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Also I take no medication nothing that would do this all of a sudden
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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

Also I take no medication nothing that would do this all of a sudden
. Oops wrong thread lol
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Just a question for you all. We have just been TTC for three months. My OBGYN gave me paperwork to take in to have the 21-day Progesterone test. Never done this before. I have a 26/27 day cycle. Do you think I should go ahead and have this done this month? And do you think I could have it done on CD20 because the CD21 is on Saturday and I won't be in town??? Okay so I guess that would be two questions..... smile.gif

Thanks in advance and Good luck to all!
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Louloudeer - sorry but I have no idea, not having had any tests so far...

Wengrin - it did originate here! Lol I fact Philip rafferty who created it as a spin off from kiniesiology lives half hour from my childhood home... I discovered it by accident when I went home for Christmas and was so bad I couldn't leave for 3 months... If funds allow talk to those near you - they should be able to do remote / phone work too wink1.gif
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Loulou - day 20 is likely fine. Really, the test is supposed supposed to be done 1 week after ovulation. They call it a day 21 test assuming that every woman's cycle is 28 days with a day 14 ovulation. (As if all normal cycles are like that. Haha) so if you are always a day of two shy of 28 days, taking the day a day of two earlier should be perfect.
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Thanks mama!
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Wengrin sorry AF found you this time :(:Hug 


How is everyone today?


I am 9 DPO, temp is above coverline but not especially high. Did NOT test today(!!!)  and don't plan to until tomorrow with FMU when my digital tests are here as I can't stand the evap lines on the internet cheapie pink dye tests driving me mad for a second day :irked Boobs still tender/sore more than usual. I have had a terrible sore throat for the past 2 days...looking forward to being able to test with a digi tomorrow... and if it's a BFN I will still have some hope as 10dpo will still be early.

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Chuord - yes I see where Philip Raferty (himself!) is coming to the US to train practitioners at different events throughout the country. It says there is no prerequisite other than taking each of his classes from the beginning. It looks like it would cost $2000 to complete. That is not bad considering I have paid that in the past couple years for alternative therapies (chiropractic, yoga, massage, a giant cabinet full of herbal goodies, etc). I actually considered inquiring about learning how to do it.

I majored in Business/Finance and the corporate world here in that field is ridiculous if you have a family. My hubby does the same thing (works for same bank that I did!) and he leaves for work at 6AM and comes home at 5pm...no way both of us could do that and raise a family. I know some people are forced to...I did it for 3 years when I was divorced as a single mom, and it was rough. Poor DD went to "before care"- which is daycare before school, then when school let out she went to "after care". By the time I got there to pick her up at 6, went home, did dinner, bath and bedtime....we had little time together and felt so rushed. Then it was 6AM alarm clock and onto the next rat race day. I don't want to have to do that again, so currently a stay at home mom. The lack of 2nd income stinks but it is worth it in the long run. But- long story short I have been looking for something I could do on an as needed basis. I have considered hanging careers or doing financial audit work on a contract basis for a smaller company (just get paid for the work I do and no benefits). I would wait until littlest ones are in school though.

Anyway Chuord I am fascinated by the kinergetics. I will call and see how much a Skype or teleconference would be with one of the practitioners in my state.

Louloudeer- yes that is a great test because it will help determine if you have lunar phase defect or progesterone deficiency. You aren't by chance nursing or recently quit bf are you? Reason I ask is I have low progesterone and I'm pretty sure my DD was affecting it by nursing before bed and at nap time. It was more of a comfort thing for him...so last Friday I weaned him. It went beautifully. He still asks occasionally, out of habit, but doesn't fuss when I tell him nursies went bye-bye...no more milk, and then I redirect him and snuggle or offer him a sip of his drink. Most times he just gets bored or is used to our routine and just needs SOMETHING. So fortunately there have been no tears or rough nights.

My doctor took my progesterone at 17 dpo (because I was pregnant) and it was low (8) so he put me on progesterone supplements. I lost that pregnancy early though. So I have continued the supplements after ovulation through to the end of cycle. This most recent cycle I was 3 days late and have been having the most heavy period, lots of clots and extreme uterine contractions and pain. I feel like I may have had another chemical pregnancy. But maybe it is just because my body is still in haywire from last time. Anyway good luck w/ your test and I hope they find something that can help you conceive!

