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Woohoo mare - that's so cool he is dreaming about it...
I caved and bfn lol... Also then redound this website to try and make me feel better wink1.gif
Lists beta data per dpo - and you can tune it to your age group
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Fourth day in a row of very positive OPT. Hmm. But like I said, I think this happened last month, too. It may be normal for me. I have a good feeling about this cycle. If not that's okay, though. It looks like DH and I will be living apart for a few months while we try and buy a house. (He in Washington and me with my family in Oregon) I'm sure we'll manage to get together on weekends, but it may make TTC unlikely. Right now I feel at peace with that - I'm sure it will come and go. I have an appointment tomorrow to get the follow up pap and test my progesterone.

Moving sucks. Especially when we won't be finished for months. Especially when we'll be living apart for months. Especially when everything is tenuous and tricky and we'll be scattered all over the northwest, and I'm going "home" but I don't really want to be.
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Chuord- you made me lol about hubby growing a sack after your wedding and drawing a line in the sand....that's great, he obviously has his priorities in line. I am hoping that the bloating is a great sign for you!! That and swollen boobs were always my sign.

Mares- I know what you mean about arguing over extended family issues (or any family issues for that matter). It always seems to come up for us right when I am ovulating. I don't know if I am more up tight or if the stress just wrecks havoc on our relationship...but it sucks. Once I said "Are we going to get a divorce or should we try to make a baby..lol" in a very joking tone. He laughed and then we BD. It is tough though....life gets in the way sometimes.

Also I would mention to your doc the fact that you've had 3 straight days of positive OPK's. My doctor mentioned something about the possibility I might have too much Luteinizing Hormone, which is what the op strip tests for of course, and that could mean faulty ovulation. Maybe he can test you for that as well. FX'd that all goes well for you!!

AFM- I have tested past 2 mornings and both BFN. I am not due to start until Friday though. I am unsure...I think I feel symptoms but then not sure...I am completely and utterly exhausted. Then last night I had insomnia and roamed the house downstairs eating snacks and drinking milk. I went back to bed and tossed and turned until 5:30. Then I woke hubby up to BD just for fun but little DS woke up :-(. He sleeps either with us or in his toddler bed next to our bed.

Here we are carving pumpkins the other night:
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Is ford I mentioned you and your recent diagnosis, and Adie on the scenic route mentioned a few bits below... She has the most awesome attitude re her journey, if you want to chat to her in person it's the scenic route.

[quote name="adiejan" url="/community/t/1384523/taking-the-scenic-route-to-a-bfp-sping-summer-2013/540#post_17499958"

Chuord- I think it is funny that you like temping...what do you like about it.  As for your friend from another thread...PCOS sucks...royally!  I hope to have a success story one of these days but my journey has not been great. Tell her if she is getting her follicles monitored that she MAKES them take her estradiol level to see how many eggs are actually present. 

Mare - exciting that you are actually buying a house! I remember you saying before you thought it was out of reach. I know being apart will be hard - but I'm sure you'll make it work! Hugs
Wengrin - lol re the spontaneous bd, and interruption... That would definitely be a killer - sometimes the cat gets on the bed and stares at us and that does me in (until I kick her off)
I have to add by the time he grew a set we'd been living together for 4 years, so about time wink1.gif
I'm feeling you with symptoms and no symptoms, maybe my pee is brighter yellow (a sign for me) maybe it's not... AF is due today here, but although I've had prickly cramps for days they are quite gentle and not as general as my AF cramps... Also not a single spot yet (only early morning though), but at the very least I'm taking that my cycle is normalizing... I still have a feeling if I was pg it would take a week past AF for a result! So what are you doing for distraction?
Mamablue - how are you traveling past iui?
If nothing happens today I'll share my chart for thoughts
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Chourd - AF is due? Are you going to test? It sounds like you think something could be happening, despite what your lady says. You know your body best, after all you live in it. wink1.gif

Mare - I'm sorry you and DH will be apart for a little while, but it's great that you're looking for a place to call your own. How exciting that must be!

Wengrin - Ugg. I hate it when BD gets interrupted.

Oxford - How was your weekend? I'm looking forward to hearing how your next appt goes. You're going to kick PCOS in the butt!

AFM - 7dpo. I'm thinking of getting some $Store cheapies to secretly use from about 10dpo onward. I don't really have a feeling one way or another, but I'm just so tired of waiting - not just this cycle but all these months of ttc. Besides, I like having the time to privately process a BFN for a few days before having to break the news to my DH. Testing early does that for me. Of course, a BFP would be best, but I don't always get what I want.
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Another positive OPK today confused.gif 


I should say: Yes, I know how to read them ;) The test line is mucccccch darker than the control line. I had negatives all month before this, so I am pretty sure the tests are working. From what I've read this could be caused by several things...


