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My temp was .3 lower today, which I'm not assigning any significance to either way until I see which direction it heads tomorrow.

I agree that timing doesn't really seem to matter all that much. It's more about trends than the exact specific temperature anyways.

Mamablue - I'm sorry to hear this wasn't the month.
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I'm on cd3, no surprise there. I'm getting close to having to make the decision how important baby #4 is to me. I'm not sure where I am at with it really. My 35th birthday is in 62 days and hubs is gone for pretty much all of those days. I said I was done when I turned 35 so...

Wishing everyone the best. Not going away completely, just trying to sort things out
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Hi ladies, I am relatively new to this forum. Have two children already and ttc 3; DD #1 and DS #2 were welcome suprises so this is our first time ttc. Was wondering if anyone has had experience with FRER pregnancy tests. My 28 cycle is normally like clockwork but I am now officially late. Tested two days ago so 12dpo and got BFN, stark white, not even a hint of that elusive second line. My question is, is it possible to test BFN with FRER at 12dpo and still actually be pregnant?
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Hoping: I am sure its happened before. I just dont know how common of an event it is.


I am on day 3 of EWCM so I am pretty sure I am going to ovulate soon. My hubby is working night shift, but I managed to send DD to the inlaws for a visit so I could pounce on him when he woke up.

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Thank you Mountainmamma for your rresponse. I was feeling very deflated 3 days ago at 12dpo especialy since I used an early rest (FRER) but af was due to show her ugly face yesterday and I am now 15dpo with no signs of af but cannot access a test until tomorrow as my car has given up on me. Arrrgghh the suspense is just killing me aam
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Sorry I am on my phone and hit reply to fast. I am sure though that if I am going to get BFP this month it eould show by now.
I hope all you wonderful ladies are all having luck with you BFPs, I never realised just how hard ttc can really be and that sinking feeling seeing yet another BFN is just torture! I wish you all the very best as I have been lurking for a while and find all your posts so comforting right now so fingers crossed for you all smile.gif
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OMG, Its 230 AM, and my left ovary is killing me. I am considering heading to the ER if it doesnt stop in the next hour or so. What if I have a cyst or something lame like that. It really frickin hurts. It reminds me of ovulation pain but way more severe. Like a painful throbbing ache that wont let up. I cant sleep because I cant find a good position, and I tried to take a bath, but it didnt help. I took a couple tylenol 20 min ago, and I hope it starts working soon. Sucktastic.

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I'm out for this month. Anyone else have better luck?
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Well I'm 12dpo no signs
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Ocelot - Sorry you're out. That's frustrating.

MountainMama - How are you doing? Did you go in? I hope you're okay. This is happening to you around O time, right? I've heard of painful O pains, but rarely this painful. Keep us posted.

Hoping - Any news? A BFP would be lovely. Either way, I hope you're not stuck in limbo.

Marquess - Thinking of you and your decision. :hugs

Oxford - You're at testing time, right? I hope your triphasic chart means good things for you.

Winter - I hope all is well with you. I hope this is your month for a BFP.

AFM - CD6. I'm in the beginnining another cycle of Letrozole + trigger shot + IUI. On Friday (CD9), I'll be having a HSG. That's where they push dye unto the uterus and tubes to look for abnormalities or blockages. It's reportedly pretty painful, but I'm looking forward to getting some answers or at least to getting my tubes powerwashed. wink1.gif Maybe it will make a clearer path for the spermies to travel along. If I have to drive myself, I'm taking 800mg Motrin. If my DH drives me, I'm going to take some Vicodin.
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Evening all!

Ocelot- sorry to hear you are out :-( get yourself some sushi, wine, soft cheese and any other banned foods! Big hugs.

Mountain- are you ok? That sounds very painful indeed. I can do strange things to the body, but that sounds extreme. Did you get it checked out? Hope you are feeling much better now.

