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Hey all I'm on cycle day 39 hubby bought me them clear blue digital to take on Friday morning and I'm use to 35 day cycle so I'm taking fri morning since we have a party that night lol, and also I need info on preseed. Me and hubby bought some tonight to try when do u start using it and any experiences that are good out if it? Thanks
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Thinking of you Oxford.
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Oxford- Thinking of you and wishing you a positive outcome and promising news!! xx
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Positive OP today!!! WHOO HOO!! I was seriously almost as excited to see those two lines as I would have been on a pregnancy test. We BD'd last night and will be again soon wink1.gif

The move is very stressful... The offer wasn't nearly as good as we were hoping and I'm not sure we'll be able to afford to buy a house or move our chickens. Totally bummed. His old company also totally messed up everyone's severance and we've got $-600 in the bank. Ugg.

Oxford, hoping for news. Been thinking of you.
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Mare - great news on O!! Sorry about the works stuff - I'm so impressed that you are staying strong regardless... Here's hoping that the severance is sorted out soon! Does dh gave any other offers? Is there anywhere around where you are that it would be worthwhile making contact? (Places where dh skillset would work, as the not moving option would help you
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Mare - Yay for your +OPK! It is exciting! Catch that egg! Bummer about DH's work situation. That sounds rather stressful, but I'm sure everything will work out in the long run. (It always does.) In the meantime, I hope a workable solution can be found ASAP.

How is everyone else doing? What cd/dpo are you? I'm 4dpo and just waiting waiting waiting. I'm always waiting.
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Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post
What cd/dpo are you? I'm 4dpo and just waiting waiting waiting. I'm always waiting.

Yes! This times 1000. Exactly how I feel.

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Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post

How is everyone else doing? What cd/dpo are you? I'm 4dpo and just waiting waiting waiting. I'm always waiting.
CD 22, waiting to O. Had 2 false surges. If I make it to 40 days without ovulating, I'm going to get some provera or something.
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Hi, guys. I'm on CD 5, really exhausted and run down. I'm feeling pretty discouraged this cycle. It's weird that after three kids I can still feel like difficulty conceiving and mc are some kind of judgment from the universe. Trying feels so pointless right now. I think a lot of this is just being tired. I just can't imagine that a year ago we were focusing on birth control. Now it feels like everything I do, everything I eat, every medication I take, is potentially birth control. I feel like I'm missing something in all this. At the same time, if I knew that aging would never be relevant to this, I'd be fine with this taking a while. We're enjoying Serenity, and I'm busy with the rest of our life. I just hate trying and failing, and I really feel like one more soul belongs in our family.

Anyway, whine over. I'll do OPKs this month starting on Monday, and if this month doesn't do it, I'll start temping next cycle.

Oh, and here's a pic of my little witch on Halloween.

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Mama blue - lol and lol, I agree with mare - ditto big time!

Hugs primal - I know it gets hard at times, hope you find a way to get through it! Re tiredness - are you getting enough nutrition?

Afm - cd 30 or 11dpo AF due Monday... So just waiting for it to hit... Good news is for the first time in months I have had no spotting yet - I'm taking that as an improvement... Disappointing is that my tiny spark of hope is dead as I said to my treatment lady 'I'm sure I'm out this month' to which she answered ' yep, but onto next month' so literally just waiting for AF....
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Chourd - Hugs! How would she know for sure if you were out this month or not?


Wifeofant - Have you tried Vitex? I don't know if that is what kicked off my O (it was due, but I was afraid I might miss this month) but I started taking it a few days ago. They say it takes a while to get into your system, so it could have nothing to do with it, but it can't hurt, right?


Primal - Big hugs to you too. I know what you mean about enjoying this time so much with your LO, sometimes Malcolm seems so much like a baby still. I hate the thought of him being forced to wean if I do get pregnant and lose my supply. And the trying to get pregnant is hard for me, too. After two surprises it feels like I should be able to get pregnant whenever I want. And there is so much waiting, so it can feel like every day is a failure, when really most of the time is waiting with just a few pivotal moments.


