA: I found them on the website www.realmilk.com and you click the real milk finder and choose your state...
Then scroll down the page smile.gif
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