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Yay! Good for you wengrin! I bet DH skipped out of the house and arrived at work smiling :-)
Welcome to the 2ww let's hope it's your last. Ooh how exciting!!
Your children sound so lovely. What a blessing! I like reading your DS stories, keep sharing :-)

It sounds like we are all secret temping at the moment! Haha.

I had a good temp rise yesterday, was relieved O had landed, then today it flattened. I think it's just a slow rise this month, so hopefully it goes up again tomorrow. I dot want it to start bouncing around!

I'm cooking a nice dinner for DH tonight. He is starting to settle a little after the drama with step daughter.

Chuord, your DH sounds lovely, you picked a good one. I'm watching your symptoms my friend, that sounds really promising. It's time we had another BFP to celebrate on here. I wonder how our other graduates are getting on? Anyone still in touch?

Mamablue- sending you calm zen things.

Primal- how's it going?

Have a great weekend y'all
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Wengrin you make me laugh smile.gif I too am imagining your dh with an extra bounce in his step - he probably thinks he's on fire lol, and so happy that his wife finds him irresistible!
You have put in a brilliant week of coverage, fx!

Oxford I know right - lol we are all temping, but of course doing it 'zen' style lol! I agree that we are due for a bfp... Here's hoping we get a few! Glad your dh is starting to recover from his dd trauma - I bet he is so appreciative of your constant love and support throughout.

Mama blue- me too - cant wait to hear how it went and that you are ok.

Primal how are you going with the tww? Hoping that it's not too traumatic!

Hoping are you still around?

Here's my chart link for anyone bored lol - it's not that interesting... I 'created all the temps before cd 20.... To force an o date - although I could have O'd on the 18 instead of usual 19... Weird symptoms, last night I went and snuggled with dh on the couch - as in all cutesy and emotionally needy - lol wtf! Nothing else really aside from gassy and some slight twinges - but you all know how easy they are to find when looking! So my focus today will be getting back to the zen... (While looking for symptoms lol)
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Oxford- sounds like a nice evening planned for you and hubby. He is lucky to have you to cheer him up during this stressful time with step-daughter. Enjoy your alone time!! Hope your temp is back up tomorrow.....I know what you mean. I worry so much when I see a drop. I have a hard time because I rarely sleep for 3 straight hours. I wake up.... but I try to get the best reading I can around 5:00 AM.

Has anyone temped vaginally?? I tried it once and got a completely different reading than what I had just gotten in my mouth. I'm sure I sleep with my mouth open because I have allergies and sinus issues so I can't breathe well out of my nose when I lie down. I think vaginally would be more accurate but I worry about poking around up there, in case there is a bean trying to plant.

*BY THE WAY I washed my thermometer really good after!! :-)

Chuord you made me crack up- yes hubby thinks he is ON FIRE!! He surely does! Im pretty sure he has no idea what time of the month it is...he just thinks he has the mojo!! I hope I can keep this level of recreation up because if not, then he'll think he's lost his mojo. Lol....

Also Chuord I know it is so hard not to symptom spot....but feeling "very needy and emotional" is totally a symptom. Yikes! I hope this is the month for you!

Primal- hope you have some fun plans to keep your mind off the 2WW this weekend.

MamaBlue- Fx'd for your test Monday to go well. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

I made a special dinner and baked blondies with my daughter (very rich buttery light colored brownies) and we broke out the china...I am going to try to make a special dinner every Friday night. Sundays are usually busy so it is hard to cook. Anyway that's all we have going on over here...lazy and sleepy. Pretty sure no BD tonight unless he requests it.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend!
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Wengrin - hmm good point - you have set yourself a high standard to maintain with rec bd! Dinner sounds lovely - family time is the best.
I really hope I get there soon (pg) I feel like my body is ready for it lol... Sleep well ladies and thanks for the love!
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Hi, everyone. How's your week been?

Mamablue -- How did the hysteroscopy go?

Wengrin -- High five on optimal BD and welcome to the 2ww!

