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Wow! Everybody has some real sounding symptoms. I hope that translates into at least a few BFP's. That'd be so cool!

AFM - Pelvic rest sucks. Also, my pathology report came back and a nurse emailed me right away to say it was benign. I appreciate that, but I also wanted a few more details. Hopefully they will respond to my additional questions soon.
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Originally Posted by Water Mama View Post

Speaking of warm and fuzzies, this morning I woke up to the sound of rain and was so excited--like, grinning from ear-to-ear excited (first rain in a long time here in LA). Carpooling with DS and DH this morning to school and work was like a dream come true. Who knew rain could make me so happy? Crazy pregnant woman? I hope so!


Then, at lunch I talked to my mom (it's her birthday). She updated on the status of her best friend since grade school who has had cancer for a while. Apparently, the cancer has spread everywhere in her body faster than they thought, and the doctors are now giving her less than a week to live. I started sobbing and couldn't stop. Usually I am pretty collected and don't get emotional that easily. I even started to feel selfish for crying, like it was more about me than our family friend. Internal dialouge, "Why are you still crying? You don't need to cry anymore. Enough already," Does that make sense?


Anyway, I am with you. So many mixed signals/symptoms. I am constantly pressing on the sides of my boobs to make sure they are still sore :) Don't be frustrated! Enjoy this time we get to be a little cooky :)

I love the rain! I'm so excited that we're going to be moving out of California - it is so dry here and so rarely rains. I'm sure I'll miss it when I'm gone.


I'm so sorry about you mom's friend. :HugDon't feel guilty for your reaction, it's hard when we're faced with death, especially in ways that are sudden and seem so unfair. AND especially when we're so keyed in to the beginning of life.


I totally did the same thing - pressing my arm into my breasts to make sure they were still sore - when I was pregnant with my kids! That is so funny, I thought I was being such a dork, haha. It really does sound so promising for you! When are you testing?


Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Mare I think the challenge to you is to try no to test till AF is due - as the testing seems to really wind you up and make you anxious - hugs! Whenever you get stressed remember there was a lady on mothering who is having a healthy pg - but - didn't get a bfp till two whole weeks after AF was due!
Have a look at the countdowntopregnancy website... They have charts showing which days how many (only pg woman) got a bfp... It seems to help me when I'm stressing.

You are so right, chuord! You seem very intuitive and empathetic :shy It's so nice to have you in the group. That website was so interesting! Thank you for telling me about it. I bought a pack of 7 ovulation predictors and it comes with one pregnancy test - my goal is going to be not to buy any additional ones for next month. It might be easier if we're moving to not be so focused on testing. 


Originally Posted by claregageler View Post

Since O I've have very sore, veiny and bigger BBs (but not in the last few days), lots of EWCM (but not in the last few days), ultra high temps (still up there), exhausted, crampy feelings since O (only EVER happen day before AF), feeling 'full', slight twinges on left hand side, sensitive smell (I smelt an old house while walking the dog a couple of days ago...yuk) completely gone off coffee and sweet things (very unusual) and I've had a back ache down low the last couple of days (never happens, wonder if I've hurt it?)


That doesn't sound at all like PMS to me!! Have you taken a test?! It sounds like unmistakable pregnancy.

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MamaBlue - Pelvic rest DOES suck! I just had five weeks of it ending right before O in September. It's hard to not feel disconnected from DH at times, isn't it? I hope it goes by quickly for you. Can you call the office and ask for more information? Hopefully they just wanted to let you know that ASAP and will get back to you with much more detail very soon. 

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Mamablue--What a bummer. I can't imagine :( At least it was benign. I'm sure they will have more details for you soon. :Hug


Mare-- I hope I am not "willing" symptoms on myself out of sheer hopefulness. The sore boobs is definitely real though! (squeeze) I plan on testing a day after I think my period is due, so 10/17. A week from today! I didn't buy anymore tests after using them all up last month, It was so depressing after each BFN. I am already planning on TTC next cycle which will put me with O on the night of Halloween with a due date of 7/22/14. Two is my lucky number, so hopefully it is this cycle--my 2nd month of TTC, or 7/22 for TTC #3.  


Yes hoping to see many BFP's  this month! pos.gif 

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Just got a copy of my pathology report. There were small and big polyps and lots of endo tissue that came back negative for hyperplasia. This is awesome news. Plus, I'm allowed to start treatment next cycle. Woooohooooo! I actually have a decent-ish chance of getting pregnant! Yay!
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MamaBlue I am SO HAPPY for you!! That is so wonderful. Whoo hoo!! :joy

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Mamablue, fabulous news!!! I feel super invested in your BFP after being on this journey together for so long. Do you have a natural month to try or are you straight into assisted? We're cheering you on :-)

Watermama- FAM is fertility awareness method, it's a traditional way of using temp to spot ovulation, it came from natural family planning to avoid pregnancy. There are rules about number of temps low and then high. It often gives a different day for o.
So sorry to hear about your family friend. Don't feel bad about your crying. The tears might have been for her, or it might have just touched something inside of you. Letting it go, crying and releasing it is so cathartic and not to feel guilty about.

