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Nice to hear from you chuord, how are you doing? Did you hear back from your job applications? Glad you enjoyed your break from TTC, your relaxed state has got to help.
We have our holiday/vacation the week after next, so this month I'm not temping or Opk, I'm just going to have lots of holiday sex and relax! Hopefully the not trying will work ;-)
How has your DH reacted to your vitamins? I have got mine on a conception multivitamin, it's his n hers! I thought he would refuse, but he seems quite cheerful about it!!

Scjp- sorry to hear about your BFN. Here comes the new cycles, fingers crossed that this is your month :-)

Hoping- are you certain that you O 'd on that day and not any later? Do you temp? If so, try changing the settings eg advanced to FAM. That can make a difference. If you are totally sure about your dates, hang in there! We had a lady on here who waited 4 weeks for her BFP!! That's extreme, but it can happen. Try to relax (impossible I know!!) ;-) fingers crossed!!

Man blue- you are in my thoughts today for your test. Hope you get great results
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Stupid phone!! That should of course read - mama blue!!!
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I don't temp but maybe I should. I use an ovuplan scope and have just bought an opk in anticipation for next cyle. I just never go over my AF due date and don't have any imminent symptoms that the witch is coming! Just so impatient with it all, I just want my BFP now; lol or at least for AF can start so I can plan to try again! Would it be unreasonable to request bloods at this point?
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Hoping - probably not unreasonable to do bloods, I think they show up at about half the hcg required for a hpt... I'd wait a little longer personally... Oxford is right one lady waited two weeks after AF was due to get a bfp (4 total) just hang in there, and do what's right for you be it wait or go request bloods.

Oxford - that's so cool you got dh onto the vitamins! Mine jumped backwards and put his hands behind his back when I showed the zinc drops - lol and said no, not going to happen... Lol drama queen! So I'm just going to use foods high in it for a while wink1.gif
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Thanks for the reply. I am just so impatient and desperate to know what is going on. I am now 5 days late for AF which is unheard of for me smile.gif I think I will request some bloods if no AF by Monday but likely to do a few more hpts over the weekend but expecting BFNs all round!! greensad.gif Anyone know if any hpts are better than others? I am now 19dpo....I think. Hope all you ladies are having luck with your BFPs, you have all been so helpful. I have my fibgers crossed for you all and will keep you updated regatding the absent AF! Hugs to all, Hoping smile.gif
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Ok so just did hpt with FRER 6 days early and of course BFN!!!!! What could possibly be going on??! So frustrated right now! greensad.gif
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Hoping, I am guessing you ovulated a lot later than you think you did.


AFM: I am feeling cool as a cuke. Not antsy at all. Whatever happens happens.

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Chuord- yes it was surprisingly easy with DH. He had just had good speed test results so he was feeling super confident! He agreed and so I bought the his n hers. He is dutifully taking them everyday. I think he just wants me pregnant now so I will leave him in peace! I'm looking forward to a quiet month of no "trying". How are things with you? Are you maintaining your zen?

Hoping- on fertility friend there is a review of the accuracy of hpt's, but to be honest FRER seems pretty reliable and nearly all of them are once you pass your due date for AF. It does sound like O was later. Hang in there and that BFP will come :-)

Mountain- loving your calm! That's gotta help. baby dust to you

Mamblue- how as the dye test?

Hi to everyone else. Happy weekend!
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My IPad is being laggy on mothering today. Sorry for the typos.

Hoping - sorry you're still in limbo. I hope joy get either AF or a BFp very soon. Waiting is the pits!

mountain - I love your attitude.

Chourd - I'm sorry your DH is fussy about his vitamins. My DH gets stubborn about things sometimes, too. He usually comes around if someone else talks to him about it. I know your DH is in the medical field. would he listen of a RE suggested supplements to him?

AFm - HSG yesterday. It didn't go exactly as planned. the catheter came out and leaked dye when they started to apply force to push the dye through my tubes. they quickly took a few X-rays to see if enough dye went through my tubes to see if they were cleared. They just barely got their shots. Dye came out both tubes, but not in abundance because of the cath slipping. The doc was very matter-of-fact (which I like) and she said that she felt that I'm all clear based on the X-rays and my history. Interestingly (and tmi) when I sat up, some of the dye washed out and in it was a small piece of tissue that looked like a lumpy piece of rice in size and color. I have no idea what it was. Of course, I've thought myself into a tizzy that it was something that was blocking one of my tubes that has since dislodged itself, and that maybe there's more that was missed because of the cath slippage. I am a goofy girl sometimes. The procedure was uncomfortable during setup, and the dye push was just starting to feel very crampy when the cath popped out, so I image it would have been worse than it was. So all in all, it's over, but I sure hope it did its job.
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Hi Ladies- Can I join your group? I am 38 and have 2 LO's (my 2 yr old is still nursing at night and nap times) and we are ttc #3, but having a much more difficult time this go around. I assume it is because I am still nursing.