This is something I wrote to Mark a few months ago (before we were able to start trying). An aquantince announced her pregnancy the other day and I was feeling really sad about the whole thing and it brought it back to mind: 


It is such a deep and clear longing that sometimes I feel like I have almost pulled her into being. I long for the start of it all, to create a child that is wanted so dearly. To lay knowing that inside me the quietest, truest miracle could be starting.  I long to pay such minute attention to my body, its warm, deep secrets. To come to it like an altar and tend it, waiting patiently for answers. We haven’t had that, you and I. A child that is conceived of before her conception. So what I look forward to is the beginning, and the private months that come after. Her and I. Our silent communications, my blood in her veins and her passing little secrets back to me. At first she will only be able to made herself felt in waves - of nausea or craving or fatigue. Later it will be more, but that is seasons away. For now I will dream of the start.

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Sorry for the quietness I have had a really difficult week. On Wednesday I had my lap and dye test. Crikey, it hurt!
What hurt most though was the findings. The good need is that my tubes are open and my uterus is fine (apart from one 2cm fibroid which the doc said was fine). The main problem is I have polycystic ovaries. I suppose deep down I knew there was a problem as it has been 13 months TTC now, it is still a shocker to have it confirmed. I cried and cried that night and the following day. Having a child with someone that I love has been the only thing I've ever wanted and that feels much further away and down to me.

I had the following day off work to rest and then I started researching it. Does anyone know anything about it? It seems polycystic ovaries is one symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. You need one of the other symptoms too. One I don't have- additional body hair and acne. The other is abnormal or missing periods. From jan to aug this year my periods have been completely regular until sept when I have had two super long cycles- 39 and 43 days. So it looks like that could be a problem.

It's more difficult to get pregnant with pcos and I'm devastated. I feel like I will never get pregnant and the thing I have been hoping for all my life just won't happen.

On the positive side, if I can get some drugs to help ovulation that might help my chances and this diagnosis may help get pregnant.

Frustratingly I have to wait two weeks for my appointment with the consultant to discuss the results and treatment.

So overall, I'm giving up. I'm not going to temp or Opk. I'm going to focus on reducing my stress and that has got to help. Everything I can do to lower stress I'm going to do andake that my focus.

Has anyone else had experience of polycystic ovaries or fibroids?
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Oxford - we've missed you! Huge hugs on the rough week... It does sound like it will be harder - but better you know and can take action. I think indie on the scenic route thread has pcos - maybe a few more of the ladies there? However aside from Chrissie and me everyone has sort of gone on leave. Sorry that I don't know more about it. Even more sorry that you are so upset... If I were you I would chase this rabbit down the hole through both orthodox and natural medicine - there may be some subconscious baggage you are carrying that's causing a block, while the specialist will give you your best chances.
You were meant to have your own baby - believe that and hold it close. Get you dh to be very gentle with you, some pampering is in order at this stage!

Mare - Ranee can pick up on energy etc so she would 'know' if I was carrying an extra... Lol I had a small burst of hope earlier - so ridiculous...
Sleep well ladies
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My dear Oxford, I'm so sorry you are feeling down. Do not despair. Now you know what the issue is, and you totally can get pregnant with PCOS! There is a website soulcysters that has an active forum with lots of ladies ttc. Many (perhaps almost all) of them are successful at becoming pregnant - some even with additional barriers to becoming pregnant such as mthfr gene, male factor, 1 tube, etc. You can totally do this! I know many ladies with pcos take metformin to help with things. I don't know much about its function though - but I know it's not to induce ovulation. Clomid and femara are common ovulation induction drugs, and I have lots of experience with those. As far as the fibroid, I had polyps, so I don't know what the recommended treatment is for them. They are pretty common, so I'm sure someone else has experience with them. You will be okay! I promise! xoxo
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Chuord, Mamablue- you are both tremendous! How fitting that you are both still supportive after this time together. Thank you for caring and thank you for being with me :-)
Your kind words touch my heart.
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Oxford- Big hugs to you. I know you are feeling so down, but you absolutely can get pregnant with polycystic ovaries! Even full blown PCOS women get pregnant. I have a friend who is a Pediatrician who has it. She took meds to conceive her first, I think Clomid...then surprisingly conceived naturally a year later. So she has toe beautiful children. And she has the facial hair, acne, extra weight battle, etc. like I said- textbook case of PCOS.