Winter/ good for you for waiting. Keep up the distractions and if at all possible wait until at least 12 dpo? You don't want the heartache of BFN....I really think it stresses us more and that's not good for cooking a bean! :-) Hugs!! Thank heavens you are so young! You are in the peak of your fertility. (I know that doesn't make you feel better when you are having trouble conceiving but I promise many of us 30 something's would love to have your young ovaries!!) hang in there honey. Hope you get your BFP by the weekend!!! Fx'd
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Winter - hang in there! I know it's soo much harder when you are having such dramatic symptoms....

Mamablue - how is it with you?

Wengrin - I think it would be an awesome part time career... My lady here charges $120 per hour session....
I love all your stories btw wink1.gif
More later off to a Bowen appt
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I am 10 DPO, high temp this morning, still have sore boobs, took a digital pregnancy test and got a BFN :( I know it's still early, but disappointing nevertheless as the tests say can detect hcg from 4 days before period is due..which is today for me. On the up side it was GREAT using a digital test and seeing the result in words 'not pregnant' clearly so no obsessing over possible second lines etc! :stillheart  Not sure if a digital test needs a higher level of hcg than the internet cheapie tests though, so now wishing I had used both! 


Oh also I had a dream last night that AF started...d'oh!


Good luck to all! I will test again tomorrow with my second digi an with a cheapie test too, and be cautiously still hoping...


Looking at pregnancy charts on the ff site, there's a lot on there which have gotten BFN's upto 12-13DPO then finally got the BFP. AF is due Sunday for me, so I'll know either way then.

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Winter try not too stress too much, one lady on here had to wait two weeks after AF was due for a bfp! Hang in there!
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Morning all!

Winter, take it easy, it will give your little one most chance of attaching and being there in time to stop AF coming along. Do something nice for you.

Chuord- I am intrigued by kinergetics. What do they actually do when they treat you? Is it talking, or contact like acupuncture or something like faith healing. It sounds like a great way to unblock energy. I am looking for a British practitioner to try.

Wengrin- I hear you on the stress of he corporate world. I too work full time in a corporate job, it is very stressful playing the game. I am arranging to do a job share and drop down to 3 days a week. It will help me get more balance and chill, which I hope will help TTC and also give me someone space. Them I would like to do something different for those two days, maybe some consultancy or a smaller job for a local company instead of commuting up to London. It's big decisions and financial impact and I hope it will be more fulfilling. Obviously the job I really want for those days off is mum!! Good luck looking for somethingire flexible, with your finance background you have a good skillset to sell.

AFM, still more heartache with my teenage stepdaughter. She has cut is off entirely now and won't speak to her dad, because he gets her to do study when she comes to our house and she doesn't like it. She prefers to hang out with her friends and do nothing (and is failing her exams). It's so hard seeing her throw away her future and a loving dad for such a hedonistic reason :-(. I struggling to balance three things- 1) bring true to myself and authentic and expressing my opinion, 2) supporting DH who is devastated 3) doing the right thing for my step daughter even if she doesn't like it.
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It's really difficult right now and not exactly conducive for TTC or even BD!!!!! I am hanging in there, supporting DH and holding my marriage together.

Hope you are all doing better?
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Omg!!!!! I just tested with an internet cheapie and not with fmu but didn't drink or pee for 3 hours and I got a BFP :joy It's a very faint line but it is very visible too and showed up within 2 minutes of doing the test!!! I can't even believe it! jaw.gif Seriously is this happening right now?


In complete shock! And afraid to be happy because I'm so anxious it won't stick... I'll test again tomorrow to see the line hopefully a bit darker, and use the digital test the next day. I'm going to be walking around in a daze the rest of the day haha


Oh AF please stay away and give this one a chance :bow 

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Winter!!!! Wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!
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Oxford - I'm so very sorry. Sending you love and patience. I'm sure she will soften in time. Has anyone spoken with a school counselor about her situation? Maybe they would have some advice, or could provide some insight. And I hate to mention it, but have you considered drug or alcohol abuse, or perhaps depression or an eating disorder as an underlying reason for her recent turmoil?

AFM: 16dpo. I'm wondering if my body dropped its egg a couple days later than I thought. I started spotting right after my last post, so today is day 5 of spotting. That's normal for me. AF will definitely be here today or tomorrow at the latest. That's okay. I totally need the hysteroscopy that I have scheduled. Something is not quite right and I think it's preventing embryos from sticking. I'm so glad that I don't have proof of that or it'd make me very sad.
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Winter - woohoo! Fx for a sticky mama! I agree try and stay zen to give it a best chance.

Wengrin - how's things with you?