1) My body is trying to ovulate but the eggs aren't feeling particularly adventurous and want to stay all cozy in their little ovaries. Likely to be caused by stress, nursing and/or hormone imbalance.


2) The OPKs are actually picking up pregnancy hormones. (Mantra: don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up)


3) Twins! (I saw someone (actually several people) say on a cycle that they had week long + on their OPKs they got pregnant with twins. That is totally unheard of in my family, so I highly doubt it, but it's by far my favorite option.)


Interesting notes: I had spotting on cycle days 12-14. Pink the first day, light brown the other two. I did start taking Vitex right before I O'd this month (which seemed late - I got the first + on cycle day 19, with a negative the day before. I felt the ovulation pinches on Cycle Day 20, only on one side but much stronger than usual. Even before the +OPK I have had very bad skin which I have only really had with my daughter's pregnancy (not my son's) but I definitely wasn't pregnant (and have no particular reason to think I am now).

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Chourd and mamaBlue, (and anyone else! Where are we in our cycles, everyone?) I hope you're testing today! I'm ready for some baby news :goodvibes

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Mare - I've been told by both of my RE's to disregard all +OPK's after the first one, because everyone's body is different and the initial surge is what we want to see. The first doc said it is not unusual for OPKs to remain positive for more than an a day, and that it does not mean anything is abnormal. He also said it can vary from between cycles. Maybe your LH surges spike really high and take a little time coming down below a detectable level? I dunno, but either way it sounds like you definitely ovulated! Yay for the TWW. smile.gif
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Why is it some pregnancy announcements hurt more than others? I was totally happy for the mama who got her BFP here last month, and for a friend who got hers, BUT a blogger/friend, who I really like and care for, announced hers last week and I just feel like, "how could you do this to me?" and Drew Berrymore is pregnant and I just feel like wailing "this is soooo unfaaaaair!" I don't get it. Especially the blogger. Every time she mentions her pregnancy I feel personally insulted. (Obviously for my own sanity I'm avoiding her blog for now.) 

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Mama blue - I totally get the processing time... Otherwise it can be one big emotional blurt, I did try an Internet cheapie on Sunday - bfn... You normally have a shorter cycle right?
Well yesterday I had medium to strong cramps and expected imminent AF, I got a bit of spotting in the am and then I've been wiping clean since (tmi sorry) starting yesterday my breasts have been getting sore, Ive had a week of crazy dreams - almost more nightmares for me (this mornings was filled with people throwing up) a few days ago an acquaintances sister was dying and trying to give me her newborn... I've been waking for hours during the night (Wengrin I feel you!), I feel hot to the point of almost being feverish... And my moods, omg!!! I keep feeling miserable almost to the point of depression - for a few hours at a time... Yesterday I got into spring cleaning and sorting emails before it hit... Either I need a bfp or more likely AF! Most annoying is when this turns into AF after all these symptoms - how will I be able to tell if I am pg lol...

Here's my chart if anyone is bored - temp drop today but my cover line is around 36.0 so still above.... http://fertilityfriend.com/home/41d17e

Mare - I totally feel you, for me any other than a first child is soo much worse... We can't help but feel these emotions - because this whole ttc thing is one hormonal pain lol...
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I've been taking a break from all thing TTC. We can't try this month after all that dye through my system, so I'm just relaxing. I'm really trying to reduce the stress on my life, even if I don't get pregnant it won't do me any harm! Have any of you zen ladies got any stress reducing tips or activities?

Medically, I have polycystic ovaries, but I don't think I have the syndrome. I go back to see the consultant in two weeks, so it's an even worse TWW for me!! Thank you for your encouragement and advice :-)

Mamablue- 7dpo is still mighty early, I have my fingers crossed for you. Do you have any intriguing symptoms?

Chuord- that a lot of symptoms! Your chart looks great, are you now 1 day overdue? Are you going to test? Hope this is your month my friend :-)

Mare- good to hear that DH job is progressing and you have plans. It must be so difficult living apart though, for you and the children. Hang in there!

Wengrin- love the pumpkin picture! I hope things are peaceful at home for you with the kids and step kids. Where are you in your cycle?

Baby dust to all!!
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Oxford - Before this cycle, I had to take two cycles in a row off due to diagnostic tests and my surgery. In order to stay sane and patient, I rekindled my love for knitting. Knitting always makes me happy, especially because I like knitting for others. Two of my IRL friends are expecting babies this winter, so I've set out to knit each of their little ones a baby sweater. This also helps me to fight off any nagging feelings of envy that try to creep into my mind. Do you do any sort of handicraft or hobby?

