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Mareseatoats - I'm sorry about the job loss. I'm a native Southern Californian, and although I love the vibe here, I'd pack up and move to Oregon in a heartbeat if I had an opportunity to do so. On a positive note, I hear Oregon has a very large community of capable homebirth midwives. Maybe your future birth experience will be with an awesome Oregonian midwife. smile.gif

Wengrin - I'm glad your little guy is feeling better. High fevers make me nervous.

Primal - I'm a fan of early testing, too. It helps me to cope better, and that in turn makes things easier on my tender-hearted husband. Anyway, best wishes for the art show. Sounds like a really neat event.

Chourd - I'm sorry you're feeling down about ttc. I have felt that way at times, too. The months sure do wear us down, don't they? This month makes 19 cycles for me, 6 of which have been under the care of a RE. It's tough to to stay sane with all the highs and lows we go through.
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Morning ladies! Thanks so much for the love and encouragenent - I know the length of time trying can be hard, even from month 1 smile.gif it's actually really nice that some of us have been together for a while... And having all the newer but still been here too long ladies wink1.gif
Here's to a bfp or more for this cycle!
Ok update on the weekend away - staying at the palazzo Versace (it's where the conference is) we arrived to see the room (with inlaws) when father in law promptly disappeared into the bathroom and went no 2 - who does that in someone else's room lol?!! Anyway for the price the room was shabby and I would have thought it expensive at half the price, so I channelled my annoyance and complained about the quality to the concierge - upgrade to a suite, so much better as the floor (timber) looks clean and polished instead of like a pub.
Anyway - hope it made you laugh, have a great day all xxx
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Oooh DH just got offered a really amazing job! The raise/benefits/location is all just unbelievable and they seem to want him very badly. And he put them off to see what other offers he gets! faint.gif I badly want him to accept the one he was just offered and I'm freaking out a lot little! 

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Chuord- that gave me a good laugh!! Good for you...enjoy your stay!!

Mare-that is awesome about hubby's job offer this quickly!! Great he is in high demand. Sometimes the things that seem the worst change end up being spectacular. I will keep you in positive thoughts :-) And yes we are close to being cycle buddies!! We can commiserate!! Lol

Thanks Mamablue- My DS is much better today. We went to the park and had a picnic and he played wirh his little buddies....yes fevers scare me especially with dehydration. Thank goodbess it didn't last long.

Also I am amazed at your strength- you sure have had a long journey and deserve a BFP very soon!! I feel this is going to be your month...just coming off your procedure and prescriptions in hand!! Ready for some BD!!!

Anyone notice the lunar eclipse tonight? Well. Depends on what side of the world you are on. It is called The Prenumbral moon or "Hunters Moon" they used to call it. Pretty cool!! We saw it this evening with all the kiddos. We drove out to an open field and sat in the bed of hubby's pick-up truck like little country bumpkins. It was family fun that didn't have to be forced....and was free!! Lol...

Maybe the moon and the pull of the tides will kick start our ovaries into baby making magic!!

Good night all :-)
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Mare fx he takes the job!

Wengrin - I'm hoping on the moon too wink1.gif we haven't seen it here but it's meant to be a powerfully energetic one... I love the family night out in the pick up (I'm a country girl at heart - lol though not a farmer) I'm glad you enjoyed!
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Mare - That's awesome news! I'm sure your hubby is weighing his options very carefully.

AFM - CD4. AF is being very kind to me, so I feel very grateful about that.
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I'm back from vacation. France was lovely and we did a lot of champagne tasting :-) it wa great to spend some time with DH, away from all the trouble with my step daughter. It was very relaxing.

Mare- congratulations on the job offer for DH. That's great news and some hope for you all. Has he made a decision yet? If he does take the job, will you still move states?