Keep the faith and I just know that things are going to work out. Thank goodness you know now! So you can use modern medicine and alternative treatments to pinpoint the exact problem...rather than wondering if you are low on estrogen, or have a thin endometrial lining....or have endometriosis. These are all the things that bounce around my head (for my trouble conceiving). I know you are down right now but please keep your chin up and know that you absolutely can have a baby with polycystic ovaries. Thank goodness you've got the ball rolling and receiving treatment! Yes definitely check out the soul cysters site. I scan those boards....

I wonder if I have the same thing. I know I get painful ovarian cysts when I have not been on the pill in the past (over the years). Once I was so sick and vomiting and in pain and finally went to the ER, they found a large cyst. They said it was normal and your body produces them monthly but they're supposed to burst (I guess with O). So they had me follow up and make sure it was gone later, which it was. But since then I would get that very heavy feeling and pain sometimes...I just wonder if maybe that is what is causing me to not conceive after already having 2 babies. We shall see....

I did have an appt w/ my OB- he is a high risk fertility specialist as well. He did bloodwork and will have me come back on CD 2 (if I am not pregnant this month) and they'll do a baseline hormone panel, then possibly do a Clomid challenge- to see how my body would react to it. I think they're also checking to see if my ovarian reserve is declining.

So I will know more in a couple weeks. I am 8 dpo today.

Primal- your little witch is so stinken cute!!!!!! Enjoy her. I know what you mean.....this is an exhausting process. It feels like once we set our sights on another baby, there is a hole that can't be filled. I hope something positive happens soon!!

Hugs Mares- hope things look up for you and hubby soon. I know the uncertainty must be scary. Hoping for a break for you guys soon!!

Take care all xx
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Oxford - I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009. I didn't really have *all* of the symptoms but I can tell you for sure that I have cysts! I found out after one ruptured and got infected. That pelvic exam was worse than childbirth, seriously painful. I almost completely cut out milk, which I found was one of my inflammation triggers (I really need to cut it out again). Haven't had a glass since 2009! About a year after I was diagnosed (DH was gone most of this time), I got my BFP with my son. Some things I've heard over the years about PCOS is to eat like you have diabetes. The main interactions are between your ovaries and your insulin. Also, I've heard a lot recently about Lugol's Iodine being used to treat PCOS.

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Oxford, I have been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better. :Hug I don't know exactly what to say, but I agree, don't despair! But do feel free to vent and be sad or angry or fatalistic or however you feel. We understand.


AFM - Day 3 of a very positive OPK. I think this happened last month, too. I don't know, I'll just keep BDing, I guess. Although DH is stressed and mad at me because of IL issues. It's funny how they can behave badly and it's always ultimately my fault. "Sorry I don't want to be treated like shit, DH."

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Oxford - anytime lady wink1.gif

Wengrin - hope all your testing goes well!
So how many are actually in the game this month? Mama blue how many days past iui are you? Noticing anything?
Mare - you make me laugh re the IL (although I know it's not funny) I still think back to the way I had to hide in a corner at dh graduation - around the time we got married he did grow a set and actually drew a line in the sand... They now treat me with lol I'd say respect but I think it's caution as they know the limits and don't want to lose him... Despite me being white, old and childless wink1.gif (old fashioned Taiwanese) fx there is some other location out there for his work...
Ok AF due tomorrow, temp has been up and down the last 4 days, expecting it on time... Although maybe the vitex or therapy work is helping - still no spotting - which is weird, also I'm bloated up (normally I'm thinnest before AF) anyway I'm just rambling as you ladies are the only ones I chat to wink1.gif
Dh still thinks I'm in with a chance, I haven't the heart to tell him he's probably dreaming lol
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Chuord, I'm throwing my hat in with your DH, I still think you're in with a chance. 


DH said he had a dream I was pregnant last night :love

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