My cycle is still weird, I've made it to 15dpo I think. I am still not sure whether I actually ovulated because if all the crazy temp dips. Hopefully my period will start tomorrow and I can reset and go past this craziness.

Lots Of symptoms in the board this month, I'm feeling excited that soon we will have another BFP to celebrate :-)

You know, I was wondering the other day how you can NOT get pregnant. As sperm survive so long and we are all BD regularly, I wonder how the biology managed to miss conception!!! Let's keep fingers crossed for at least one this month.
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Hi, everyone. I am still here, and I read everything. I've just been exhausted... Working full time, enrolled in two online courses for my BSN, kids getting up to shenanigans at school, and the annual art event I produce is happening next weekend. Very, very busy.

We're trying in ernest this cycle. I'm at CD 9, and I ovulate pretty regularly between days 11 and 12. We DTD today, and my plan is to try for daily until CD 13 or 14. I feel like we've been somehow missing our best days for this, so hopefully being thorough will pay off.

I'm still taking the Vitex, but I'm so moody from my fatigue that I have no idea if it's helping or not.

Also, today is my birthday. I'm going to indulge in a treat from the smoothie shop, I think.
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Primal - Yay for the art show! Sounds like a neat experience! I hope you catch that egg this month!
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Thanks, mamablue. I'm rooting for you, too! Looks like you're going to have a good chance soon.
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Happy birthday primal!! Hope you have a fab day and this month is a special present (BFP!!!)

What is the art event you produce? That sounds interesting?

Today was 16dpo, my usual day to start AF and nothing. I don't even feel like it's close. My temp spiked right up today and I've no idea what is going on. I'm not sure whether I dare hope it's pregnancy or whether it means my cycle really is screwed up.

I had a spa day today with friends. So relaxing and a great start to my holiday. We go to the champagne region of France on Tuesday and I can't wait!!!

Baby dust to you all:-)
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Oxford - I am amazed at your willpower. I would have caved and tested days ago. I hope that high temp means something good is brewing.
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Oxford, that's funny, I remember learning about conception and fertility and being surprised anyone ever gets pregnant! Have you tested at all this month? My AF started on the 10th last month, so I was expecting it today but sometimes my cycle goes longer. I don't really feel any signs it will be starting soon other than irritation nursing. Usually I get a little crampy and ill feeling in my belly, but nothing so far. I don't have any more tests, though, and am not planning on getting one.  I feel sure that I did not get pregnant this cycle, which is a-okay. I'm kind of excited for a full month of BDing. A spa day sounds great! 


Primal Joy - I hope this is your month! It sounds really promising.


WaterMama, I have a good feeling about you! Sore breasts were always my #1 symptom until the vomit started ;) I'm so excited for you to test!


AFM - Is it funny I'm actually excited for my period to start? I just want to get it out of the way and get back to waiting for O. There's a lot of upheaval in our lives right now, though, I feel like it might prevent getting pregnant. I want to try and be more relaxed about it - I think I might return the ovulation kit I bought and just let it be, you know? SO MUCH easier said than done, though. I'm trying to think of ways to improve my life/mental health, and thinking about trying to do a meditation and pilates video some mornings. It's hard because our house is quite messy and crowded, and even when I work really hard it never stays clean. Housekeeping doesn't come naturally to me, so it's a battle. 


I know some people feel like this is jinxing themselves, but anyone else have a short list of baby names? For a girl we like: Evangeline, Adelaide and Elodie and for a boy we actually agree (!!!) on Arthur or Orrin. With both Clementine and Malcolm I had other names I liked but their names just fit and there clearly wasn't any other name they could have. I think I had them both picked by 15 weeks. So, anyway,  I am really happy daydreaming about baby faces to fit those names. We usually do MNs that honor someone in the family. I think we might do Edward as a middle name for a boy (my dad's middle name and also the name of a close family friend that died of cancer (he didn't have any kids)). For a girl I'm not sure. If we did Evangeline I think we would use Virginia, which honestly doesn't sound the best but it was my Grandma's name (which would make my mom happy) and the name of the street DH and I met on, and then we could call her Ginny if we wanted. Virginia actually sounds better with the other girl names, but I love the idea of being able to shorten Evangeline to Ginny. So we'll see, if we get lucky enough to make another tiny human. 