Chuord- sorry to read about your frustration with the process. Oh man, I hear you! I'm so pleased we are on this journey together. I went through the downs about it all last month. I'm still not back hopeful yet, I think I'm just fed up of it all. Maybe there is some progress in just letting go. Keep talking to us and we are all here for you :-)

Primal, your art show sounds great and a wonderful distraction from uterus obsession! Good for you. Enjoy :-)

Wengrin- I'm so pleased your little munchin has recovered. He looked so miserable in that photo. Poor little lamb! Is he fighting fit again now? What is he up to? I love reading your stories about him.

Mamablue- glad you are all set up for the new month and AF has been kind. I think everything is aligning to help you this month. Enjoy your BD ;-)

Back to work tomorrow and not looking forward to it. AF is due on Thursday, so I'm looking forward to a full system reset. It will be 44 day cycle this month, instead of the usual 29. I'm hoping that the turbulence will settle and things will be back to normal this month, here's hoping.

Have a great evening.
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Hello Mamas & Mamas-to-be,


I have been lurking now and again but am on CD1 of the first cycle in what I hope to be no more than 6 or 7 months TTC (although I am working on letting go of all timetables and expectations!)  DH & I started TTC last year around this time and had a pregnancy in December that ended in m/c in March.  We tried for a bit in the spring and then it got so weird and obsessive for me that we decided to take three months off during this very hectic summer.  I am hoping now to start anew in a much more sane way, and would love to join you ladies for some fellowship on what I hope to make a more laid-back journey.  Not sure yet if I will actively TTC this month or just see what happens, or actively avoid and take another month of preparation-- physically and emotionally/spiritually.  


Hard for me to keep all the names and stories straight right now, but I think I am almost caught up, and y'all seem like a great bunch and I am eager to be witness to some happy stories here.  :joy

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Hi all,


I also wanted to make an entrance into your lovely thread. I am 33 and I am getting over the loss of my first pregnancy which happened in mid-September. I am waiting on my first period, which should be only about a week now. I tracked ovulation and confirmed it, which was a big relief as I was really feeling broken on top of the sadness. So, even though it took a little longer than what I was hoping for, I am back physically and emotionally too (still have low moments, though). I will likely be lurking a lot. Mothering is such a great community!!

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Welcome MsBe and Kaliakra! I am so happy to have you here, and so very sad to hear about your losses. If you ever want to talk about them feel free to PM me. I haven't experienced a pregnancy loss that I know of, but I feel very strongly that our culture around it needs to change. I hope both of your stays are brief :)
I'll introduce myself - maybe some others can do the same? I still don't quite know everyone's stories. I generally go by Mares here :) I'm 26, DH is 28. I have a amazing and lovely daughter who will be 7  years old in November (conceived when I was raped) and a really wonderful DS who turned 2 at the end of August and was a mini-pill baby (with my DH). I had really great waterbirths with both of them. This is my first time TTC! I just finished a natropathic treatment to deal with precancerous cells on my cervix that left a bit of scar tissue, but probably nothing to worry about. I am also still nursing DS. Last month I came off 5 weeks of pelvic rest right around O time, but obviously it didn't happen. I was a bit glad - more BDing :) DH just got laid off and we will definitely be moving out of state, possibly to the opposite coast! So there is a bit of stress and upheaval in our lives right now that might prevent conceiving right away. We'll see! 
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Msbe- sorry to hear about your miscarriage, that must have been heartbreaking. I'm so pleased you felt able to join in with us, welcome!

Kaliakra- welcome to you too! It's lovely to have some new friends along on our journey. Sorry to hear about your loss. You are so strong to be holding it together. We're here for you if we can help :-)

Mare- you are such an amazing woman! You have over come so much, thank you for sharing. Big hugs to you
Any news on DHs decision about the job?

For our new friends....
I'm English, 36 and I am TTC number one. My DH is 45 and we got married last year. It took me a long time to find him and now I am desperate to be a mother. We have been trying for 13 months, since the wedding and it pretty tough to take the rollercoaster. I have just started fertility tests. DH was all normal and my initial hormone tests were normal or good. I have a dye test to check my tubes next week and I'm not looking forward to it.
I have a 15 year old stepdaughter who is being very difficult at the moment, she has DH wrapped around her finger!

