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Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post

To make things interesting, I just POAS. BFN with a shadow/evap like I've never seen before. Could be nothing. Could be the trigger, I didn't test it out this time, but has always been gone by 6dpo. Will repeat tomorrow at 10dpo. Maybe I'm a fool. We will know soon enough...

It would just be too cruel to be a false reading. Fingers crossed for you!


Originally Posted by chuord View Post
Re me testing, I'm trying to psych myself up - but on the one hand there doesn't seem any point, two days of strongish spotting, but not enough to count as flow... So ???? I feel hung over with tiredness from waking up too early... But who knows, lol knowing me I'm just wanting to be pg so bad maybe I'm just holding AF in - so confused here... And scared to test.

Please send me some zen and patience ladies, I feel like I'm going out of my mind and just wish AF would hurry up if its coming... Two days late now...

Oooh the spotting is pretty exciting! I know what you mean about just "holding in" AF because you're excited, though. It seems to go that way. Do you have any plan to test? I always make arbitrary rules in my head "You have to wait until you're three days late" or whatever.


Originally Posted by wengrin View Post
AFM- I am having faint positives....past 2 days. They are definitely very light pink lines...but not getting darker. :-( I am going to have bloods drawn in the AM. This has happened to me twice in past couple months. Faint positives and then I get my period. Sigh...

I honestly have no idea how you deal with that. Nothing but love and hugs (and fingers crossed!) for you, mama.


Originally Posted by chuord View Post
We are all having a rough go this month, but I love this group of ladies and the way that despite our own issues we are always able to support and distract each other smile.gif

This is a bummer month, isn't it? 


Ugh, I can't tell if my breasts are a little achy or if my nipples are just sore as hell and it is radiating into the core, haha. Ah man, laugh so you don't cry, right? If they were sore I would count that nearly as reliable as a BFP. 

Trying to find a silkie chicken for my daughter for her birthday, and not doing a very good job. She already has one, but it needs a friend so it can stay with us at my mom's. The only ones I can find are over two hours away. I might just suck it up and drive, though.

She's turning seven November 12th. I have no idea how that happened.

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Girls, I think I might be pregnant.

You might not see 9dpo's, but today's is really there. It's very light, but definitely pink. I don't dare breathe a word to anyone about this but you girls. Not even to my hubster. I want to get through the weekend first.
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mamaBlue, I definitely see a pink line on 10 and just a tiny bit of something on 9.

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I SEE IT TOO!! :joy

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Yay yay yay!!! BBFP!!!!
Oh Mamablue, I am delighted for you!!
Congratulations mummy!!

So, how are you going to tell DH?
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I am lurking... I see it too, Congrats!!!!

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I see it! Congrats smile.gif
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Yay, it's there, definitely there! Congrats and you'll get through the weekend and another 9 months!

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Yay Mamablue!! I definitely see both of them! Today's is much darker too which is a terrific sign! That is so awesome. So happy for you!!!
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I can't imagine keeping it under your hat ALL weekend!!! You must be dying to tell him. It is definitely a positive. The fact that the comparison of yesterday to today being much darker means that little bean is progressing the way it should! I am thrilled for you guys. You certainly have been through enough blahs...time for some celebrating!!

Take another test tomorrow AM and if it is progressing darker I would just go ahead and tell him! But it is your decision of course. I would burst...I can't keep a secret when it comes to stuff like that. I can only secretly test when they are negative. Once I see a line I have to show hubby. :-)

Woohoo so happy for you!!!!!!
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Oh, Mamablue!! I definitely see it!! Yay!

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I just got my pap results back and they are completely normal!! I've had abnormal the last four years, so this is a huge deal for me :) And my progesterone level was 10. This test was, I believe, two days after I ovulated. My doctor said that was a low normal and she didn't think it indicated a problem, but that keeping up with Vitex would help support my body.