Dandy Lion -- Welcome; sounds like you're in the right place.

Chuord -- Fingers crossed for you this month. I know that we are both ready to move past this stage for a while. I relate to your frustrations with partner sometimes, too. One of my exes had some ED issues and had trouble finishing. I hated that there really wasn't anything I could do to help, just had to keep things relaxed and hope for the best. It sounds like that's where you're at. I'm hoping for your pos along with you!

Oxford -- How are you traveling? Waiting to O? I'm having trouble keeping everyone's cycles straight (I'll be back in the swing of things soon). You and me, still hanging out, ttc and ttks (trying to keep sane).

I'm doing pretty okay. I'm about 8 DPO, and not planning to test until a week from today. Not tempted yet; we'll see. I have enough might-be symptoms that a bfp wouldn't shock me, but the real test will come in the next few days, and waiting to see if PMS shows up. I get it pretty wicked for a few days every month; it's usually my first sign that I'm not pregnant. I did start taking Vitex this month, so I'm really hoping that gives me (and my family) some relief.

Lots going on to keep me busy this weekend! We're going to our city's Pride event tomorrow (lots of friends, plus my choir is performing), and having a small birthday party for DD on Sunday (she's turning 2!). We got her a play kitchen, because she always wants to be in ours cooking with her dad.

For those who use Vitex -- Anyone find it gave them some nausea?
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If it helps primal... I'm on vitex (end of second month) and no nausea - and I'm fairly sensitive to any type of supplement lol.. Tried maca and even on 1/4 of a cap it kept me awake most of the night... Have you had nausea the whole time? Or could it just be a symptom?
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I supposed it could just be a symptom, or I could just be run down. I'm been getting nausea at night, and occasionally at odd moments. I have had this enough that I don't really see it as a strong preg symptom this early, just something that happens to me sometimes. Seems to be more since I started the Vitex. But no PMS yet, so that's great! either it's helping or I'm pregnant, and I really want to be pregnant. Renny's birthday is tomorrow, and we are more than ready to make another child closer to her age. I'm so ready for newborn skin, and breastfeeding, and the adventure of all of us moving around ti made beloved space for the newest part of our heart. I do want you, little baby. I will be exhausted and overwhelmed and broke for you. We're your family, waiting to welcome you home. Please come home to your mon and dad and brothers and sisters. Please come home.
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Primal- I also take Vitex. It's been about 3 mos for me. No side effects that I can tell. I hope it is a positive sign for you!! Sounds like you are really ready to be pregnant again. Babies are such sweet blessings.....I feel your longing.....as do the other women on this board. I wish you the best!!

I started my progesterone supplements today, as directed by my Dr. So let the hormones craziness begin! Lol....

On a non ttc note- my DD (8) had a team "bonding" event this afternoon. All of the moms and 6-8 year old cheer/tumbling team got together for a pizza lunch at a local place. The girls got to sit together and make pizzas and us ladies got to bond and get to know each other at our own table. It was really a fun day. My daughter loved the time out together, just her and I. Usually we have the 2 year old DS along with. I know my daughter desperately needs one-on-one time with me. So it was a really good day.

Litte DS and Daddy had a boys day....watching football and playing in the front yard. DS sure was happy to see us when we got back though! We were out for 6 hours....I haven't done that in forever. I took the opportunity to spend extra time with DD after the party. We got our nails done and walked around for a bit. She really enjoyed it. I have to make more times like today happen. She is growing older and soon won't want to do things with mom anymore!

Hope everyone is well- take care!
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Just chiming in, vitex didn't give me any noticeable side effects either, but I'm not particularly prone to side effects in general.

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. My hysteroscopy is this coming Monday. AF just finished up and I have to go on pelvic rest for two weeks starting tomorrow. So, you'll understand if I make this post short. I want to spend some quality private time with my hubby while I can.
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Hello girls, hope you are having a relaxing Sunday?

Primal- i love your description of a new little one. I really hope it happens quickly now for you :-) I'm 4dpo so far and keeping quite chilled this month.

