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Congrats, Stormi.  Glad he arrived safe and sound without the c-section.  He is a cutie.


AFM: can someone please explain to my girls that they are supposed to sleep at night.  For some reason, they have confused the sun with the moon and expect me to do the same and remain awake all night.  This is turning into a serious problem as sleeping during the day is impossible for me with 3 other kids at home. =/ 

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A few days before Monkey was born I was told from the u/s he was big, but not more than 8lb. 9lb2oz of him came out. Never had one with Bee.


Midwife today. We ended up spending more time playing in the waiting room after the appointment then we did with her. And it was not a short and sweet.

Baby is good, flipped right to left, head more down. Midwife thinks she is 6 something now on track for 8lb at 40 weeks, perhaps a bit less.

I think I weigh more now than I ever have.


It is finally cooler here today, so we walked/waddled to the library and then to Chipotle for lunch. We met a friend there, grocery shopped, came home for rest. Then the friends came back for a playdate. Kids made a fort and picked up all the duplo from my bedroom floor. Grownups plotted about our trips to Disney World in the winter and put up cute things in the nursery. I love my husband, but he does not understand the importance of where the bunting goes.


So no laundry done, very little house cleaning. But a good day.

It has finally really hit me that having a home birth means my house needs to be at my level of company tidy, upstairs and downstairs, until baby comes.

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Songbird- I'm sorry that your midwife is being a jerk. The fact that you have found something that allows you to eat and keep food down is great, and it's far better than the alternative. You're doing a great job, don't let her make you feel bad. Wait to give her the final "come over now" call until the last minute. It's your perrogative! How did today's appt go??


EA- Personal space is important, good for you for not letting her make you feel uncomfortable. How come DH hasn't put his foot down with her about boundries. We have strict, "you deal with your own parent on behalf of the family" rules around here. MIL came out 4 days after dd3 was born. That was a little too close to birth for me. I like her a lot, but she's kind of self-centered and overbearing. This time I told dh she couldn't come until the end of August. eyesroll.gif


Crafty- For real, your midwife told you your PUPPS was your punishment for sin?? I can't even tell you how livid we would have been. Good for you for switching. I would have to.


Stormi- Congratulations!!!! You both look great and I am so happy that you and he are healthy (without the assitance of meds) :)


Leigh- Is Bee feeling better now?


AFM- I went on a rampage and cleaned most of my house yesterday. Unfortunately, it did a number on my siatic nerve. My mom is coming on Wed, so it will be great to have some help! I had a midwife appt today too, where she was suprised by how engaged the baby was for this early. That's exactly what 4th time mama with a busy 4H Fair week and dh leaving to take the Bar wants to hear lol.gif I just said, let's not assume that means a thing then! I finally ordered my birth supplies last night, procrastinate much? Yes, yes I do. 


And for those who asked, here is dd3's new doo. I'll keep it up until tomorrow for you :)



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Banana - your DD3 looks amazing! Awesome job on the mohawk.


Crafty - I can't believe your midwife said that, good for you for switching, that is horrible. Songbirdsparkle, I hope you can work through your issues with your midwife. I would be perfectly honest with her about how that comment made you feel.


LeighPF - I want so much my house to be neat and tidy for our homebirth, but considering the DDs destroy the place on a daily basis, I am not sure it's possible!


Me - Picked up the last of the birth supplies and bags and tupperware to organize them during an epic Target run. We got a lot accomplished though and DH is helping me with getting everything washed and ready. We got a lot accomplished today but I have a feeling I will pay for it tomorrow. I do have my 36 week appt tomorrow and after that is our home visit - eek!

I don't know about you guys but by 8pm I am DONE. I unfortunately have no patience either past this point which has led to very cranky bedtimes. I need more patience, less pain by that point in the day, or my DDs to magically listen to everything I need them to do and not argue with me past 8pm. None of that is likely to happen, but I feel bad. I am no fun at all this point and can't do much with them these days. I am trying to remind themselves that this last month is not going to ruin their entire childhood.guilty.gif

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Crunchy- I am glad you wrote that. I have been so cranky and feeling like the worst mom in the world. There have been some pretty ugly bedtimes here, which I have had to go back and apologize for.


I am suddenly on the crying wagon too. Ugh. Its just ridiculous. Last night the pigs ran out of water and I had to haul it all. I cried like a baby. I have always wanted to farm and I love this life, but I am actually regretting it at moments. I just don't have the strength to do everything I have to do. I keep setting off the round ligament pain which is horrible  My midwife keeps telling me to stop hauling things and its just not possible. DH is having to work overtime out of town so in the next three weeks he is only home for 5 days. I melted down and cried to my mom and she immediately arranged a flight for my little sister. I am so so thankful. She is arriving in the morning.


