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Ruby's Birth Story and Pictures :)

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Ruby Norah Grace 

July 11, 2013

7 lbs. 4 oz., 19.75 inches


After an appointment with the midwife on July 10, I had a feeling that baby was coming soon. There was no real reason for this since there were no labour signs and no cervical progression but I guess mother's instinct finally kicked in for me! Ryan went back to work after my appointment and I wandered aimlessly around the house while the kids played. I had a few cramps but nothing worthy of being called a contraction yet. Finally, the restlessness got the best of me and I called Ryan to come home. We tidied up the house and spent time outside with the kids. I took a walk to try and encourage the cramps but they went away completely instead! We ate supper, put the kids to bed and watched a movie that was far too long and made us go to bed far too late!


I woke up at 1:50 to a pop and a gush! I woke Ryan up and told him my water had broken. He grabbed me a towel and then paged the midwife and I called my mom. When I spoke to the midwife about 5 minutes later, I was not having any contractions but she decided to come anyways since I have a history of fast labours. About 5 minutes after that, I had my first contraction but it was weak. I got into the shower, thinking I would shave and do my hair. Ha! I had a giant contraction that had me doubled over. Almost immediately, there was another one and with it,the urge to push. I started to panic, thinking that I would never survive another 4 hours of this! I started praying for strength (and maybe some weaker contractions). Another 2 contractions happened during this time. Then as I was standing there I felt and saw the baby shift down and immediately felt like I was going to throw up! I jumped out of the shower and ran to the toilet. I had another contraction and my body started pushing on its own. I was incomplete denial about what was happening!


During all this time, Ryan had been downstairs putting out tea and coffee for the midwives. I called for him to come upstairs and he must have heard the panic in my voice because he came running! I told him he needed to call the midwife again because I thought maybe things were progressing and I felt like I needed to push even though I knew that couldn't be right! He called her and she told him to call 911. This all happened very quickly and I fought against the urge to push through 2 more contractions. Ryan called 911 and while the dispatcher was asking him some preliminary questions, the baby's head was born. Ryan swore and dropped the phone! I reminded him that he needed the phone in order to hear what to do next! The rest of her was born during the next contraction and Ryan caught her! He laid her down and checked her over and she cried again and turned pink instantly! He put her on my chest and we stared at each other in total disbelief! We even forgot to check the gender!


As Ryan was tying off the cord, Weston wandered into the bathroom. Our conversation went something like this:

Weston: What are you guys doing?

Ryan: Mommy had the baby.

Weston: Oh. Why are you sitting in blood?

Ryan: Because that's what happens when a baby is born.

Weston: Oh. Ok.

And he wandered over to check it out. He was totally unphased!


The paramedics arrived then and began checking the baby and I. They were preparing to take me to the hospital and I was preparing to fight them on it. Thankfully my super midwife came flying in and took over! The paramedics were so great and offered to help her with whatever she needed! She checked us all over and helped Ryan cut the cord.


At that point, all I could think about was moving into the bed. My butt was asleep and my legs were sore from trying to keep myself from slipping on the wet bathroom floor! Jane passed the baby to Ryan and we walked to the bed. After signing some release forms, the paramedics left and that was that. Jane went about her work and baby (girl!) and I settled down for some much needed rest!


Start to finish, the labour was about 55 minutes with no more than 10 contractions. I pushed on purpose twice. I can not even express how grateful I am for how things went. I was so afraid when that first real contraction hit that I wouldn't be able to do it but God listened to my prayers and made it quick! 


The kids have all adjusted really well and love on their baby sister all day long!  I feel extremely blessed that it has been such a smooth transition!  Ruby is the perfect addition to our family!






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Wow Kalista I can't even imagine what that must have been like! I'm so glad everything and everyone is ok. Ruby is adorable and I love her names!
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Wow! Exciting birth! So glad everyone is well and happy. Love Ruby! Very cute.
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Holy smokes, that sounds intense! Glad you both are doing so well. Beautiful beautiful family and new baby smile.gif
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Wow! Amazing birth. I"m surprised at how quick labour can be. Beautiful family and Ruby is adorable. Conrats again!

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Omg she is perfect! What a doll. Congrats mama!
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Congratulations on sweet little Ruby and a safe birth. Your whole family is beautiful and glowing with love <3
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Holy cow that sounds just like the birth of my daughter! Except for the paramedics. Something special about these girls that come so quick into their daddy's hands... Congratulations.
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Wow! That was fast. 
It's funny, but the first part sounds a lot like how my labour started, just one day later!. Stayed up too late, water breaks in the middle of the night after not enough sleep, contractions start and quickly get crazy. Mine just went on for 6 hours! :)

She is beautiful. Your whole family is...

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Congratulations! What a crazy birth- I made my husband read it so he would stop complaining about having to hold one if my legs during labor smile.gif she is so beautiful!
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wow--your family is so colorful and beautiful! you make it look easy! congrats mama! and welcome ruby! you are a great fit into your colorful family!!!

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I just read your story aloud to my husband, and we are both in awe! When they covered rapid childbirth in our class, he said he was kind of hoping we could have a fast UC because in a way, it would be less stressful than a long drawn out labor, and now he is shocked that it really happens! I think we both sort of thought it was more myth or rarity than reality, but after wrenmoon's story, we see how it can be! Still, probably not for a first baby. This is the story of an expert cervix at work. Mine is still in training, lol.
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Oh my goodness, HeyItsKalista. You make it seem so easy. You are an expert mama pro. Your babies are all beautiful. Great photos and great story!!! 

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Thanks everyone!  I couldn't have asked for a better birth!!

Originally Posted by wrenmoon View Post

Holy cow that sounds just like the birth of my daughter! Except for the paramedics. Something special about these girls that come so quick into their daddy's hands... Congratulations.

You know, if I were to do it again, we wouldn't have called EMS.  They were kind of unnecessary and it would have been so much sweeter without all that medical equipment and poking and prodding! lol 

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