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Advice for fibroids/possible surgery

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Hi everyone- I guess I'm really just looking for someone to talk to or some advice from anyone who might have experienced something similar to my situation. Here's the deal: About six months ago, due to an unusually heavy period and cramping, I went to the doctor and discovered that I have a fibroid. I live in France and couldn't understand alot of what she was saying, but did keep hearing "trop jeune" and "trop gros"- too young and too big. I'm only 25 so I think its a bit unusual to have them this early. She told me that my uterus is enlarged also ( she actually thought I was pregnant at first, from what I understood). After an MRI, we know that the fibroid is around 3cm, is dead in the middle and is at the back of my uterus. The gyno has referred me to a surgeon to see if it needs to be removed or not and has told me that if so, it would be done through my belly button (laparoscopy, I believe). That said, I know that such a surgery increases the risk of a c-section and had my heart very very much set on a natural birth, hopefully a waterbirth ( probably in a hospital as there are currently no birth centers in France and few English speaking midwives who are comfortable with homebirth). I won't know any more about the surgery until my appointment with the surgeon on Sept. 25th. Its stressful as my partner and I were hoping to try for a baby soon and it seems like things just keep getting more and more pushed back. Has anyone dealt with anything similar to this? Is a 3cm fibroid large enough to cause problems with pregnancy? Which scenario would allow me more of a chance for a safe, natural delivery- leaving the fibroid in or having it removed? I know I'm jumping the gun a bit here and should probably just wait until I talk with the surgeon, but thats easier said than done smile.gif Thanks a bunch for any conversation or advice! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum too, I wasn't sure.

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Sorry, I don't have any answers or advice but hopefully bumping this up will get you some. 

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You need to make sure you have someone who can translate when you meet with the surgeon. I have been told that fibroid surgery means that all subsequent deliveries must be c-sections, due to issues with the wall of the uterus. This will depend on how the fibroid is attached and on what the rules are where you deliver (and talk to the surgeon about their opinions of the risk in your specific case). I had a natural birth of twins with large (biggest 2 are 6cm) fibroids. But it did cause issues with the pregnancy (fibroid degeneration, 4 days in the hospital), and may be causing issues with implantation now. So talk to a doctor about your specific situation (and what the protocols are for birth after surgery there).


I know it's frustrating, but you need to talk to someone who knows the details of your situation. (and really really have a translator present)

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Thank you jtapc90 and rinap, very much, for your help and advice. I'm very frustrated with having to wait so long to find anything; really wish all of France didn't take a vacation the whole month of August...My fiancee/ husband by then will go to the appointment with me. He's French, so hopefully the translation will be okay and I can get my questions answered and decide what is best. I had heard also about needing C-sections after such a surgery so I really hope they can just leave the fibroid alone if thats at all feasible.  My gyno here said that yes, it would increase the possibility of a section but it doesn't mean that its 100 percent. But she also said she just couldn't say alot and that it would ultimately be up to the surgeon to decide. Its encouraging to hear that you delivered twins with fibroids rinap. Did you know that you had fibroids before becoming pregnant? 

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I didn't know before becoming pregnant, and the doctor I first talked to said "great! We'll schedule your c-section now" (I was at 10 weeks). But my eventual doctor (I shopped around) said we'd be able to tell if it was going to be a delivery problem and he didn't think it would, so we just kept an eye on it.

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I'm hopping on to share my experience with fibroids, pregnancy loss due to fibroids, fibroid surgery (myomectomy) and pregnancy post myo. 


Ok so - back in 2005 I found out I had a few small fibroids - all embedded in my uterine wall on the outside of my uterus. Fast forward to 2011 - went to see the doc because my periods just disappeared for 6 months.. during the exam - my doc felt what he thought was a cyst. He sent me for an ultrasound and found I had a 6cm fibroid on the fundus of my uterus. A few months later I had a hysteroscopy to see if the fibroid was pressing into/distorting the uterine cavity. It was not and two different docs told me it was ok to TTC. I got pregnant 2 months later and started seeing a midwife. I started experiencing what I thought seemed like contractions during my 11th week. I was told that I probably had a UTI and that they were bladder spasms. I was treated for bladder spasms. Week 16 - the pain came back. By 17 weeks 4 days - I was in extreme pain and called triage for some relief. They told me to go back to sleep, eat something and come in later - I assured them that the pain was too great. I got to triage about an hour later and they put me in a room. An hour after that - the blood started and I knew it was over. They admitted me and I delivered a little girl a few hours later. She lived for almost 2.5 hours. The diagnosis - Placental abruption caused by uterine fibroids. I had two they could see - one of the front of my uterus (remember the 6cm one on my fundus) it was 12.5cm and another one on the back of the uterus (it had been 2cm before conception) now almost 5 cm. The smaller one in the back had started to push into the area where the placenta had attached to the uterine wall - the one on the front pushed in on the top of the uterus. The baby was shoved into the bottom of my pelvis and I was low on fluid. I was told that they couldn't be 100% sure that the fibroids has caused the abruption - but that they were pretty sure. 


4 months later - I talked to two surgeons and consulted a homeopathic doc. After trying some natural methods for fibroid shrinkage - I opt'd to have the surgery. I was warned that based upon the type of fibroids I had, their location and the depth of the incisions - I would have to have a c-section. Even after the surgery - my surgeon called for a c-section. 


I am now 34 weeks pregnant. I did have some uterine contractions at 17 and 23 weeks. But nothing like before. I started the weekly progesterone shot at week 18 and took extra calcium/mag/vitamin D supplements until week 30. So far - so good. I am preparing for my scheduled c-section. I mourned the loss of my natural birth - mainly because it was so traumatic the first time. But I came to terms with the idea that getting a baby here safely was more important than risking uterine rupture at the incision sites. I do have one fibroid that showed up about 12.5 weeks - but it has remained about 2.5cm since. It hasn't grown nearly as fast as the other ones did. I'm happy I had the surgery - because I didn't want to risk loss again. 


I didn't have any trouble conceiving (pre or) post myo. Instead, my fibroids caused crazy uterine contractions and restricted my baby's space. I do know that even if you conceive with fibroids - if they are near your cervical opening near the end of your pregnancy - you can still end up with a c-section. Talk to a few different docs and surgeons before you make your decision. Good luck. 

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