Wengrin- great times for you and DD, how lovely. Treasure that little girl, time goes by so quickly. Lovely to hear that DS was excited about you coming home. A day is forever at that age isn't it!!

Chuord- any more symptoms to report? I think you are the furthest on the month aren't you?

Mamablue- my thoughts are with you for Monday. I hope it goes smoothly, painlessly and gives you clear answers.
Stupid question. Pelvic rest? Erm. Does that mean no BD? Sorry for the stupid question!!!
What is the next step for you after the hysteroscopy?

Things still difficult here. My DH has retreated into his cave and is broken about my step daughter cutting him out. She wants her laptop back from our house but is showing no signs of moving towards him apart from getting what she wants materialistically. Teenagers are a nightmare. DH is doing penance for how he has screwed up (he hasn't) and is pushing me away as he feels like he cant be a good husband and a good dad. Having never been a parent I haven't done that balance before. I think that moving further away from your wife doesn't bring you closer to your daughter though. Especially when she doesn't even know about it. It just leaves me sad and lonely.

Sorry this isn't a very cheery post today, I'm fed up of the while situation now.

Hope the sun is shining where you. Baby dust to all xxx
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Primal I agree agree with Wengrin and Oxford - beautifully put! And I totally agree - we are ready anytime baby!

Wengrin - what a great time for you all! I'm sure dh enjoyed the male bonding just as much!

Oxford - huge hugs sweety!! I'm probably wrong with this one - but if it were me I'd go up to him and very gently and softly hug him and tell him you love him, support him and that he hasn't done anything wrong and she's testing his resolve - then (this is the wrong bit) I'd have to ask (in the same calm gentle voice) why he felt I needed punishing too... Lol and maybe ask him what I needed to do to get him to love me again... Lol drama queen I know! Sorry I'm still a bit hormonally pathetic, on second thoughts maybe I'm not thinking straight enough...
I hope you find a way to give him that gentle reminder of all the good in his life! I wasn't part if a split family so I don't understand it, but my friends who were tended to play the parents - it seems to be part of the ''fun' gained for the child, in your case you saw through her games - lol that killed her fun!

Mama blue - so fx for you xxxx hope you enjoyed your last night before 'pelvic rest' wink1.gif

Afm - nothing too exciting, I think the vitex is helping balance my progesterone - this is the first month in ages where I'm at cd30 3 days before AF without spotting - so hoping that continues! 11-12dpo
Yesterday had brunch at my sisters - it was great, but after eating way to much there was a moment where I was unsure if I'd have to dash to the loo (felt Ill) then it passed and I got so tired we went home for a rest - weird! My appetite is nuts (It could be my balancing progesterone) I woke up to pee at 3am and tummy was grumbling... Well I'll find out soon enough... No testing here though until a few days after AF if it doesn't show smile.gif

So ladies what dpo are you up to?
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Wow, I was emo last night, to the point of some bad typos. Thanks for listening I'm mostly chill with this, but sometimes I feel like I'm about to explode. And it feels like it's just never going to happen, even though I know how silly that is. I'm about 9-10 DPO, no serious symtpoms, but I don't really get them before my positive test appears. I did cry a lot yesterday morning when I thought DH was being snippy with me, but we pulled it back together. No bad PMS yet (being in work tomrrow will tell the tail). Yesterday we marched in Durham's Gay Pride parade, and my choir sang, and it was lovely. I did end up with a very sore body after 60 blocks of grooving through durham showing my pride. I got a terrible sunburn, too. Later that day we wanted to eat dinner down in Raleigh, but did not realize the international bluegrass musical association was having its big event. We did hear some beautiful songs. but it meant more and more blocks of walking. And whe we finally got there, the wait was an hour and a half long. I was pretty hungry and tired and cranky by then. Eventually, we ended up at a sushi restaurant (I do eat sushi while pregnant), and had a really wonderful meal.

