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Oh don't you hate....that. I composed a novel to each and everyone of you!! And lost it. Screen went black!! Grrrr

Love to all- share more later. Must go to bed. Hubby is complaining about phone on the bed :-)

This is DH and I. We took the whole family to a pumpkin patch fall festival today. My parents came along too. They are visiting....
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Originally Posted by oxford 

10 dpo here. My temp has stuck at the higher level so far, which is good. I'm not testing until AF is due as I hate seeing the lonely line. I don't know how early testers cope with the disappointment. I'm going to stay with blind hope until the witch drops by.

Thank you, Water Mama, for the advice! I'm trying to be even more mindful about it and I think that he is already improving. I even got him to practice gentle touches.


Thanks for the explanation of the dye test! That's really interesting. And I totally agree with you about the one lonely line. I've been compulsivley testing all month and it's pretty depressing. I will definitely restrain myself next month, because it's very disheartining. Yay for high temps, though!! And France sounds amazing, champagne or no champagne ;)

Chourd - I am so, so sorry about your migraine! I can't even imagine having one for five days. I've had them for over 24 hours a few times and was intensely miserable, puking, thinking I was dying, etc. I hope you feel better really soon. I've been mildly crampy for a week or so now and it's definitely out of the norm for me, but in my case I feel like it is probably just having my first period with my IUD out or something. 


Wengrin - You are so lovely!! I love your picture. Hope you had a fun time :)
AFM - I am feeling good and bad. Good: I'm pretty sure my cat doesn't have FIP. I think the vet was wrong. I've been talking to two other vets and they both are confused as to how she even came to the diagnosis. DS got his first hair cut yesterday and I'm so sad! He had these funny curl-wings that stuck out over his ears like three inches, haha, and I just wanted them trimmed back into little curls but she gave him a tiny man haircut.

Here is our puppies! They are three weeks old today. Clockwise from top left are the girl, the black one, number two and baby bear.


Malcolm and his new haircut. We went to a historical fandango at the Petaluma Adobe on Saturday. It was so much fun!


Here's Clementine at the fandango. She just got right in there and danced with all the historical ladies. It was great.


Aaaaand I took both of my early results tests and they were definitely negative. I know that I'm not technically out for this month, but I'm bummed. I don't even know why it feels like that big of a deal, maybe just because it was the first month of trying. I am excited to get to hang around this thread longer, though! And next month no early testing, I am really going to try and go about it with a different point of view.
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Chuord- sorry to hear about your migraine. You are getting a rough deal this month. I hope it's your body resetting for a big month to come.

Wengrin- wow you are beautiful! What a great picture. You look really happy.
What is a pumpkin patch festival? It sounds fun

Mares- your kids are so cute. You are blessed! Bad news on the bfn, it is so disappointing. You are not out until the witch arrives though. Hang in there.

I think the witch is on her way to me. It's 11dpo, my temp has dropped again and I had a tiny bit of red spotting. There is an outside possibility of implantation. In reality, I think this is the end.

Hope you have had a great weekend
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Wen grin - ditto! Loving the pic of you guys!

Mare - also love the pics of your kids, and puppies... For what it's worth ds hair looks good (albeit short) lol start thinking of distractions for next months tww - with all your animals and your two kids it should be easy enough wink1.gif and congrats on implementing the non violence training so well.
Oxford - hugs on potential AF! Hoping its not true...
Thanks for the love re the migraines, they aren't maybe as severe as mares can be... But frustrating after being normal for so long... So good news is dh has agreed to take multivitamins and ZINC tablets daily - I'm very excited about that. Bad news is even if I get pg this month I will be 40 before I have a baby.. Reality check!
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Thanks for the warm welcomes, ladies!


Oxford, I am in Los Angeles, CA. If I didn't love my job I would want to live in Norway or someplace lush and green! I have a friend there and it looks so gorgeous!


I already posted about this in the One TTC thread, but my FF chart gave me weird data today--saying that I ovulated 2 days after I had calculated based on a lot of factors. I am feeling a little blue, but hopefully it is wrong..? 


In other news, I've been taking business classes for the past year and I am close to completing a certificate program (already have a BA and my company is paying for continued education.) I am enrolled this quarter but all of a sudden I DO NOT feel like studying anymore. I think it will make life so much more stressful now--working full-time, raising a five year old, and TTCing. I am trying not to feel guilty, but I really think I am going to stop school and focus everything into being a super mom for DS and future Baby #2. Am I being lazy, or do you all think that this is wise? I have until tomorrow to drop the class for a refund. If I do drop the class, I have a feeling I may never finish the program. crap.gif 

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Mare--Your children are precious!!

