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Relocating to Montpelier VT

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DH recently was hired by the state for an environmental job so our family will be relocating to the Montpelier area from Southern VT.
Very interested in suggestions/recommendations for the following and meeting mamas/kiddos!

We are me (artist, toy-maker, sahm), DH (enviro scientist), DD (7yo), DS (4.5yo) and DB (1/14)


Looking for:


Secular Homeschool CoOps/Play groups/Meet-ups- we've been very active in our SoVT HS group and are really going to be eager to connect with like-minded families.

Primary Care- prefer a naturopath...someone okay with delayed/selective vax, no circ, alternative treatment modules.


Homebirth Midwife to sever as emergency back up.  My midwife has agreed to travel up from SoVT for the homebirth, but I would like to have emergency backup nearby should I need it.


Organic, PAsture fed, Raw Milk source.


Thanks so much in advance!


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Hmmm....I'll have to think about the milk. There is a place in Hinesburg, but that will be a drive and another place in the NEK, also a drive. 


Try Tree of Life Medicine. Dr. Archdeacon was there (at least up until 2 years ago when we left the area) and a new doctor had just joined, Maybe Dr. Anderson? 


They are both great (we only met the new doctor once) and very open to delayed or no vax. 


I don't know about homeschooling groups my oldest is only 4. 


Good luck with your move. Montpelier is a great little town. 

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Oh, I remembered another great, local resource. It's a natural parenting group called Mama Says - you can connect to them through Yahoo or maybe just try Googling Mama Says Central Vermont. Every time I've gone to this group with a question or concern I've gotten rapid and great responses. That is a good place to ask about the milk. 


And Tree of Life Medicine shares a practice space (or at least they did until recently) with a wonderfully reputed home birth midwifery practice (they were my first choice by a landslide for my second pregnancy, but I had an early complication and decided to birth at Gifford). I believe the practice is called Emerge Midwifery. If they aren't in the Tree of Life office anymore, I'm sure the TOL staff can tell you where they went. Katherine is the name of the main midwife...sorry I can't recall her last name (I'm at work and rushing), but if you can't turn up the answers just let me know and I'll dig deeper. 



Good luck! 

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Check out Applecheek Farm for raw milk. They are in Hyde Park, near Morrisville they also have amazing grassfed beef, chickens, soy free eggs, and pastured pork. A great family farm. They are always at the Montpelier Farmers Market. 

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Thanks for all the tips and info everyone!
Time to start checking things out...we found a house we love which is actually south of Montpelier- so we'll be half way between White River Junction and Montpelier...
What an exciting adventure!

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well within midwifery is good


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Hello! There is a place in East Montpelier, VT on Snow Hill Road called McKnight Farms. They sell raw milk. My DH used to work there. They also sell organic grass-fed beef (at least last I checked). 

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