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Here's a little story I hope might bring a smile to someones face... Yesterday I noticed our cat's eye was swollen and had a bit of goo on the side. Finally last night I decided to put some breast milk in it, as I'm pretty sure he has conjunctivitis. So, chuckling to myself, I hand expressed some milk and then broke into one of my $.88 Wal Mart pregnancy tests and stole the dropper. It worked perfectly! His eye is looking a bit better. This morning I was taking my last OPK (positive, of course) and decided, well... that test is already open I might as well. So I folded the edge of the little FMP filled cup and prepared to gently pour three drops into the little well. Luckily I had the foresight to hold it over the open toilet, because the whole thing tipped out, making me drop the test into the toilet. I fished it out before it sank, but it was obviously ruined. No big loss, I'm only 7 DPO (by my estimate). I figure I just wasn't meant to see a BFN.

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Mares - love it! That's so the sort of thing I'd do (the dropping it bit lol) so breast milk helps conjunctivitis?? How strange!
Mama blue, Wengrin how's things with you two ladies today? Are you feeling it yet Wengrin? Mamablue, is it still there?
Sorry about my info / panic overload... It's not helped by the supercharged emotions (I cried at a roadside rescue advert last night ;/ ) thanks do much for your patience.
Thanks cricket, same to you... In fact my temp did go back up today! (Sorry ladies totally lost my zen) I was ready to go to emergency last night for a possible ectopic with that pain... Lucky dh is medical and told me there was no need to worry (ish)
So temp is back above cover line, I'm 6 days late... My hcg tests are meant to be sensitive to 10mg but either its not working or I'm not pg. ok am breathing and no idea whether to test or not lol... Worried about having the asprin (but we needed to see if we could help the pain)
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Stress over for me - AF has arrived... But still excited and hopeful for you ladies...

Oxford - hope you don't mind my company next month wink1.gif
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Another slightly darker but still light line this morning. Will test again tomorrow.
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Ocelot thank you for the offer on the tests and OPK's!! That is very sweet of you. I am feeling like I won't need them! Yay- my tests keep getting darker!! Still holding my excitement a bit but I am feeling pretty good about it.

Chuord- SO glad your temp went back up! That is a great sign! I have heard of many women who never get a positive urine test. They just get it confirmed through bloodwork. The HCG serum concentration in some womens' urine is just not over the threshold....can you go have blood betas checked? I typed you a nice long response this morning, then someone called my iPhone and when I answered it deleted my log in!! Errrr...hate when that happens. I had personals written to everyone. And you know what a pain it is typing on these iPhones...I mean it is great but the touchscreen is frustrating for me. Anyway..please don't worry one bit about the aspirin/Tylenol you took. There are so many women who don't find out they're pregnant until 5-8 weeks! I was 8 weeks with DD and I was taking Advil (Ibuprofin), had dental work and x-rays, drank like a college student (OMG I really had a couple of drunken nights where I was so sick the next day and was 6 weeks pregnant, when vital organs are developing!) Anyway my doctor explained that anything you do once or twice before knowing you're pregnant is not going to harm the baby. So please don't sweat that. I am concerned about your bad cramping and not testing positive though...plus elevated temps and being late. I think this calls for a doctors visit. Is that an option? FX'd for you!!!!

Mares- you had me laughing out loud with your story. That is totally something I would do. I am very clumsy. And isn't it so awesome that our bodies produce milk with such strong antibodies that it will kill an infection!! Our bodies are amazing....

Mamablue and Cricket I hope your tests are darkening. I was glad to see Ocelot's testing progression...you can see she still only had a faint on the IC's at the time of her missed period. That's encouraging!!

Take care all! xx
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I have meant to post pics! My phone is overloaded and I need to delete/transfer some photos to the computer. Anyway I finally just took these w/ DH's phone:

They a progression from 10 dpo until today (14dpo):

These are the IC's...much fainter lines!!

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Wow Wengrin, love those lines! No doubt about those getting darker.