Oxford - hugs! I think mama blue is right on the money, a school counsellor is impartial - and may be able to get through... Even if she rejects them - at least the school will know dads concern and that the behaviour is not normal for her... I totally understand, I blocked up my throat chakra previously (so I found out) from having to bite my tongue re dh parents. (Only child - Chinese lol) do you know we've been married almost 8 years to get her 13 and they have never asked anything about my past. Anyway I understand - however a hormonal teenager who confuses herself is a much more fragile (though equally annoying) thing - keep supporting dh, although gently suggesting to him things to help is good...
Re kinergetics - it works on muscle testing, the first time most people try to work against it... My friends husband is a rescue fire fighter (guarded the pope, flies to international disasters and is built like the hulk) Philip is short and the build of John Lennon - the husband could not hold his muscles tight against Philip when he wanted. Through the muscles it allows the sub conscious real 'feelings' out and then using the muscles they can re program. It's weird... But the more major the thing being corrected the more you can feel it... For me when Ranee tells me it's this age - I mention things that happened - she tells me which one is the block - I get an emotional response (hard to talk, tears) and I'm not in control, it's like acknowledging a grief you were unaware of - then when corrected you feel more at peace. Lol sorry ladies its soo hard to describe - one session would tell you everything about how it works and if its for you.

Mama blue - I'm glad you don't know for sure too! However I think your intuition that something is not quite right is good, fx AF cones quickly and you can get through this month and onto the next!
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Thank you everyone for the lovely congrats :joy I still can't quite believe it and have a lot of anxiety, but trying hard not to stress. Didn't sleep too well last night because of over thinking stuff, so just trying to keep calm now and wait and see if it sticks or not.


Really hoping more of you will be joining me in the June Due Date Club when it opens!??!


Still sick but glad this stressful week is over, trying to rest and drink water, boobs still sore more than AF usual -that has been my only consistent pregnancy symptom so far. AF expected tomorrow so hoping this one sticks and no AF! I'll still be around here until I'm sure it's not coming, as I can't help having doubts after previous experience.

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Winter we all totally understand the caution, but fx it goes smoothly! It's funny but I totally agree with what mama blue said (sometime) that knowing intuitively that you are is the best symptom - it's true... You just have to wait for confirmation. How is dh? Did you tell him? If not yet do you have a special plann to do it? Lol still living vicariously!

Well bd 'season' is over for me, still having a few issues with dh - maybe I've put too much pressure on him - so focussing on relaxing... But at least timing wise we are in with a small chance.
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Oxford: I can totally relate to your feelings. It is so hard to find a healthy balance between soul integrity and not pissing off your DH.....it must be so hard to watch him struggle with her and not want to just let her know exactly how you feel about how selfish she is being. Of course "Daddy's girl" factor comes into play and be will be protective. This must be a strain for you guys. I hope you can work out that job sharing arrangement! That would be great. The commute must be hell for you. I know when I was working, i would spend 3 hours everyday just commuting back and forth and to drop off/ pick up DD at preschool. It was such a rat race. I hope I can finagle something lucrative but flexible when DS goes to school.

Anyway i hope your step daughter comes around soon. Hugs.

Winter- so happy for you and fx'd for a healthy sticky baby bean!!! Try to relax and take care of yourself. :-)

Chuord: I am so intrigued by what you are telling us about kinergetice- I feel like I have major "blocks" but don't know quite where they come from or when it began.

Also Chuord- I wondered if I was the only one going through relationship struggles while ttc. It has been so difficult and the pressure has caused problems for us. Plus school just starting back for DD and trying to get her straightened out into a good routine has been tough. So I wondered if the tension and disagreements were a reason to stop the ttc for now and see what happens. I don't want to add more strain to our marriage. But we both want one more child....so the clock is ticking. We actually went to counseling last week. I felt so crazy because here we are trying to have a baby and we are having uncertainty about our marriage. I know he loves me and supports me, but he can be so unemotional and discinnected sometimes, like his only focus is work. It is hard....men are so different from women. We process things much differently......

AFM- I am waiting to O....which should be sometime Wednesday through Saturday of this coming week.

On a good note- this weekend we came to Georgia to visit his family, and went to a waterpark and a beautiful outdoor festival on Jekyll Island today. It was a great day. Plus we started this morning off with a super BD (just for fun) and it was amazing. It is so nice to relax and stop trying so hard. It made the BD much more enjoyable for me I think. And that strengthens the bond between us. So good day here. :-)
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