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Water- Quick reply, I think you should follow your heart. I was three years into a degree when I stopped going to school. I just want to be a mama. I want to have a little homestead and spend my days with my kids and animals and the seasons, you know? I have never regretted it and in your case it is in NO way selfish. I believe this is the one life we get, and so I'm really trying to let to of "shoulds" and do what my heart says is right. And wanting to spend time with your kids can never, ever be selfish. And I don't think wanting to work is either! We just have to do what will make is our happiest selves. That's what is best for our kids. And then you wouldn't have to worry about the Soy milk at Starbucks! Haha
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Originally Posted by mareseatoats View Post

Water- Quick reply, I think you should follow your heart. I was three years into a degree when I stopped going to school. I just want to be a mama. I want to have a little homestead and spend my days with my kids and animals and the seasons, you know? I have never regretted it and in your case it is in NO way selfish. I believe this is the one life we get, and so I'm really trying to let to of "shoulds" and do what my heart says is right. And wanting to spend time with your kids can never, ever be selfish. And I don't think wanting to work is either! We just have to do what will make is our happiest selves. That's what is best for our kids. And then you wouldn't have to worry about the Soy milk at Starbucks! Haha


Aww, thank you for the kind words and insight!


I went ahead and dropped the class. Felt a little nervous, but I think it is the right thing for now. I might still need the Starbucks, though...can't go as far as quitting my job! No late nights writing papers though. I look forward to homework help with DS, HBO time with DH, and going to bed by 9:30 too much :zzz 

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Morning ladies!

Watermama- have you tried adjusting the detector settings on FF? Try changing it to FAM and see what your O date is. Overall I wouldn't worry, sperm can live for at least 5 days, so even if you are two days later they will hang around.
Great news on freeing up more time! Clearing out your life can be liberating. Enjoy the extra time with your kids and DH :-)

Over here, I've no clue! Every month since I started TTC my chart has been pretty consistent temps. This month it is all over the place. Ff is even doubting that I did O as my temp has dropped down low so much. I am now waiting for AF, this month I hope she does land so that I can reset. I hope this is a clean out month. I had the progesterone test two months ago and it was high, it looks like last months stress has messed things up. Roll on next month, it is very disheartening :-(
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I've now had two days of fertile CM. I have had one a couple of days before my period before but this is weird. Maybe the low temp and the CM means I never o'd and it's about to happen now. Weird. I've been searching the menu options on ff forb"what on earth is happening to my cycle"!!! Grr.
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Oxford-- I will try to adjust the FF settings, but what does FAM stand for?  Hopefully you are Oing late--you never know! Do you check your cervix? I just read-up on that and think I might add that to my fertility checklist--low, soft, and open means O.


I am so happy that I dropped my class. I feel such a sense of control now--no more dishes piling up, feeling anxious at work. Definitely made the right decision for my sanity and family. There are only so many hours in the day.

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Oxford - what dpo are you? I often see what looks like EWCM a day or two before AF. I googled it awhile back, and apparrently it isn't all that uncommon.
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Oxford, it will be interesting to see what happens with such a funky chart! I think TTC is interesting - waiting for O, waiting to test, waiting for AF to start so you can start the cycle over again. I'm sorry you are feeling disheartened. :Hug It's hard to feel that way. I am waiting fir AF so we can try again, too.  But just on the odd chance you're ovulating now - lots of BDing!


Wengrin - when are you testing? Got to be getting close, right?


AFM - Came down with a cold last night, so I'm feeling miserable. And aside from that I've got some unsightly face blemishes, feeling irritable and nursing is feeling awful, so I'm sure AF will be making her debut any day now. Boo. 

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So much to catch up on! We had my family here over the weekend and had 2 really fun birthday parties on Sunday.

Thanks all for the love- I try to post pics so you can get an idea what out happy but crazy life looks like! It is chaotic at times...lol. Sometimes I feel like I just need a vacation...alone. Not happening anytime soon but nice to dream about.

WaterMama welcome and glad you followed your heart and freed up your schedule.

Oxford- A pumpkin patch is an American tradition I think... Sort of an Octoberfest and preparation for Fall. They have pumpkins that they grow on the farm (which we carve out and make into crazy faces for Halloween night) but they have hay rides through the farm where cows and goats come up to be fee. The hay ride is basically a tractor pulling a big cart full of haystacks where people sit and cruise around the farm. It is a really fun tradition. The kids have a ball. It was so stinken hot though....other than that it was a great day.

Also Oxford- will be interesting to see what this cycle means. You've had your progesterone checked so it is obviously not that. Have you considered Vitex or Chasteberry? It helps regulate cycle and lengthen LP. I have used it for a few months.

Hugs Chuord on the migraine. I feel your pain! Literally...I know what an awful thing it is to go to bed w/ head pounding and then be woken up to it. Stinks. Hope you feel better soon Hun.

Mare- your children are absolutely lovely. I love Clementine's name. That is precious. I know what you mean about testing. It is a heart breaker when we get BFN's....

AFM- I am 12 dpo today and I have been testing since Sunday. I have gotten faint ghost lines...I even went to a walk in clinic on Sunday for a UTI and she did 2 tests there and said she saw the faint line! I got all excited but now the tests aren't getting any clearer. Also I took a FRER today just knowing I would see some pink in he line instead of the ghost line where you can see it but it is hard to spot. Well it was with SMU at 7AM and nothing. Finally after an hour or so I could see a faint outline where the line should be. So I am either really early and just recently implanted, or it is another chemical....uggghhhhh. I am not testing tomorrow. Going to wait til Thurs (the day AF is due). I know it is still somewhat early but the First Response Early Reader should have showed something.....one thing is there wasn't much urine in the cup when I did the dip so maybe because the whole stick wasn't submerged it caused it to not get enough of the sample?? IDK....pretty frustrated and losing patience.