I'm just going day by day, planning to test at the end of the week if AF doesn't arrive; that will put me about 15 - 16 dpo
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Oh Oxford, I'm sorry things are still going rough. It must break your husband's heart to have to deal with his daughter right now. I'm sure he is really grateful for your support, even if his words and actions are sending you mixed signals. Good for you for continuing to be supportive of him - I'm sure he loves you dearly for it.

Primal, chourd and Wengrin - I hope very good news is right around the corner for each of you! Every time I check in to mothering, I'm hopeful that one of you will have happy news to share.

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Oxford- I juts wanted to say that I sort of know what your hubby is feeling. He feels that his daughter is resentful that he and her mom aren't together, and she probably resents you a bit because in her eyes you take a huge place in her dad's heart...(even though we all know she is just manipulating him to get what she wants. She sounds like a very cunning teenager) but from his perspective, he feels like he helped screw her up and is probably punishing himself. So it has more to do with him feeling bad and "parent guilt" than about wanting to push you away.

I remember my daughter having a hard time when DH and I got together. She was used to having all of my time for 3 years while I was divorced. So when she had to take the back seat and not be my co-pilot (so to speak) anymore she was hurt and acted out. There was a rough transition period for us...I pushed DH away I think....because I felt like I needed to focus 100% on getting DD adjusted, because she was my child, my responsibility. Anyway we went to counseling and the lady stressed to us that your marriage has to be top priority. (Which is hard to do in any marriage honestly but especially a remarriage...you feel like you're selling your child out for this new person). But your kids will be okay if YOU are okay. She reminded us that our children will grow up and move away and have their own lives, but we will be by each others side for the rest of our lives. That helped me to look at it differently.

Initially I really felt like I had to choose sides....either be there for my daughter or invest in my marriage. But once I put my marriage first, it helped DD to understand that she couldn't tear us apart and that we are happier together,rather than divided on teams. She still has jealousy issues...mostly about DS because he gets a lot of attention because of his age. But we are just working through that.

I just felt so bad for you guys, reading your message. I know what a tough spot that is for both of you. The step daughter will eventually come around...it is just a matter of time. She is sooooo manipulating the situation. If he could just see it...and try not to react, then she would grow bored with her shenanigans. But he is too close to the situation. I get it.

Big hugs- I hope things turn around soon. xo

Mama blue- good rest to you and hope this time before your procedure allows some R&R. I am sending you positive thoughts! We understand if you just want to lurk and not comment over this period...so you can rest and spend time w/ hubby.

Primal- sounds like you had a great weekend! I break the pregnancy rules too ;-) Sushi is sooooo good. And a glass of wine is not going to hurt the baby. My OB is very relaxed about that. I try to avoid the raw if I can but sometimes nothing else will do but a nice, cold, fresh piece of salmon or tuna!

Chuord- you sound like you are doing well!! I am keeping fx'd that these symptoms are POSITIVE! Good for you for waiting to test.

Have a great week everyone!!
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By the way- Oxford I am guessing what he is feeling of course...I could be completely off base! I just hope things smooth out for you guys soon. I imagine you feel emotionally abandoned. That is a crummy way to feel. Hope you have some good girlfriends or family that you can lean on. I know the hormones of ttc and all make me feel like a needy emotional wreck.....I am so grateful to have you all to relate to. I have some good girlfriends too...my parents I try not to dump his stuff on. But support is so important.

Here is a pic of the girls bonding lunch Saturday. They had a ball. They're all in the 6-8 year old range. :-)
DD is the wavy hair hot pink shirt. We braided it the night before. She has such thick hair...I wish I had her hair! Mine is fine and thin. She has her daddy's hair!
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Hello ladies,

Thank you so much for your kindness, you touch my heart! You are right with the manipulative part of DSD, however DH will never see that about his little princess. Her parents split when she was too young to remember them together and I think now she would find the though of them back together was yuk!! However she does resent not being the only girl in dad's life OR it is a convenient excise to not do any schoolwork and go out with her mates. Either way, I have no influence. I will hang in there and let her create her own story. I hope DH can take it :-( thank you for your support. I am hanging in there!! You girls are awesome.

