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Oxford - hugs!!! What a very unrestful break you have been been having! I guess it was bound to happen - if she hasn't fully moved on yet mentally, you three going away together would have just that effect... No idea how to 'resolve' it but I would be staying away from any potential arguments lol....
Hmm sick at 7dpo, it could be you know... I felt waves of nausea quite early in my early losses. I'm keeping everything crossed for you, I wouldn't be able to think of anything else if it was me... Lol but I'd be 'zen' while doing it wink1.gif
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Oxford: You poor thing, it sounds like you have been to hell and back. Some vacation!!!! In any case let's hope something good comes of this month and your BFP is just around the corner smile.gif
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Grr... I posted but it dissappeared.

Here's the short version:

Oxford, I am so sorry. I hope things settle down soon.

My friend is pregnant. Baby #2. Her dd is 14. Wow! Surprise!
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So the issue is actually nothing to do with me. She thinks hospitals are out to get her etc. it's very difficult.

Anyway 9dpo here and temp continues to rise. No more sickness which is a relief.

How's everyone else? Any cycle buddies around 9ish dpo??
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Mamablue - awesome for your friend and her surprise! Fx it goes well for her - and you join her soon!

Oxford - I'm really glad it's not about you... Nope I'm earlier in the cycle... So excited for you... Fx toes x
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Oxford hoping this is it for you with feeling sick it could be a symptom! Sorry you are going through a stressful time.


I am CD 11 today and temping ready to spot ovulation and checking cm. Can't wait to be in the 'waiting to know' stage again!


Good luck to all.

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Oxford, it looks like you're the farthest ahead this cycle. I hope you receive good news this week!

Winter - catch that egg!

AFM - Today is either O day or 1dpo. I had an second opinion appt with my old RE's office yesterday. I think we're going to switch back to them. First up on the agenda - hysteroscopy. Something looks weird on my luteal phase ultrasounds, it looks like I have large polyps or something really strange going on with my lining. But it didn't show up on SHG or my HSG. So we're going in with a camera.

The only hitch, and its a biggie - you pay in full at the end of your appt, and what that amount is you find out while you're standing there. Do I need to give them $30, $100, $1000? Talk about stressful. I hate it. They are going to have to get used to me calling in advance to find out what my bill is going to be. I dont know how they calculate it, but they get to explain it to me. That's why I didn't start out using them when TTC this time around.
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Mama blue - firstly I'm glad you are back with a doc that has proven results for you... Second I can't believe they don't tell the the cost when you make you're appointment! Dh is a surgeon in private practice, whoever makes the appointment (consultation) lets them know the consult price, then in the consultation dh discusses what needs doing - and of course cost so that the patient can make up their mind before booking it in... He also advises on additional costs like hospital anaesthetist etc... Patients have to pay in full before the op - but that's standard practice lol and stops them not turning up from nerves lol (he does oral maxillo facial so fractures, well everything front if face - but heaps of wisdom teeth) sorry everyone about the rant - but the not knowing would be awful!
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I had an OB like that once. My insurance was unexpectedly denied at the first appointment, and they were going to demand immediate payment at the end of the appointment without even a ballpark estimate up front. We were pretty broke at the time, so I just left! 

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MamaBlue- so sorry to hear about the financial woes but hopefully it won't be as costly as you are afraid it might be. I know what you mean about worrying but hopefully it will be a best case scenario that can be resolved quickly and inexpensively.

AFM.....we are not in a position to pay out of pocket, and our insurance doesn't cover anything toward fertility... so if I can't conceive on our own, then we are just going to accept that it is just not meant to be. (I have two children already so I am grateful that God gave me these two blessings.)

I also went through a similar situation when DS was on the way. I was paying COBRA insurance and my check for payment of premium got there one stinking day late and they dropped me. So I was informed by my OB's Office Manager that I had 30 days to come up with $3600 or they would drop me from their practice...and then also pray that there were no complications like a c-section or NICU needed because that would be an additional exorbitant bill! It was really crummy...but we somehow worked it out and had a smooth, no complications delivery (thankfully.)