I'm so pleased that our group is growing. If there is anyone else lurking, please feel to say hi, if you are comfortable to do so.

Baby dust to you all!
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LOVE the idea of a "saner" TTC! LOVE IT!

Mamas, forgive the intrusion from an outsider (though I have done the whole TTC...not sanely, however...). I just wanted to direct you to a thread I started about Spirit Babies and their perspective of TTC. I'm thinking some of you might be open to it. 


If so, I'll see you there.

If not, I love you anyway.




Much love, Saner Mamas.

♥ Kate

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MsBe - welcome and hugs on your loss.. It's totally understandable you went a bit ott when you started ttc again... Most of us here have had our obsessive times and like you tend to go for zen as a means of sane wink1.gif
Kaliakra - welcome and hugs too! If it helps try and think of yourself as a survivor instead of broken - I totally understand how traumatic this process can be, but to be able to start ttc again you are a wonderful strong and loving woman - take that strength and make it yours. Also I think you are in good company here with several ladies experiencing losses at some stage - we are happy to listen any time.
Oxford - thanks mama! I'm also so happy to be sharing this journey with a great bunch! Probably o today or yesterday, lol I got a shot of sperm yesterday (through unorthodox means) so at least am in with a chance lol... I'd explain the process but am deciding whether to respect my dh's embarrassment and keep it quiet wink1.gif I will say that he exhibited a great strength and love to make it happen.
Mares - thanks for sharing! I'm glad that you turned your rape into the wonderful thing that is your daughter, that takes class! Fx on the job hunt.

Ok my basic story is I'm 39, dh 39, we moved to Queensland Australia (from Adelaide) for dh to do his surgical training, I was 33 and the plan was for me to take time off work, support him and get pg. instead my body collapsed and with various issues I spent the next 4.5 years surviving and gradually improving, the last year I've been improving heaps, to almost normal lol, and we started ttc last November, I've had three very early losses (only one that I noticed) but my biggest issue is the lack of deposits from dh, lol. He is now qualified and working on a practice, I'm fairly desperate to get pg - like us all wink1.gif
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Welcome new ladies. It's nice to see our group grow. I hope we all get our BFP's very soon!

I'm on the cusp of 35, and DH is 37. We've been together since I was in high school and were married less than a year after I graduated. In our earliest years, my husband quit college to manage his father's growing construction business and I did accounting at city hall. We decided we wanted to become parents, and so after some planning and several months of TTC and clomid, I was pregnant. It was (is) very important to us that I could be a stay-at-home mom, so I quit my job towards the end of my pregnancy. Over the years, we've had to make adjustments, financial and otherwise, in order for me to continue to stay home with our kids, but we are so happy to be where we are in life.
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I need some of your zen today, mine has run out. I am 14 dpo and I feel rubbish. Nothing specific just lethargic, down, no energy and I feel AF circling. I am so sick of this whole TTC thing now, well the T bit of it. I feel like I have done all the right things for a whole year and it has still not happened. I have tried staying positive for the past few months an today that has left me. I am seriously considering adoption, although I am so sad about not having a child that biologically ours that i gave birth to.

Sorry no sunshine over here today and no baby dust :-( :-(
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Oxford, I'm sorry you are down. I have felt that way before about TTC. The good news is that you are far from being out of options when it comes to becoming a mother. You are early in the diagnostic process with your RE, and so there is still much you can learn and potentially treat via medical means.

