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Hubby out of work, I'm a WAHM

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We're barely scraping by, I work from home (tho I don't bring much in) and hubby has been out of work for about 2 months now.  We're on WIC & Unemployment.  Any suggestions anyone has for cutting costs or getting neccesities for less would be greatly appreciated.  There's me, hubby, and my 3 month old son.  


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Biggest first steps I would consider (if you're not already doing them already):

  • Meal planning and shopping only from a list (make as much from scratch as you can)
  • No cable or unnecessary entertainment expenses
  • Eliminate paper products and use cloth instead
  • Consolidate any errands or spending you need to do so you are not making as many trips out
  • Simplify your skin care/hair care routines and make stuff from scratch if you can (I make my own laundry detergent, deodorant, and bug spray)
  • Simplify your cleaning products--I use a combo of baking soda, vinegar, and Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds (in foaming soap dispensers--one 32 oz bottle often lasts me up to a year, since I water it down in the foaming dispensers).  I don't buy hand soap, dish soap, or any other cleaners.
  • Use less energy at home (turn things off/unplug when you're not using them)


Good luck and hope that helps a little!

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Sometimes when members have put up their actual budget with incomes and expenses, others have really been able to give good concrete suggestions.  You might want to consider it, even if you only leave it up for a couple of days (if it makes you uncomfortable)

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IF you are on WIC and unemployment you should also qualify for FS and medical assistance.

Had DH attended any job fairs or resume workshops?  Do you have an opportunity to find work full time?

Can DH take anything - seasonal help is starting to hire for the holidays, until he finds another job in his career, you also should be able to pick up a seasonal position shortly.  By staggering shifts (not fun but totally do-able) that would maximize income.

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We were actually denied fs- they said we make too much on unployment, tho how that's even possible I don't know!!
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ok see if you can get a safe link phone gives you 250 get of mins so you can look for work and drop the cell phone plan you have

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I am also on Unemployment...I do get a FS card though...I barely make enough to pay the bills...I meal plan...We have some serious food allergies here so we go with basic stuff...Meat,potatos/or plain rice,veggies and fruit..I take any free veggies being given out right now from friend and families gardens..I usually had my own in boxes on my patio but the apt we have right now doesn't have one..So when someone posts on facebook that they have a ton of zucchinni to give away I yell...I make whatever I can with it... :) 


We have no cable or landline..I have a cheap pay as you go phone...The only reason I have net is because the store I live over offers free WiFi to its customers..Since I rent I am considered a customer :)


WE do all the free stuff...Parades,parks,beaches,community stuff...that way my L doesn't feel left out..we live in town..so we walk a lot to the parks ect..I drive as little as possible to save gas..We don't eat out...if we do it is the far and in between Wendy's Kid Meal only because it is $1.99 and mine offers a gf one..


I keep it simple...I have a list...What gets paid first...


Rent..Because I am never staying on anybodies couch again..comes first

Electric..Because I need it for air and to cook..But we never turn lights on..I try to keep it as low as possible.

Gas...Heat in the winter..But I keep my thermostat on 65 in the winter and 72 in the summer..

Car insurance..I have your basic cheap as possible PLPD..and I pay that for the year at income tax time so I don't have to worry..

Phone time..I buy several 3 and 6 month service cards at income tax time so I have them to keep my phone on during the year.

Gas for the car..I almost never have more than a 1/2 tank and most of the time lower..like I said I hardly drive anywhere..we walk as much as possible..


We don't get WIC because here you can't get both WIC and a Food Card..I will take the Food Card..Right now I am blessed to have it..


It will be ok..You are just going to have to cut down,scale back and re-think and re-do everything...it takes getting used to...going to the library to get free movies isn't as often as fun as renting them but it still lets you have movie night... :)

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If you're not already cloth diapering your son, you should start. It'll save you money in the long run. Even if you can only buy a few cloth diapers at a time, its definitely helpful for the long term.

Figure out which supermarket is the cheapest in your area while still being good quality. This has been the biggest money saver for my family. Food can be expensive so if you're not mindful about where you're shopping this can put a big dent in your bank account.

Sell things you dont really use on craigslist or ebay.

Take a shower every other day or every third day. This will save on water and save on shampoo and other products.

Go to garage sales and check out craigslist for items you need, whether its clothes or toys for your baby, clothes and other items for yourself and DH, or any household items you may need. Thrift stores are also great.

Use tupperware instead of ziplock.

Don't drive when you dont need to. Walking as much as possible, bike riding or taking public transportation are much cheaper than paying for gas.
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