I seriously need some sanity...I have driven myself crazy analyzing every symptom and it's funny....when I catch myself being completely nutty I notice The Beatles "Let It Be" singing in my head. It's like my body trying to tell my mind to chill out.

Anyway hope things are great for you all and some sticky beans will be reported soon!
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Thread Starter 

Hey everybody wave.gif

I've decided to step out as thread starter/tender so someone will need to speak up here to take it over for the next full moon, which is Aug 20, I think.

1/3 of the way through our vacation DP & I broke up, which makes it sound like it was a horrible thing, but it's really ok. So that means I'm off the TTC roller coaster again some more...Right before I left town I started w/a new company that some of you (stay at home) mamas might be interested in thumb.gif I don't know if I can say what we do or sell but if you want to tighten, tone or firm any problem areas on your body at an affordable price & pain free & effort free you just let me know-send me a PM! So I'm super stoked about this biz and having it to focus on right now is such a blessing and so I plan to start looking for donor sperm soon once I've got money rolling in cuz those little guys don't come cheaply! lol.gif  

Best of luck & many blessings to each of you grouphug.gif

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Mama blue - it seems that you never get a normal simple solution... The cath moving sounds annoying, maybe though the pressure was too much for your tubes and better the cath give way right? I have a good feeling about them being cleaned out, and I think you rice bit suspicions sound right on. Fx that it works!
Presschotchels - thanks so much for all the effort you've put into starting the threads!
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Just reading through all your posts makes me feel so much less alone in this ttc rollercoaster. You are all such strong women!
AFM: AF finally showed her ugly face 5 days late so out I'm out again this month. Going to give it a go next month but timing just isn't great with DH being away with the millitary but one can hope!
Hope you are all doing well and keeping super positive, those elusive BFPs can't be too far away smile.gif
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Hi ladies sorry for bombarding the forum with my comments but just found out DH has been exposed to equipment in Afghanistan in 2008 and again in 2010 on a everyday basis thayt may cause cancer but also distrubs production of healty sperm. i want to craty right now but will stay strong until I have answers...but my goodness this wait just to get him tested is testing my patience really bad!!!!!!
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Hugs and patience to you hoping! That's hard to wait on xx
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Morning all!

Mamablue- what a shame that your test was so awkward. Great news that the dye leaked out though, if it pushed all the way through in smaller quantities, that sounds like very positive sign. Lets hope you get the benefit of clearing out those tubes and a nice BFP for your trouble! What CD are you on now? I am cheering you on this month, it's a bout time we had another BFP to celebrate :-)

Prescott- thanks for your thread starting :-) sorry to hear about you and DP. I hope there is a new engaging partner for you just around the corner and he brings you joy and happiness.

Wengrin- welcome to our gang! I hope tour stay here is short to your BFP! But hang out with us in the meantime. This journey can make you crazy. I'm English, so a big fan of your Beatles number!! I think we all might need some 'let it be' this month!
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Sorry my phone posted before I'd finished the personals...

Hoping- that sounds like a worrying time for you and DH. Hope you get your test results back soon and they are all fine. In the meantime pamper yourself through AF and indulge in your favourite tipple :-)

Chuord- how are you doing? Are you still stepping off the roller Coaster and not actively trying?

CD3 for me. AF dealt me a bad round and I have had very severe cramps, much worse than normal. I hope it is my body having a good clear out ahead of a baby next month!! ;-)

Have a great day!
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Thank you so much ladies for your support. DH hasn't even been tested yet so I can see this is going to be a loooooong journey, lol. Just DD 1 and and DS 2 were welcome surprised
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Sorry i'm on my phone. I just never realised how hatd ttc can really be. Thanks again fot being sp supportive.
Also is wondering if temping is helpful or if OPKs are ok to use. I also have an ovuplan scope but still working out how to yuse it properly, lol smile.gif
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Prescott- I hope this turns into wonderful change of events for you, although I am sure its not without its trials. Like someday maybe you will look back and it will all make perfect sense.


Oxford. I dont know what happened but ever since I had DD my periods have gotten gradually more painful and heavy to the point that I was bleeding through heavy flow products and taking tramadol for the first one or two days for the pain. The mood swings were also terrible starting at like 7 DPO instead of the day before my period. I am hoping the BCP did some sort of reset to my system, and the vitex prevents it all from coming back like that.

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