As an adoptive mother, I will say that adopting a child is a very long and emotionally draining process with a wonderful and amazing reward at the end. In my case, it was also very, very expensive, because our daughter joined us via international adoption. I do not mean to say this to discourage you from adoption. Adoption is awesome. Totally awesome. However, you must know that it is not an easier or quicker process than what you are currently going through. Choose adoption because you want to adopt a child, not because it seems like it will be easier. It won't be.
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Oxford - huge hugs!!! I feel you mama! Mamablue is totally right, it will happen for you, just ride it out however is best for you... Watch that favourite movie, play a comp game, spa - whatever will heal and lift your soul. Ironically the last time I felt that bad emotionally - I was pg... I went and checked out kateSt forum and one thing she said to me was there are blocks that have been cleared and some to go - but there is no guilt attached to any, it's just a process of development until the time is right for baby to arrive.
With all that's been going on with step daughter I'd find an activity that works as a relaxation for you, and allow yourself to recover... Lol ok between mama blue and myself I think we have practical and spiritual covered... Sending you lots of zen and healing energy xxx
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Welcome MsBe and Kaliakra!! Nice to have more girlfriends to share with. This is an amazing support group....glad you're here.

Kaliakra- I have only suffered a very early 5 week loss, but I somewhat understand the grief and pit of despair that is inside...I ached because of the plans I had for that blessed baby. :-(

I am 38, DH is 44. We have a 2 yr old DS together that is an absolute joy. We were both married before so we have a blended family. I have an 8 yr old DD from prev marriage and hubby brought me an 11 yr old DSS and I have a15 year old DSD. She is at the hormonal teenager stage, and likes to come for money or to go shopping (ha) but they get along well, fortunately. It took a while..we still have our share of issues but we joined a blended families group at church and their support has helped all of us. It is nice to have friends in the same spot as you. (Like here)

We have been TTC since May when I got my first PPAF. I got pregnant in August but miscarried and then I believe I've had 2 chemical pregnancies since. I get faint positives around 10dpo and then they fade...I get a late and very heavy, clotty AF.

Anyway not sure why I am struggling, I did do extended breastfeeding with DS and just weaned about a month ago.... but I have an appt with OB on the 30th this month to discuss. He is a high risk OB and fertility specialist...not an RE. But we'll see. I live in Florida, US. We would love just one more....but if it doesn't happen then our thoughts are that maybe we just need to be grateful for the healthy 4 that we have together. I would like DS to have a close sibling.

Also Mares I had no idea what you have been through- thanks for sharing your story and I admire your strength mama!!

Oxford- I know you must feel so frustrated...after 13 months. Please try to go forward with your specialist appts. Also remember that in times of extended trial...it is always worst right before the breakthrough. It seems that if you just hold on and don't give up, something will work out. I don't know if I told you the story of my friends who struggled for years....like a really long time. Went through years of IUI and then IVF...lost several pregnancies...one set of twins that just weren't big enough at 20 weeks. Very very sad....but they finally had a breakthrough. Went to Colorado to a specialist out there...practiced a holistic 1 month process followed by IVF transfer. 2 embryos attached....one split so TRIPLETS. All boys!!! They were born healthy at 36 weeks. They just turned 3 and are the sweetest most adorable things you've ever seen. So hang on....don't give up yet. I am sending you a hug and positive energy across the pond. :-)

Chuord- that's promising news!! I hope this unorthodox deposit is the ONE!! :-) Sweet of you to protect hubby's privacy.

Welcome to the new women and if I missed someone I'm sorry- I am going to snuggle up with DD and watch a movie with her. She is jealous sometimes and likes to have time with me...

Good night :-)
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Oxford -- I hear that you are discouraged, and I can certainly understand why. This process is brutal! I hope you find some answers soon. I will say that I have more than one good friend who tried for over a year and needed a little RE support, but was able to conceive after that. I'm really believing for you that you will get your heart's desire, whether it's unassisted, with medical help, or via adoption. Many hugs.

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Here's a funny for you all...we went to a Halloween party over the weekend with the kids. Hubby dressed as a crazy rocker dude. He is very much a metro guy (dresses nice...he is a bank auditor and never gets to walk the wild side.) He said he felt so free with spiked blue hair and fake tattoos!! We had a blast :-)

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