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Mamablue - what a brilliant way to wake up!!! I totally see the dark one and something on the squinter... So excited for you mama!!!!! I totally understand on the waiting, but I'm sorta with Wengrin - it's getting darker and for 10dpo looks strong, and I'm useless with good news too wink1.gif
Hello all you lovely lurking ladies, please let us know how your journey is going smile.gif
Mare - I totally get the smear test and I'm do happy for you!!!! I had 4+ years of abnormal followed by the procedure and I've been clear ever since - here's to it staying that way for us both!
Ok shortly I'm going to get up and test... I'm now 3-4 days late, my temp went up again today... Lol and dh is convinced it's a success (that took me by surprise that he was paying attention) in fact since I have been due - he's kept saying 'dont give up yet'.... Oh and my boobs have joined the party... Totally sick of the dull cramping though, it's just enough to annoy me while I'm trying to sleep...
Mama blue please share your ideal way to tell dh? I think mine will be waking him up and shoving the poas stick in his face lol. Back soon for better or worse...
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Absolutely bfn... Funny it doesn't change my thoughts... I always had a feeling it would take a while for me to show... Tried two different tests.... Will just wait and see.
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Absolutely bfn... Funny it doesn't change my thoughts... I always had a feeling it would take a while for me to show... Tried two different tests.... Will just wait and see.

I'm glad you are keeping your hopes up. I wonder if it could be similar for me... I wasn't TTC either if the first two, so didn't test until I felt symptoms (probably past six weeks pregnant). And I totally told DH about Malcolm by waking him up with a POAS in his face.

I woke up feeling super low today. I just want to be pregnant. greensad.gif will be testing around the 15th, our move date.
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Mare - when I was feeling super low on the weekend it really helped to remind myself that it's hormonal and not about 'me' as such... Hugs mama you'll get there...
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Mares-YAY on the normal pap and good news about progesterone!! That means you are probably doing just fine with the Vitex. The longer you take it, the more it builds up in your system so that number might also go up....

Sorry you're having a rough time. I know this ttc is so draining. When it doesn't happen easily it is just not fun anymore. Try to watch a funny movie, snuggle with your kiddos or read a good book. Take a long bath...be good to yourself. hugs xx

Chuord- hang in there dear!! Sometimes it takes a week past the day of your missed period. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for you! If this isn't the month, then at least you're making progress to getting there. I always feel like when we have a chemical pregnancy or just "late" it's our body practicing....then it needs a do-over. But I'm hoping you get a BFP soon! Love that your boobs have joined the party!! That's the last sign to pop up for me right before BFP....

Well I had another faint test today. Definitely a positive though...I went to the doctor and had bloodwork and urine done, and the nurse said the line came up before the timer went off, but it was faint. Anyway I will hopefully know what my beta is before the weekend. I'm not getting excited because of my history of "failure to launch".....

Mamablue I hope you can post a pic tomorrow of an even darker pic!! Awesome that it is only 10 dpo too....that means your hormones are pumping!! :-)
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Mare - Congrats on the normal pap! This is great news. My understanding is that a progesterone of 10 just two days after O is great. Progesterone peaks at 7dpo, so had your blood test have been then, I think your number would have been fabulous.

Chourd - You're not out till AF arrives. I am hoping that you have good news to share very, very soon.

Wengrin - A definite positive within the time limit is great. I hope your beta brings you good news and that you don't have to wait all weekend to hear it.

Thank you all for your kind words. I don't ever keep things from my husband, but I have an urge to keep it to myself a tiny bit longer. I won't wait long though, because my honey deserves to know.
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Crashing -


Chuord - Hang in there! Like mamablue said, you're not out until af arrives. Good luck sweetie!!

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MamaBlue, I understand...women process things differently than men. I can understand your need to confirm and make sense of things before surprising hubby with it. I bet he is going to be so excited...happy for you guys!!

AFM- I went to Walmart and loaded up on the cheap 88 cent tests. I took one this afternoon at lunch when we got home and it came up within 3 min but was still fairly light pink. Definitely there though. Then we had a friend over for dinner and I made cupcakes with DD and so anyway had a busy night and I didn't have a chance to pee (lol) so when I came upstairs to take a shower I knew my urine would be concentrated so I neurotically took yet another test and it came up almost immediately and is even darker than the one at lunch. I am still nervous but starting to get more hopeful....
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