Chourd, how are you doing? You sound like you're in good spirits, but don't be afraid to vent if you aren't. Last month I didn't really have any symptoms and I was still sad about each BFN, although when AF arrived it was almost a relief. Something interesting was definitely happening, though, wasn't it? Maybe your body is just gearing up  :innocent


AFM, It's been a rough day. I keep thinking maybe my breasts are a little achy, but I think it is my imagination/sore nipples. Or the fact I keep pushing on them to see if they hurt, lol. No real symptoms over here.

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Mares- thanks! I am hopeful and allowing myself to feel joy and hope for this baby, all the while waiting for the news to see if the levels are rising the way they should. I will know by Tuesday. FX'd!

Chuord- I truly feel like something is happening with you. I don't want to diagnose from across the world but I can't help but wonder if this was actually a chemical pregnancy, which is so sad and I hate to even bring it up, but I feel like if it was indeed a little bean that just couldn't implant that the silver lining would be that you CAN conceive on your own! Which would be so exciting! I am sending you very positive zen vibes and wishing you the very best!! Your journey has been long but you are learning so much about your body, staying positive, and most of all that suffering produces, character, perseverance, and most of all you are never letting to of hope!!! That is awesome and I truly admire your attitude. I wish we all lived closer and could meet up for a girls lunch one day! How great would that be?!

Oxford- thinking about you love and hoping you are having a peaceful weekend. I have so much hope and expectation for you especially....your condition should be a somewhat quick fix with some medication and possibly alternative procedures. You WILL be a Mama!!

Forgive if I have typed errors or sound loopy. In bed about to turn the lights off. Goodnight everyone- Good Morning Chuord!! 😃
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Sorry it's sooo long!!! Lol Okay I have a question for all you moms out there and yes I know it's not on subject bout ttc but I know I can get some advice. Okay my son is 3 well wil be 3 in dec. but anyway he goes to an allergist once a yr. last year my son was prescribed singular and Zyrtec when I got home I looked at the dosages and stuff and they were right. Well last nov he got prescribed more from the doctor. The singular was prescribed for 10mg. And Zyrtec was prescribed 1/2tsp which is right. I looked up the so singular and 10 mg is for 15 yrs and up. 4mg is for 2 to 5 yr. so that was way overdosed. Now he went bk to allergist for his check up. And got his prescriptions. And now I told the doc about his singular from last yr which I did not give him at all cuz way overdosed. And so be agreed and gave him 4 mg which is right. And his Zyrtec is for 1tbsp. I didn't feel right bout that and so I looked it up and his weight and age is 1.5 Tsp. so wayyyy over dosaged again!! So we called poison control cuz I just gave it to him and they said that's its way over but he will be fine he will pretty much have a hangover and not to give it to him. Soooo my question is what do I do?? This has happened twice by same doctor. I'm very upset because if I wasn't cautious about medicine for my son and just gave him both things overdosed he could be really hurt. And te pharmacist said it was prescribed that way. I need advice what I need to do. Sorry sooo long
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Wengrin - Thank you! Your test pictures are giving me some hope. I'm using Dollar Tree Tests and they are supposedly sensitive but not terribly dark. I don't want to switch brands, because I want to measure my progress. However, on Monday, 14dpo, I will also use the FRER that I have been saving. That's when I'll tell my DH. After that day I'll be out of tests and I'll be switching to betas.
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Mamablue - yay on the strengthening test!
Wengrin - I'm totally with mares, that's a lovely progression! Thanks so much for all your thoughts and suggestions - I'm totally in agrees ce with you that it was either a chem or early loss... I felt implant twinges on 7dpo, but the pain I was having for the last week almost felt like it was on my cervix - so something not quite right... Plus with the spotting there was some more irregular bits... Mares I'm with you totally - because it was starting to feel not quite right I am happy that AF has arrived - I really freaked about an ectopic yesterday lol...
Wouldn't it be fab to all catch up wink1.gif maybe we can just have a zen pg ladies forum on here instead wink1.gif then those of us that aren't there this month can catch up and join... We will get there I know it, I think you're right Wengrin, and I just don't test well in urine - that's the second time I've been over and still no bfp lol - and my tests were meant to be 10mg! Think I'll need to get some new ones wink1.gif
I'm so truly happy we have some bfp's this month! Hugs all
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Mare - Haha! Your cat story is awesome. And I'm totally the type to fumble a cup of pee. Glad it didn't end up all over you.