AFM - 9dpo. Not testing yet. Tomorrow I'll do one. You know, just for science. wink1.gif
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Good to hear from you, Oxford! I'm glad to hear that you have an appointment scheduled for a consultant. And not having the syndrome must be a good thing! I'm sure it is hard to feel this way, but really every step in this process, as arduous as it is, is a step closer to a baby of you own. We have to think of it that way, right? Kind of like a board game. Even if the roll of the dice takes you on a longer path, you're still moving forward. Eh, I don't know. I hope none of that comes off badly. I just really can't wait to see you get your BFP.


I like all you ladies so much. I wish this was all of our months and we could go hang out in a DDC together for the next 40 weeks.


Chourd, have you taken another test yet? I can't wait! It sounds so promising this month. 


AFM - Another BFP on my OPK this morning. I only have three left, so I'm just going to keep taking them until they're gone. I'm hoping I won't need them next month ;) I don't have any symptoms, but I wouldn't expect any this early. I just have a good feeling for this month. I had a blood draw yesterday as well as a follow up pap from my cervix debacle, and she said there is no scarring! Only what would naturally be there from having two babies. I'm so excited and thankful for that. I'm looking forward to getting the results of my progesterone levels and hoping for a normal pap (have had abnormal for 4 years now, that's what the treatment was for). 


In non TTC news, Malcolm chipped his top front tooth on Monday and it is making nursing really painful if he turns his head. Ugh. 

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Firstly mare - Owww on the chipped tooth to breast! Lol fingers crossed for you for this month, and I think it's good you are finding out for how many days you stay positive opk - may help tweak things if this month isn't for you.
Re me testing, I'm trying to psych myself up - but on the one hand there doesn't seem any point, two days of strongish spotting, but not enough to count as flow... So ???? I feel hung over with tiredness from waking up too early... But who knows, lol knowing me I'm just wanting to be pg so bad maybe I'm just holding AF in - so confused here... And scared to test.
Mamablue - I love to crochet, aside from that I'm totally with you on the relaxing craft / hobby thing... I normally give away everything I make (quilting, crochet) but I do have two baby blankets (crocheted) that are stashed for me wink1.gif
Oxford - if you're not into craft, what about music, dance, sport? Maybe you want to join a cooking group? Or take dh and go for some lovely walks or expeditions to fun places - dh and I are both soothed by the ocean, so I try and take him there when he gets too cranky wink1.gif

Please send me some zen and patience ladies, I feel like I'm going out of my mind and just wish AF would hurry up if its coming... Two days late now...
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Chourd - I really feel for you. I hate waiting. Sending patience your way.
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Thank you xxxx
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To make things interesting, I just POAS. BFN with a shadow/evap like I've never seen before. Could be nothing. Could be the trigger, I didn't test it out this time, but has always been gone by 6dpo. Will repeat tomorrow at 10dpo. Maybe I'm a fool. We will know soon enough...
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Mamablue it sounds promising - lol I'd love to have any line! Any chance of a pic so that I can focus on you for a bit wink1.gif
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Oxford- I don't blame you for pulling back a bit. Take as much time as you need to gather your sorts. This really is going to be a yucky TWW for you....but I am fully confident, now that you know what you are working against PCOvaries, that with some medical help you will get your BFP!! Please keep the faith. I agree that any type of hobby or hand work like knitting or crocheting would be great. Yoga is always wonderful for me...if that's something you are into and have available. I would also try to keep your mind set as positive as you can that you will conceive, it is GOiNG to happen. You were just struggling on your own before...now you know exactly what the hurdle is and the fertility specialist can help you get past that. Big hugs girl xx

Mares-ouch poor little guy! And your poor boob! That must hurt. Is there anything they can do? I guess since he will lose it there's no sense in trying to bond it or anything. Maybe file it a bit? So sorry! How are you feeling? I guess you just keep using those OPK's until you run out! Hope this is the last time you'll need them!!

Chuord- oh dear...I hope the spotting is not the full AF. I know you must want it to come one way or the other. I spotted (actually bled) when I was pregnant with DD 8 years ago. So unless you get a full on AF I would continue to test....

Mamablue- hoping that this is the beginning of your BFP!!! Exciting! I know what you mean though...it is hard to get hopes up with the shadow line. Plus you wonder if the hormones in your system are affecting it. Hope you are good and preggers!

AFM- I am having faint positives....past 2 days. They are definitely very light pink lines...but not getting darker. :-( I am going to have bloods drawn in the AM. This has happened to me twice in past couple months. Faint positives and then I get my period. Sigh...

Sending positive zen thoughts and baby dust to all!!!!
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Wengrin - I forgot to mention how cute your last pic was... Sorry did I add forgetful to my list lol :/ and thanks for the info with DD - it helps!
Huge hugs to you too, I remember the continuous torture you get with those fake bfp's - that is such an excitement buster! I'd ask you to share pics, but don't want to add to your frustration... Here's a thought have you compared them to last months fake outs?

We are all having a rough go this month, but I love this group of ladies and the way that despite our own issues we are always able to support and distract each other smile.gif
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