Ooh I think I might be feeling a little crampy. Come on, AF, let's get this over with!

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No I've not tested at all this month, my chart has been do weird. Also I hate seeing the single line, I prefer blind hope! Still, by tomorrow I will be officially late, so that does call for a test.

Watermama- great names, you are very prepared.

Mamablue- how are you doing?
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Happy Birthday, Prima!! And I thought I was busy. Make sure you get your rest super woman! Yes, please tell us about your art event, that sounds amazing.


Oxford--I am going to try and follow your lead and not test until after AF is due. I would love a spa day. How wonderfully :meditate Good luck to you this weekend!!


Mare--Yup, still feel sore on when I squeeze them. I wish I recorded when they stopped feeling sore last month before AF. I feel like a BFP would be too good to be true so I try not to think about it too much. Twitches and cramps in my ovaries too. 6 more days. I feel similar to you about this month. I really would love for this to be it, but I am already looking forward to more charting and DTD next month if AF does arrive next week. DH thinks it's going to be next month which means the due date would fall a few days after his birthday (and our anniversary) in July 2014.


AFM--Thank you for all being so supportive about my mom's friend. We are actually going to visit her on Sunday for a bit. I really wish I could have a BFP by then to tell her and my mom that I am expecting. I think that would be really special, but what is meant to be will be. It will be nice to see her before it's too late though. Life is so precious--feeling very emotional about it all.


Have a great weekend everyone. I'm not usually on my computer on the weekends, but if anything exciting comes up I'm sure I will chime in... :goodvibes

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Mama blue - fantastic awesome news! I can tell you are so happy! I have a really good feeling for you after all that smile.gif

Primal - happy birthday!!! And omg how crazy busy are you?!! Lol promise to take good care of you so you don't end up crashing! And yes please more details on the art event smile.gif

Oxford - wow it's cycle has been totally crazy for you - I'm still hoping for a happy ending, lol although the spa day is a great second! I wish I could be as calm and zen as you when having one of those crazy cycles that could go either way smile.gif

Mare - love the names thoughts, I carefully keep the names I like to myself - but over the last 6 or so years all of our friends have used them up! So I see no probs sharing wink1.gif lol btw you didn't see me freak out the first couple of months I was trying wink1.gif I only learnt zen for my own sanity... And then I discovered it makes it way less traumatic! Any AF yet?

Water - hang in there! How's the boobs? Still sore? Here's hoping we get a bfp on here soon!

Afm - nothing new ttc, however dh is going to be traveling a bit (every other weekend or so) for work - this month he's staying for o weekend, the following month I may have to travel with him!
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Lonely one line :-( isn't that a most depressing sight? According to my chart using FAM, I am now 17dpo and feel nowhere near AF. And bfn. So I started playing with the detector. On advanced or research it moves my o to cd29 and I am therefore 4dpo.

So now I have no clue :-( here's my chart if you have any wisdom...

I guess I just have to wait now. It's frustrating. My cycle was always like clockwork- o about day 15 and AF around day 30. Last month o was delayed with all the stress about my SD. This month I thought I was back to normal. My body is messed up :-(

So, those of you with normal bodies and exciting symptoms, who us next to test??

Water mama- hope the visit goes ok. I have so much sympathy for you. I have had a few times in my life where those I love have been diagnosed terminal with not long to live and it is the most helpless feeling to sit with them knowing you haven't fit long left to share that person and you can do absolutely nothing about it. My thoughts are with you today. Enjoy as much of the time as you can and make some precious memories.

Wengrin- how are you doing my dear?
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Oxford - hang in there! I can't really tell much from your chart as its so different from the norm... It still looks like your o was earlier as you suspected... As only before then are the temps uniformly below the cover line. However who knows with those dips (sorry no help) I think your later high temps are promising - maybe in a few more days it will be more obvious.
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Temp up yet again today. My chart is now saying triphasic. I don't believe it. I now think I on cd 29 is more likely which would make a nice smooth temp rise. That would mean my temp had bounced around while o was delayed. Ugh. I miss my nice normal predictable cycle.

How are you doing? Anyone reached testing time? Any non TTC news?

We are going out for afternoon tea today, yum! How very English!

Have a great day!
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DS was up sick all night throwing up, so I don't think I will go visit my mom's friend today. I am really glad my mom has gotten to spend the last few days with her though. That's what is most important.


AFM, I know I said I wasn't going to test until DPO 14-15, but for some reason I just found myself in the $ store last night... Bought 6 tests and broke one open. I was really ready for disappointment, so that is probably why I still can't be live what I saw:

I took two more tests this morning and they look like this one at 2 minutes, but get much darker by 10 minutes. I'm good right? Trying not to stress

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