Thanks for letting me vent Ladies. I feel better just from unloading a little bit!

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Banana - the mohawk is awesome.  my 9yo dd would love that.


Leigh and Crunchy - sounds like a productive day.  Slightly jealous of all the homebirth prep even though my little ones are now here.  

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Agile- I am sorry its going this way.  I work on a farm and it was rough to keep it up while carrying twins.  Being able to stop and rest until I delivered was a blessing.  Farm work never stops, even when you need too. =/  I am glad your sister is coming to help.  Hope things improve.  hug2.gif

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hug.gif to all you mamas! Pregnancy is no joke (I don't care if my doc's wife did do a triathlon at 37 weeks!), so just be gentle with yourselves and try to think about how short this time is. That is my constant motto when I am racking up points for meanest mom of the year!

Agilesheltie, I love when moms come through with generous and loving solutions. I hope your sister will be a big help to you!

Banana, she didn't say that the PUPP was because of sin, just that my overall fraught pregnancy and post dates misery was the price women paid for sin or something like that. I mean I guess her actual words don't matter since any way I recount it, I am shocked at how offensive and judgy and cruel a thing it is to say. I am not a vengeful person, but I wanted to do her harm!

I'm 39 weeks today and finally feel calm like everything's taken care of. DH isn't exactly in a frenzy, but he calls me constantly from work to see how I'm doing (uh, fine since 30 min ago, dear) and has started a semi-harried nesting routine of mowing lawn and outdoorsy fix-ups. How do I get him to clean the windows? I could really go for some all-house window washing. But really, I'm ready, but not yet desperate. A good place to be!
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grouphug.gif to everyone, we are in the home stretch, hang in there.


Agile, I'm so glad to hear your sister is coming out to help you.  Yay for your mom.


Banana, what a great look for your DD! thumb.gif


EA, I would want hands off too, good for you for sticking your ground.  I am really glad that my MIL is not coming out until October this time.  Last time she came right after the birth, and although she has every intention of being helpful, she really is a big drain on us.


Songbird, sorry to hear about the MW giving you such a hard time.  That sounds so frustrating.  You have done a great job getting yourself and baby this far through all the sickness, keep reminding yourself of that.


Sounds like there has been a lot of productivity in the group, guess we are all nesting.  DH and I were finally able to get a good amount of baby prep done these last few days, partly helped by a friend coming over yesterday and taking DS to the beach for the afternoon.  I have sorted through all the baby clothes and CD's and am in the process of washing and putting away.  Hospital bag is in process and I at least have a list for what is still needed.  We have basically finished up DS's room (we have been renovating it so he can move in when he is ready), just needs a light cleaning and then we can start decorating it.  Unfortunately all the cleaning/sorting is making my allergies really act up, long bouts of non-stop sneezing are no fun.  We did have to cut back on our list (e.g. freezer meals) because I was incapacitated for so long but it is nice to see things getting done now.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday will be my last days in the office, otherwise I will just be working from home.  Next MW appointment is this Wednesday.  DH will be taking DS to a "new sibling" class next weekend.

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OK, I am really horrible at personals...I can't hold a thought in my head for more than a couple of seconds, so please don't ever feel ignored! But I'm gonna try...


Somegirl-- Good for you for getting so much done! That new sibling class sounds great; I wish I had thought of something like that for my DS.


Crafty-- Yeah, that midwife comment was just too much--sin??  Mine isn't that out there by any stretch, but more on that in a sec.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am sending you major labor vibes.  I still remember looking for your posts on the HG thread...and now you are 39 weeks! It's time, woman!!!!


Agilesheltie-- You are not the only one crying, for sure.  I may have posted a couple of days ago about how I burned my belly and then my hand while cooking, and i cried like a baby.  I mean, I was sobbing.  And I've been cranky too, especially when I don't get my nap out (which I desperately need because of my insomnia.  Overall, my kids have been pretty understanding.  I hear my DH explaining my behavior to them in whispers.


Banana-- that mohawk totally rocks!!!


