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Where is yours??  loveeyes.gif


Level II u/s last Tues -- and just as I suspected -- I have my first anterior placenta!  


I *KNEW IT*!!  I was feeling baby move early on... then NOTHING. I was starting to think probably because as my uterus grew, the placenta grew- and moved up - right along with it, blocking all those first little movements.


Then - over the past few weeks, it could be days and days and no movement.  Then when I do feel something it is usually only in one spot -- way down, very low, and to the left. Tiny little flicks only. Even at 19 weeks! 


So!  My best guess was -- anterior placenta, with placement being right in the center, mid-way between my bellybutton and pubic bone, PLUS baby likes to hang out mostly in head up, facing backwards position.

U/s showed that I was correct on all accounts!


I am sorta feeling ripped off LOL!!  Most times I totally forget I am even pregnant!  I am praying that as the baby continues to grow- bigger and stronger - I will get to enjoy more movement.  Thank God this is my 4th baby - as if it was my 1st or 2nd I cannot imagine how anxious going days and days of feeling no movement would make me!


One possible pro of this -- I am letting myself believe... ;)  ....  is that with all of my previous births I had the most horrendous back labor.  With this placenta being anterior - I am letting myself believe that this time I will have no back labor!!!!  (I can INTEND can't I??? lol ;)



DD, 15y

DS, 14y in 4 days!

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9

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I'm wondering if I might have an anterior placenta, too. I'm sure I felt my previous babies by now. :-\
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Mine is anterior and I rarely feel her at 19 weeks. But I know the day is coming soon where I won't be able to sleep for her flips and pokes. smile.gif
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I love placentas, so of course I was super curious about this one.  It wraps nearly all of the way around my uterus, but I guess that's okay 'cause it's still early.  But I can feel this little miss move, which leads me to believe I might be in for a ride with her as she grows!  She's going to be a busy one!

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I am not sure if mine is anterior. They did say it is low lying, so I need a second ultrasound in the third trimester to make sure it has moved (boo). I feel the baby quite often, but still only very low. Hopefully it will grow up and away!
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Not sure what my placenta was like with my first, but I suspect posterior, because that was the pregnancy where I felt the most, really obvious movements and my husband felt kicks. With my second, I had an anterior, low-lying placenta, but not low enough that I couldn't attempt a vaginal birth. And I think DH got to feel like one kick the whole pregnancy? And even I had to really focus to make sure I could still feel her moving! I suspect this time I have another anterior placenta, and I suspect it might be low-lying again too. I'll come back and confirm in a few days when I've had my level 2 ultrasound.
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I won't be sure until next week, but I'm guessing anterior again. My first was posterior and that baby was WILD (still a spazzy girl actually). My second was posterior and I wasn't getting beaten up as much (my first made my ribs feel bruised constantly) and the movements were more muffled. She's a more chill child in general though, so I kind of thought that was impacting it too. This time I'm feeling movement but only low and it's more muffled. I'm feeling it more than with my second though, so I'm thinking anterior placenta with a more active baby. We'll see next week I guess.My midwife says she sees anterior placentas in VBAC patients a lot, so I'm wondering if that's why for me.

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Mine can't be anterior this time. I can feel so much at 17 weeks. I will ask my midwife to listen for it this week at our appointment.
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If I have an anterior placenta, could I feel it pulsating when I touch my belly? I can't say I was much of a belly rubber before becoming pregnant, but the other day it just felt like one of my twins was trying to push itself up into my liver and I started pushing back. It felt like my belly was pulsating.  I am 18 weeks with my first pregnancy and being twins I figured I would really be feeling something by now but except for pressure I don't seem to feel anything I would attribute to babies moving around.

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As I mentioned on the chat thread, I also have an anterior placenta this time. I am feeling some movement, but it is muffled. Nothing like with DS.

It so happens that I am a VBAC...I was wondering if that might have anything to do with my placenta's placement...interesting... 

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Mine's high on the right side and slightly anterior. The only place I really feel any movement is more on the left side. I had a feeling it was on the right side though. Once I was able to start feeling my fundus I noticed the right side felt higher and firmer/rounder than the left. Then my u/s confirmed it's right where I thought it was. This is my first anterior placenta. With the other three I felt lots of movement earlier than this. Baby girl needs to grow and get stronger because I want those nice big movements!

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The u/s confirmed that my placenta is anterior, on the right ;p
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Mine is posterior. My first and it is wonderful to feel movement so early!

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My guess is mine is anterior too because I'm not feeling much movement yet. Babies tend to face the placenta, right? So anterior placenta means posterior baby is likely?
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LOVE reading everyone's responses!  




Rachael   :)

DD, 15y

DS, 14y in 2 days!

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9

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Originally Posted by Taryn237 View Post

My guess is mine is anterior too because I'm not feeling much movement yet. Babies tend to face the placenta, right? So anterior placenta means posterior baby is likely?

Spinning Babies says, "An anterior placenta can contribute to a baby's posterior position. However, babies can also be anterior with an anterior placenta." So, uh, possibly but not necessarily?
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I had an anterior placenta for my first baby, and now again for this one. My first baby was posterior--we think.She ended up being born facing on her side rather than up or down, so the midwife thought she was in the process of turning to the front when she came out. I had a super painful labor and couldn't really feel any contractions because it was just constant pain the whole time. Sooo, I hope it was just coincidence that it was an anterior placenta and posterior birth, because I sure don't want to go through that again orngtongue.gif I should pay more attention to the spinning babies stuff this time around...orngtongue.gif
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Turns out I have a posterior placenta. Don't know why it took such a long time to be able to feel the baby, but I can feel her plenty now!
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Mine is anterior too, which is very obvious in my ultrasound.  I didn't even think about it because the technician didn't say anything.  Then at this week's scan, I asked and she said yes, it was anterior.  This is my fourth and I didn't even know this was something that happened.  lol.

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Mine's anterior as well. We just had our ultrasound yesterday and I was amazed at how much my little girl was kicking. I never feel anything!
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