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Bed rest

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So, last week I was having some cramping/weird feeling and my doc sent me to L&D.  Turns out my cervix is effacing some.  I have been placed on bed rest, am scheduled for weekly sonograms, and have started taking progesterone shots :(  It seems like a lot, but my doctor said it is better to play it safe this way because if I start full on labor, there really is no stopping it? Also, I am thinking after the next month of scheduled ultrasounds and shots that he may stop the bed rest and just continue the shots if everything is looking good, because he said the shots are very effective.  But  I also have a history of a premature birth. 

Anyone else now or ever been on bed rest?  Any suggestions to pass the time (besides being glued to mdc), I don't have internet (except my phone) or cable in my house so....yeah maybe it's time to invest.  It's only been a week and I think I am going crazy! Today my mom came and picked me up so I could hang out in their house, lol. 

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Oh ugh!

I'm so sorry!  I was feeling horrible early last week and just had a day in bed and by the late afternoon I was so over being in bed.  I'm glad I don't have to do bedrest.  

I hope it improves quickly for you.  I did read an article a while ago, but I have no idea where it is that bed rest is now being not favoured as much as helping.  Not sure, not going to suggest that you don't listen to your doc though.  

Stay in wee babe!  It's warm and cozy in there!

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mdtmom, sorry to hear you are bedrest. I am expecting twins and my doctor said to spend as much time laying down as possible if I have the chance. It does it old fast. I enjoy doing crochet while I I relax on the couch. Do you have a hobby that you can do while you are on bedrest or one that you could pick up? Maybe watch some videos on youtube to learn a new skill while you keep your baby on the inside.

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Yes, handcrafts are great for passing time- do you sew, knit or anything like that?  Books!  Maybe start a baby scrapbook or catch up on other kids' ones?  Organize photos.

Sorry about the bed rest; I'm glad to hear things sound under control, though.  Take good care!

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Bed rest sucks. My last two pregnancies I was on bedrest the last trimester. So far I am on modified bed rest- if contractions start, I need to stop and rest, usually until the next day. Thankfully the last week I haven't had many contractions at all, unlike the previous weeks where most of my days were spent lazing around, waiting for contractions to stop!
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I got someone to move my sewing machine upstairs and I am very excited to start sewing again.  I haven't sewn anything in a long time, not sure why.  Thanks for the suggestion, lilacvioletiris!  And why didn't I think of that? lol

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Glad you have your sewing machine where you can use it. Hobbies are a good thing.
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