AFM-- Thanks to everyone who expressed support regarding my midwife situation.  After thinking about it and talking to my DH, I've decided not to say anything and to just get through these next few weeks and the birth.  I will have my husband and daughter there for support.  And by some miracle, I just scored a plane ticket for my mom yesterday that was cheaper than anything I've paid since 1996, so I may have my mom there too!  I just need the midwife's knowledgeable hands.  That's all.  And after talking to her yesterday, I think she's just got a lot on her plate and she carries that energy around with her.  She's got a lot of kids, elementary through college age, and I think even in addition to that she takes on a lot and I think she has a hard time shedding all that before our appointments.  That doesn't excuse anything, but it allows me to understand enough that I won't go into the birth with negative feeling s about her.  And Banana, you are right.  I'm going to do my thing, and call her late in my labor.  So yeah, I drink Dr. Pepper, and that's not great.  But I also drink lots of water now, and eat salads, and make the best nutritional choices I can considering I am constantly nauseous and still throwing up several times a week, even while medicated.  I've also gone through HG hell and back to bring my babies into this world.  And I give them my everything once I get them earth side.  So I'm not going to let her comments get to me.  I've got just a little time left, and a lot of work to do!  


Celebrating my dd's birthday yesterday brought back so many memories of what it felt like eight years ago, getting ready to be a mother for the first time!  I am so excited to meet my third baby!!

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Banana, thanks for asking, Bee is feeling much better. It never developed into anything specific. Of course now she is into shrieking like a baby pterodactyl.


Crunchy, My kids destroy the house too. Only thing that helps is putting most of their toys away out of their reach. And bribery for picking up.

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My good news for the day - insurance is paying for my progesterone shots (200 dollars total). Still waiting for my OB appt this afternoon but I made it to 35 weeks.  I have awful insomnia and am tired of bed rest and just sore from being in bed but I don't want to whine too much because I'm still pregnant and that's what I really want more than anything, for these little guys to come full term and healthy.

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Hey ladies!  Tomorrow marks a month from my EDD!  Eek!  I'm doing good - lots of BHs today, but not too many painful ones...  Hips/pelvis totally falling apart though.  My mom has finally (I think) settled on a date to come out - Aug 11.  I think it sounds good.  I'll be 38 weeks on the 10th, so 38+1 seems reasonable, I think...  My oldest was past 40 weeks (but breech), my second was 38+1 (but I was nursing my oldest and I think that really put me into labor), and my third was at 39+1.  Despite all the early contractions, I still think I'm likely to go between 38 and 40 weeks...  Mom is booking a flight and I'm urging her to make 100% sure that she can move her ticket up if needed.  I think dad will come either at 40 weeks or when baby comes if it's before that (he'll drive up).  He's only staying behind because they have a dog they'll have to board and they can really only afford a week of that.
songbird, glad you have such a zen place with the midwife. :) *hugs*
Edelweiss, At 1 day shy of 40 weeks with my oldest, the ultrasound estimated her at close to 9 lbs.  She was born at 40+3 and was 7lb 14oz.  On the flip side, not an ultrasound estimate, but I was sure my little man was going to be an 8lber and my midwife assured me (after hands on palpitation) that he was going to be "a nice 7lber".  He was 8lb 14oz. LOL  Yay for our babies  coming soon!!  But not TOO soon! ;) Yay for insurance paying!  I need to call and dispute a bunch of stuff with mine, I just haven't gotten to it. :/
Jillgayle, good luck with that birthday party!  I can't imagine!  I'm not committing to anything in August. :p
Autumn, *hugs*  Mine always seem to do that at first too.  Hopefully they get the picture soon!  Do you have anyone who can watch the kids while you nap during the day? *hugs*
LeighPF, hang in there!!
Banana, Yay for cleaning, boo for pain!!  
Crunchy, I am so with you.  Our kids usually have a 7 PM bedtime, but the girls have been staying up late once put in their room, so DH has been letting them stay up later.  Well, by about 7:30 I am SO DONE with them.  Aggh!
agilesheltie, *hugs*, I cannot imagine dealing with a farm right now!!
crafty,come on baby!!  I love that you're just chillin and waiting.
somegirl, yay for getting stuff done!
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I had my 36 w appt today. Baby is certainly not head down, so fingers crossed it decides to flip. There is no real talk of doing a version, yet. I feel horrible writing this as so many of you are so dreadfully uncomfortable but I feel alarmingly very ok. My ankles aren't as swollen as they were and I have had no noticible contractions.
Resident was planning on stripping my membranes starting at 38 weeks. I told her absolutely no as my job contract ends at 39.5w. Unless, I have significantly more discomfort, I'm fine w waiting til the cookie crumbles on its own. I've always thought of it would be a September baby. If baby can hold out til 27 Aug, I get Dr that I like better than resident.
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Edelweiss - Yay for 35 weeks and for insurance!


Calladona - Sorry to hear about the hips/pelvis.  Glad to hear the contractions took it easy on you today.  Fingers crossed your mom's plans work out well.


Cardigan - have you looked into a chiropractor who specializes in Webster technique?  From what I've heard it can really help with positioning.  In addition there are the spinning babies exercises and also the hot pack/cold pack technique (hot pack down by crotch, ice pack at the top of your belly).  Also you should ask about the version.  According to my MW it is best done before 37 weeks particularly if it is your first.