Hoping- welcome! nice to have you along :-) on the BFN, perhaps your o date was later than you thought and you are testing early? On the other hand, we have had ladies in here who have not had their BFP until they were 4 weeks late- seriously!! So don't give up hope. Relax, take it easy and keep us posted on the testing! We are all watching your story now!!

Marquess- good for you for taking time out. I'm sure the answer that's right for you will appear and you'll know. Stay open and it will come to you. Keep checking in every now and again, be lovely to hear how you are doing, whatever your decision about TTC.

Mamablue- best of luck with your new round of IUI. It sounds like you have got this month well set up. The doctor has referred me for a due test too, seeing as though the blood tests were all fine. I hadn't heard it was painful though :-( let me know how you get on. On the positive side, my doctor (and good old google!) said that there is an increased rate of pregnancy after the test just because your tubes have been jet washed!! I really hope it works for you and this is your month. I have everything crossed for you. Keep in touch :-)

AFM- it's 13 dpo today. My tripjasoc chart took a nose dive today. Still above the cover line but a big drop. I expect our favourite auntie tomorrow or the day after so no point testing. This seems to be a new pattern for me now, it has happened for the last two months- triphasic and then drops away on 13 dpo. Oh well, at least I know that the hormones are working!!

We have our holidays (vacation) in two weeks time and over the O time. I've read that there is a massive increase in conception in holiday as you relax and spend more time BD!! So I've told DH that we are forgetting TTC and limiting BD to 3 times a week (doctor advice) and instead we are just going to enjoy holiday sec and see what happens. Iigjt even go wild and put away my thermometer and Opk for the month!! That sounds quite liberating :-)

Hope you are all doing well and in a good place. Baby dust!!!
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I am ok. I am a little sore, but much better. I am starting to think maybe it was an ovarian cyst that popped. I hope it doesnt mean I am out. I had a couple days of EWCM leading to this, but now its gone.

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13 dpo took test 10 and 11dpo neg so just waiting lol still haven't figured out why u gained 15 lbs in one month. so weird I have stayed same weight eating habits everything for last 2 yrs and then this last month bam I gain 15 lbs soooo weird everyone askin if I'm pregnant lol
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15dpo here. AF due tomorrow. I did a test today and a really stark white negative. :-( feels like the witch is circling. No babies for me this month.
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hug.gif for you Oxford.
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Cheers mama blue, much appreciated ;-)

Good luck for your test tomorrow. I hope it is not too painful and clears out the tube for that little baby :-)
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Ok so now I am 4 days overdue for af but not even the slightist line to indicate bfp. Tested this am with first norning urine using crystal clear and as I suspected another BFN:( I am normally so regular with 28 day cycles. Do you ladies think it would be reasonable to go yo my GP and ask for bloods or am I being a little neurotic!!! smile.gif Just want this bub so so bad which I am sure you can all relate to.
I have my fingerd crossed for all of you and keep you in my prayers everyday. Here's to hoping to BFPs all round very soon!!!! <3
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Oxford - hugs on AF being imminent... I started 3 days ago - do am now back on the ttc wagon (still trying to keep it relaxed though) I got done vitex for me and am going to get dh to take something multivitamin like... I got him zinc drops which he refused lol...

Mamablue - fx for you on the clean out! Hope it's not painful...
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Today af was due and bfn also. Not gonna worry bout it since I was so late last month and just messed up greensad.gif I blame it on mirena when I had it greensad.gif
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Ok so I am most likely grasping at straws here but just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. AF was due 4 days ago at 14dpo. My cyle is normally very regular but right now don't even have any usual AF symptoms. So today is 18dpo, last time I tested was yesterday using fiirst morning urine and of course was rewarded with yet another BFN. So question is has anyone got their BFP so late? Just trying to hold on to some hope and wondering where AF/BFP is!!! It's just driving me crazy not knowing!!!! Hoping some of you lovely ladies may have some insight or positive stories.
Good luck to all of you, sending baby dust to you all xxx smile.gif
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