I will keep fx'd that your costs stay low and a remedy is found quickly!

Oxford- I am really hoping you get a BFP!! Great signs that your temps are rising and hopefully the sickness was a prego symptom. I wish I could be your cycle buddy but I am only 3dpo and ovulated late this time since i had the chemical/early miscarriage last month.....so although my temps are rising, I am worried about my LP because I O'd on CD15 and I usually only have a 26 day cycle....so I am not sure that will be long enough for egg to stick. But we'll just have to patiently wait and see....;-)

Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation!! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your downhill stretch of the 2WW! :-)
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Wengrin if it helps, after my chem my whole cycle was longer to make up for later o... So you could still be fine
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Chuord- thank you!! That is encouraging because I am having all the symptoms this time but no nausea. The biggest thing is the yellow sticky ewcm (sorry tmi) and bloating in my lower pelvic area. Plus extreme fatigue and just that "feeling of knowing". But only time will tell. I should know by next weekend.
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Winter- how are you doing? I am just catching up on the last few pages of posts. I hope this time is your lucky cycle. I know how frustrating it is...don't lose hope! (Hug)

Also SCJP1109- I just read your request for advice. Are you temping or monitoring your CM? That is a big indicator for me. If you don't have it I suggest ordering "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler I believe her name is. Excellent for Family Planning as well as getting to know your body's signs and fertile window.

I personally don't use OPK's but many do and that will give you an idea of when your FSH surges (pending ovulation). My big sign is EWCM and checking my cervical position. Right before you ovulate your cervix will rise and be so soft it is almost undetectable. Also my BBT drops then the next day rises....

I hope that helps. Good luck to you!!
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Thank you wengrin for the advice smile.gif I have tried temping and I just Always forget lol
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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

Thank you wengrin for the advice smile.gif I have tried temping and I just Always forget lol


Set an alarm for earlier than your usual wakeup time. When it goes off, it reminds you to take your temp, plus that means you're always taking it at a consistent time. Then just go back to sleep afterwards.

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Hello ladies,

Wengrin fingers crossed for this to be your month! I agree that your cycle may adapt to your later O date. Due to stress I O'd 10 days late this month and the second half if my cycle has adapted.

Mamablue- that's terrible. I can't believe they don't tell you in advance they should have at least an estimate. That sounds very stressful. I am lucky here to have free healthcare. Although, we only get one round of IUI and IVF. Our first appointment at the hospital is Friday, so at least things are moving. It will be nice to see a specialist. I have everything crossed that a little fighter will be conceived naturally for you, before you get into another round of treatment.

Thank you all for your advice on my step daughter. You were all correct to just leave it. Things blew up big style this week. She is hedonistic, lazy and selfish. She is now refusing to come to see her dad. I think time will heal and she will come round eventually. I trying to stay out of the stress and stay calm.

11dpo here. I weakened and took a test this morning, I needed some good news!! Unfortunately it was BFN, so I guess I am heading for another month :-(

Baby dust to all of you!
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Wengrin thank you, I hope this is your month too!


Oxford sorry for the BFN but until AF arrives you never know...


I am CD 13 today, good pre-O type cm yesterday and today so it's looking good for O'ing early this coming week. We are just waiting to hear from dp's work if he might need to be away on business or not... if so this month will be out, so really hoping he gets to stay home until the end of next week not the beginning!

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Winter get on with the Bd!!! You never know how long they can survive. I hope this is your month :-)

I know we aren't supposed to symptom spot, so look away now If you are going to be disappointed in me ;-)
I am 13dpo. I have had a cold now for about 10 days, vomiting last week and nausea yesterday, plus EWCM yesterday. My body is doing strange things. I really hope I'm pregnant. It would be beautiful after all the step daughter trauma.

Hi to everyone else!
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Thanks Oxford, we will make sure to bd tomorrow for sure now that we know dp is going to be home :) And I expect to O on Tuesday, so will have perfect timing this month. 


Fingers crossed we all catch the egg this time!

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Yuk, I've even got a metallic taste in my mouth now. I really hope I'm pregnant otherwise my body is severely weird!!
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