AFM, rough day today, both at work and at home tonight.  Also I ended up spending most of the work day in the lab so did not get to properly hydrate throughout, just at breaks.  And now my left boob feels sore, like plugged duct sore.  Is that possible at this point?  DS weaned months ago.  I guess I will try some expression in the shower and I have a MW appointment tomorrow morning so I will ask about it then.

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Susan - sounds like a good plan with your mom's timing of coming. I hope you get a little more comfortable or can at least manage these last few weeks and days.


Cardigan - hope baby flips to head down. I wouldn't consent to membrane stripping at 38 weeks either.


Paula - I don't think plugged duct would be too likely but maybe? Sorry for the extra rough day, I hope you can drink and rest more today.


I had my 35 wk appt yesterday. I hate to say it didn't go well but I was so tired and we have a very long wait bc when we were waiting for our u/s, my OB left to do a delivery. So the NP took all the patients on herself. I also got the most inexperienced sonographer who I don't believe measured the babies very accurately, either that or their growth massively slowed down from the previous week. Then I was so hot waiting in the exam room for my NP I felt like I was going to pass out I just wanted to cry. I just asked her all my questions and got another appt for my OB's partner since he's going on vacation the first 2 weeks of August (yeah, how does that work? He'll be back just in time to give me a c-section if I don't go into full force labor before then).


Good news was they always double reinforce uterus for sections and use glue to close up the abdominal skin. And they always do low transverse, unless it's a matter of getting the baby out in seconds to save baby or mom's life, NP said she's only seen it a few times in the last 40 yrs.  Baby A is still breech, baby B is back to vertex - he moves a lot b/wn vertex and transverse. And my NP said they've had to VBACs this week and it should be pretty likely I could get one. And the babies did fine on their BPPs except we had to wait quite awhile for B to show us practicing breathing but in the end they both got 8/8s.

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Had an NST (was perfect) and an ultrasound to make sure baby was still head down this morning...and found I am scheduled for induction tomorrow morning unless I get "bumped" from the schedule....will keep you all updated! I'm excited but terrified! And really busy doing last minute things lol

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Yay Carmen! I hope all goes smoothly! Excited for you.

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Thanks Edelweiss, I think it was just normal pregnancy breast soreness combined with the shingles nerve pain on that side (the worst of the rash was on the bottom of my left boob), all made worse by some dehydration.  After I drank a bunch of water and RRL tea I felt back to my normal level of pain.  I couldn't feel anything like a plug in the shower but I did get out a nice bit of colostrum.


Glad you at least got some good answers regarding the VBAC and c-section repair protocols, and BPPs.  Sorry that the rest of the appointment was not so good. hug.gif


Carmen, yay for the good NST/ultrasound!  Will be thinking of you tomorrow. goodvibes.gif

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Paula, Hope your day was better today.  Did you find out about your boob?  <That's kind of funny...


Edelweiss, Sounds like some good news in there too (good info on the c/s, babies doing well).  My cousin's wife just had her twins (c/s) and she was due at the end of August.  Thanks to modern medicine they are fine, but will have a two week NICU stay.  I have such a hard time thinking about them... when I went to visit last month the mama was smoking cigarettes and not eating well.  It was really sad.  I just keep thinking of how hard you are trying to do what's best for your boys, and how hard it has been for you at times.  I feel like she never even gave these babies a chance and she is lucky that they are doing as well as they are.  Sorry, I didn't mean to be such a downer... I was really meaning this to be more in the vein of "You are doing great!  Your boys are going to be so strong and healthy!"


Carmen, Can't wait to hear from you soon!  I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, hope all goes well.



afm:  I have been an emotional mess.  I am taking everything so personally (some of it is coming from a 3.5yo, so I KNOW it's not personal, yet still I cry).  DH has been doing what he can to alleviate some of the crazy, but then I cry because he is being so sweet and he has worked all day and is tired and is taking on my load as well.  We were in the produce section of the grocery store day before yesterday and there was a mama carrying her (4mo old?) baby in a wrap.  She looked so peaceful and beautiful, full of that new mama radiance (the "post newborn struggle, but pre- haven't slept in months" look).  So, of course I get teary.  Then she turns and looks at me waddling past the kale and she smiles and says, "Oh, you're just beautiful!"  Thank the lord we were on our way OUT of the store!  I was bawling.  I am crying just thinking about it.  DH laughed and said, "What?  You are."  And then he laughed again.  And there I go lumbering through the parking lot snuffling, snotting, and all around leaking... 

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