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Moving to Northeast OH...help!

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We just got the word today...we're relocating to Ohio from the DC area in 3 weeks! My husband's territory will be the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area, so we're looking for a suburban neighborhood/small town east of Cleveland. While my husband is familiar with the area, we both could use some insight as to the best communities to consider living: safe neighborhoods, easily accessible to major highways, plenty of playgrounds/parks to walk to with our toddler and soon-to-be-born baby. We'll be renting to begin with...looking for at least 3 bedrooms.

Also...I'm 12 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Any recommendations on an area with a CNM and hospital that supports VBAC? I'll be contacting the local ICAN as well.
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How far east of Cleveland?  I am about 20-30 minutes east. It's a great community in Lake county but walkability really depends on what part of the city you are in and what you want to walk to. 


I think ICAN is a great place to start. I know many hospital here are not VBAC friendly and i don't think most CNM do them but I've never gone that route so this is just what I have heard.


Good luck with the move!

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we'd like to stick to areas that are easily accessible to the major highways, since DH is in sales and drives from meeting to meeting. I'm looking at the Cleveland Heights area because of the affordable rent (we'll only be living in the area a couple years, so not looking to buy and not concerned about school systems) but DH would probably like a more suburban area. I haven't been able to find many 3 BR rentals available on short notice in the 'burbs.
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The Heights is great for walkability but freeway access really sucks. Like REALLY sucks.  I *hate* having to go because it's very inconvenient.  BUT.... I have always lived within 5-7 minutes of a freeway so take that for what it is ;) 


Hope you can figure something out! 

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If your husband is going to be in Ptsbg and Cle, perhaps you might consider the Akron area. There are some great communities like Copley, Medina. Also some great schools. On major highways, and good eat, but definitely birthing care. Good luck. PS-Cleveland Hts is great, but definitely big city.
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Safe areas with decent ptices are hard to find on the east side. Willoughby is really nice so south Euclid. Done parts of Cleveland hts are not safe so be careful. I personally just moved from east side to near west side in Parma and i love it! Very affordable, houses are cheaper and better/newer, and the schools district has an excellent rating compared to cleveland hts n south Euclid's adverage. Ive always been east sider but with my new lil one i took into consideration school district ratings also, as school district ratings mirror the community around you!

Parma is a quick commute to east side also, i work in south Euclid takes me 20 minutes to get there!!! And Very close to highway, metroparks, and even the zoo! Its also in cuyahoga county which means free zoo visits on mondays!!!
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We live in Parma, Ohio. 15 minute drive south of the Cleveland. Grew up here all my life. Love it. 2 kids.

Midwife we use is Mary Jo Alverson. She encourages VBAC, water births, doulas, natural birth etc. she delivers at southwest and parma hospital.

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