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The August 2013 Babies are here!!!! - Page 18

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Yay Jacksonmom! Congratulations on the arrival of sweet Eleanor!
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Congrats! these babies are so sweet!
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Congratulations Jacksonmom and Happy Birthday, Eleanor!
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Congratulations jillgayle and jacksonmom!! Welcome to the world, little ones!
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Welcome to these new bundles of joy! Congrats, mamas!
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Natalie Kate was born at home August 22nd (her due date!) at 2pm. 7 lbs 3 oz, my biggest baby yet. It was a great labor and she is nursing wonderfully!

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Big congrats, Crunchie!
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Oh Crunchy, that's fantastic news! Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday, Natalie! I hope these first few days are just as smooth and that you recover quickly while enjoying those newborn snuggles. Well done to you. smile.gif
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Congrats Crunchy and welcome Natalie! love.gif  Beautiful name. smile.gif

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Yay!  Congrats Crunchy!!

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That's awesome Crunchy! Congrats!
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Congratulations, crunchy!!

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Congrats Crunchy!  Welcome baby Natalie!  love.gif


(Great name btw, it has served me well! winky.gif)

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Congratulations crunchy! And big welcome to Natalie!
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Congrats crunchy!  I love her name!

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Congratulations, Crunchy!
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Welcome Natalie and congrats crunchy!!!!!

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congratulations to Jacksonmom and crunchy.
See you in the pp thread!
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Clara Jean has arrived at 3:33 AM this morning, 8 lbs 3 oz, 19 inches long (and 4 days past her due date, but who is counting...)

For those who like gory details, read on...

We are still in a bit of shock at how fast it all went. My massage therapist friend came over before dinner time last night to play with some acupressure points. She definitely got some contractions going, but they weren't all that painful. I went for a walk after dinner, putzed around and noticed they were picking up a bit. I decided to lay down to see if they would fizzle, but I had to breathe through them. I called the midwife to give her a heads up, we all agreed that it wasn't quite time yet, but promising, and DH surmises that tomorrow might be the day.

Well. I managed to doze, but by 1:30 I think it was, it was clear that baby was coming. Midwife got to our house at around 2:30, but not before telling DH that he'd have to catch with instructions over the phone by the timing and how I was sounding in the background. But, when she arrived I was "only" 5 cm. A bit later DS woke up and got excited that baby was coming (and to tell me I was being loud). I felt like getting in the bathtub for a bit. Conveniently,my water broke there, I felt the overwhelming urge to push, they hauled me out of the tub, and TWO minutes later, she came roaring out, starting to cry before her shoulders were even born.

She is a rabid nurser already today and has kept us busy with diapers already, she seems determined to overachieve on both counts. I am over the moon that I have a good nurser this time, hopefully the milk supply follows suit. The above average bleeding I had last time was also nonexistent despite my equally low platelet count, which was also a big relief.

And I won the name stalemate. :P
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And congrats, Crunchy!
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