Chourd - Sending you soothing thoughts and hopes that AF is not too physically difficult this time around. xo
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Well sweet ladies Im out. Af arrived last night and shes a heavy one. :-(
Mamablue - excited for you, fingers crossed!!
Chourd Im sorry to hear it but I totally can relate to your sensing - I was feeling myself that something wasn't right and my body knew it. On to next baby dancing party!
Thanks to you all for your encoragement & support!
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Hugs on the AF spring clean cricket! I agree onto next month
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Hee hee spring clean or since DH is a landscaper perhaps a nice crunchy leaf fall clean-up!
Love your positive attitude. Thats usually me but this cycle def messed with my emotions !
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TTC is so emotional, and you ladies are so strong and set such a great example. I feel really lucky to "know" you all. I was thinking, yesterday, about how sad I would be to miss out on our discussions if/when I get a BFP, and wondering how everyone felt about graduates hanging around and supporting those who are still waiting. I don't have any symptoms for this month, so I don't think I need to worry about that yet, but I would love to get people to weigh in. I know i would be totally sad to see MamaBlue and Wengrin go, and I hope you two will still be around and keep us updated on your sweet little beans. We could make a group, or something, if that was better though.


Does anyone know how soon you ovulate after you feel the ovulation pain? I mean, I felt it on the 2nd, how many DPO would I be... 8? Or perhaps less, because the egg was just being released then and it had to make its little journey? 

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Glad it made you laugh cricket wink1.gif I love your version too!
Mares - sorry I don't know...

Ok after some research - given some of my symptoms and the violent mood swings and spotting, I'm guessing my progesterone is out... Ranee (my natural therapist) suggested 'Anna's cream' the link is to the feedback page - it seems to work for all ages and stages - but read the last one... I got very excited and had to share xxx Primal - I know you are younger than me but maybe this will help you too - I'm so totally over the ones that don't stick.
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Can I just have a moment...


bawling.gifI just want to be pregnant bawling.gif


Okay. Back to  :meditate

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Mares- I would think if you felt the pain on the 2nd that you would be 7-8 dpo. I still wonder why you had such a long stretch of positive OPK's? I know how emotionally stressful and draining this is. Hang in there honey. As far as the people that graduate and move on, I am thinking they would still keep up here too. I know I would.

Chuord- I completely agree about the progesterone. I kept having beans that wouldn't stick (at least twice) but since I have supplemented with Prometrium (a prescription strength bio identical progesterone, now it appears to be implanting. Strange because I never had problems with it before, but I understand with age our progesterone naturally decreases. Plus my extended nursing caused my hormones to be out of whack. Anyway I would love to see you supplement and have next month or two be the ONE! Have you been to a fertility specialist? It seems like you said you had. I know the health care is much better in Australia than it is here in the US. I have heard the creams work but the suppositories (prescription) is more potent. Maybe since you're younger yours isn't that low and the cream would be just what you need to bump you up.

I logged on this AM and wrote to everyone and then lost it again! I hate when that happens. I just gave up.,but anyway Cricket I am sorry to hear you are out but glad to see you are keeping your chin up and on to the next month! One thing I meant to tell you, when I have felt that pinching in the cervix, it has been recently when I had what I thought was a pregnancy and then I would feel the pinching (which I think was my cervix opening up to allow the flow to start). I know you had the accident with your dog and I didn't want you to worry that you caused your bean to shake loose, since that pinching was happening before your poor doggie got attacked.

And SCJP- I would find a new doctor!! I wouldn't worry too much about the Zyrtec, but Singulair is nothing to mess with. Sounds like your Dr is not on top of things. Glad you were aware enough about double checking the dose!

Anyway ladies I hope you all had a great weekend. Also I did finally get a BFP...a nice dark line. Here is a pic of the progression. The left side started on Tuesday and the right side was taken this AM. So I didn't get a nice dark line until 15 dpo.
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Oh, Wengrin, that line is so lovely! :thumb And I'm glad you're going to stay and hang out with us.

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