Meanwhile we are getting tons of rain here so it is really gloomy. That always dampens my mood. I need to get out in the sunshine and reset.

I hope everyone is doing well!! Take care :-)
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Oxford - hugs on the rough ride this month, I'd go with the extra bd just in case it's late I - I mean if mama blue is right and it's pre AF there's still nothing to lose.

We grin - did you have false positives before? Or was it only for the chem... I'm with you as hard as it will be - laying off the testing for a few days is a great idea - either it will become real or you can turn it into whatever causes you less stress.

Water - congrats on the study decision - when it feels so good afterwards you know it was right for you!

Mare - how is the kitty going?
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Wengrin, you can come stay with us! It's always sunny here. It's exhausting. I hate how dry everything is, and honestly I'm an indoorsy person so I sometimes wish it would be rainy once and a while so I wouldn't feel so guilty about not wanting to go outside. I think waiting to test is a good idea. I took another one today because I noticed a different smell *ahem* down there and of course it was negative. Ugh! I wish AF would just show her mean ole face so we could get on with things.


Chuord, thank you so much for asking about Fritz. It really means a lot to me to know other people care about him :)  He's doing great! I really think he was misdiagnosed. From what I've read online and the two other vets I've talked to it doesn't sound like he has FIP. Here's a picture of him sleeping in the curtains:


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Argh! Anyone else feeling frustrated today? I have so many symptoms that could be early pregnancy, but AF is due tomorrow so they could just as easily be PMS, since mine is never the same twice. I feel pretty sure it is PMS because the early detector tests should have shown something by Sunday and they didn't even have the faintest line. I didn't use FMP, but still. I will probably buy more today, but I'm going to save them unless I go a few days late (at least) as my period can also be a bit dodgy on when it is starting. Want to talk about symptoms? If they're pregnancy I love and adore each one but if they are, as I strongly suspect, PMS then they can all just piss off.


Change in odor *ahem* down there, very vivid dreams, waking and not being able to go back to sleep, fatigue, cravings, nursing is very uncomfortable OR I have tons of milk - sometimes one, sometimes the other. Increased sex drive, low energy/alertness. Lots of warm fuzzies for everyone in my family and also being really sensitive to lots of commotion or noise. 


Oh, life. So ridiculous sometimes. 

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Mare,I am feeling so emotional today. Yes, lots of symptoms and many similar to yours, but I will not let myself test or stress...yet.


Speaking of warm and fuzzies, this morning I woke up to the sound of rain and was so excited--like, grinning from ear-to-ear excited (first rain in a long time here in LA). Carpooling with DS and DH this morning to school and work was like a dream come true. Who knew rain could make me so happy? Crazy pregnant woman? I hope so!


Then, at lunch I talked to my mom (it's her birthday). She updated on the status of her best friend since grade school who has had cancer for a while. Apparently, the cancer has spread everywhere in her body faster than they thought, and the doctors are now giving her less than a week to live. I started sobbing and couldn't stop. Usually I am pretty collected and don't get emotional that easily. I even started to feel selfish for crying, like it was more about me than our family friend. Internal dialouge, "Why are you still crying? You don't need to cry anymore. Enough already," Does that make sense?


Anyway, I am with you. So many mixed signals/symptoms. I am constantly pressing on the sides of my boobs to make sure they are still sore :) Don't be frustrated! Enjoy this time we get to be a little cooky :)

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Mare - gorgeous pic of fritz! I'm glad to know he's happy and seems fine wink1.gif
Mare I agree with water - just relax and enjoy that you are a bit cooky at this time of month - whatever the reason. I had so many of those sane symptoms this time around, so it really can go either way.
Mare I think the challenge to you is to try no to test till AF is due - as the testing seems to really wind you up and make you anxious - hugs! Whenever you get stressed remember there was a lady on mothering who is having a healthy pg - but - didn't get a bfp till two whole weeks after AF was due!
Have a look at the countdowntopregnancy website... They have charts showing which days how many (only pg woman) got a bfp... It seems to help me when I'm stressing.

Having said all of that both of your symptoms sound potentially promising - fx for you both!
Water - hugs on mum's friend... That's awful - my hope is she's not in pain.
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I just wish AF would show up, but it's probably another couple of days waiting for me. I don't like this feeling of second guessing everything. Do you ever think, "well if I'm not PG, what the heck is wrong with me?" :rotflmao


Since O I've have very sore, veiny and bigger BBs (but not in the last few days), lots of EWCM (but not in the last few days), ultra high temps (still up there), exhausted, crampy feelings since O (only EVER happen day before AF), feeling 'full', slight twinges on left hand side, sensitive smell (I smelt an old house while walking the dog a couple of days ago...yuk) completely gone off coffee and sweet things (very unusual) and I've had a back ache down low the last couple of days (never happens, wonder if I've hurt it?)


But seriously, all those things could be PMS, so truly, I'm choosing to embrace whatever this month has for me surf.gif

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