Wengrin- you asked earlier about temping vaginally, yes I do it. My temps used to bounce all over the place whenever I slept with my mouth open. It was difficult to spot O let alone any patterns! I have now been temping vaginally for 6 months and it is sooo much better. My temp is stable, a clear shift and I reliably get the same temp before and after O every month. It is much higher temp than orally, but the pattern in the same. To answer your question about damage, that's not a problem. You only need to stick it in about one inch, I will maybe use two inches. It's certainly less than a tampon and does not cause an issue at all. I recommend it for much more stable temping.

By the way, your DD is beautiful! You are a very wise parent to handle the situation with her and DH :-)

Chuord, we have been on this journey together for lots of months ;-) and I cannot remember your symptoms being so strong. I have everything crossed that this is finally your time. Keep us updated on all the twinges and nausea. What is your temp doing??

Mamablue- how was the hysteroscopy? Hope you are recovering gently and DH is looking after you. I was thinking of you today.

Primal- baby dust to yer!

Dandy- hi!

Oh I almost forgot. I'm having a but if a strange month. I am 5 dpo today and my temp has dropped to the cover line. In my hopeful optimism I imagine it to be an implantation dip :-) in reality it's just a temp drop and I won't find out for another 10 days. It's lively to have some hope though :-)

Thanks again for being so supportive, you lot are great and I appreciate it more than you know xx
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Oxford- glad youre hanging in there! Hope that is an implantation dip!! I always (when pregnant before) also noticed some yellowish CM around that time. Maybe you'll get another sign....and thanks for the temping info! I am going to start next month temping vaginally..only an inch or two like you said. I also need a new thermometer because mine wouldn't work this AM. It is only 3 months old....but anyway it was a cheap digital one I got on Amazon. I wonder if a mercury glass one would be better.

It really makes no difference to temp anyway during the LP of my month because the progesterone I take gives me false high temps (even not pregnant). But it would help me determine when I O'd, so that I could go ahead and start the Progesterone.

Have a great day all!
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I love it when I wake up to whole conversations!
Firstly primal and Wengrin - thanks for sharing your pg cheats... I feel soo much better, I will now eat sushi too - lol I already still eat soft blue cheese wink1.gif
Mama blue - so hoping its been all good, hugs and chat to you whenever.
Wengrin - your daughter is gorgeous, totally agree re the hair - I got mums fine hair my sister got dads thick stuff - I bleach mine and it gets brittle, she bleached hers and it looks healthier lol!
Thanks for the kind words re my symptoms Oxford - lol I think maybe after a month or two out of the game I'm over analyzing... But it's fun anyway! My temp went down today 31/32 but still above cover line... So time will tell. I have still had some spotting but only two days plus o and o was the only one not pale pink (sorry tmi) but last month I had heaps...
So in two days if AF doesn't arrive I will check out some tests... I'm thinking I'm out as my breasts are not sore, although I'm a tummy sleeper and even with an empty bladder I feel pressure on those bits while on tummy.. Lol so confusing in a fun way.
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Hello! Loopy mamablue here. I'm on my way home from the hysteroscopy. Sitting in the Chipolte parking lot while the hubster gets me a burrito. Procedure went fine. Ever so slightly nauseous but I'm haven't eaten since last night, so food will help I'm sure. I have pics that my doc gave DH. Turns out I was full of either polyps or endo lining. Doc was surprised as to how much was in there. We will know exactly all that was in there after pathology comes back. Maybe tmi, but FYI, polyps usually are on sort of a stalk, kind of like a skin tag. What she saw was not so much like that. More like right on the surface of the womb. Either way, it's allgone now, and pelvic rest begins. I'm looking forward to getting knocked up next month. smile.gif
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mamaBlue - thanks for the update and WOOHOOO! I'm so glad that they found stuff... there was a reason it wasn't working! Now as you say you can get (after the rest month) straight back to it with way more chance of success. I love sharing everyones journeys!

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