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Mother's Intuition: Gender Guess Thread!

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I've been really preoccupied with the idea of a mother's intuition in guessing her baby's gender. Mostly because for our first pregnancy (which we miscarried early on) I just knew from the start he was a boy. Of course I'll never be able to verify that but it's what I felt. For this pregnancy I've had an even stronger feeling from the day of suspected implantation that she's a girl. Honestly I don't mind either way -- truly no gender preference. But I'm curious to know if other mamas-to-be are having similarly strong feelings or intuitions about the gender.


Do you have a strong gut feeling that it's a boy or girl?


Do you plan on finding out via ultrasound or waiting till birth?


Were your gut instincts right or wrong in previous pregnancies?


I think it'll be interesting to update this as we all find out -- either in a few weeks or seven months!

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I think a mother's intuition is often right, so I'd go with it, if I were you! Are you going to find out for sure via u/s? 


My intuition was right on with my first (boy). But not with my other 2 (both girls). So I'm not sure what to think with this one. I'd really *like* another boy to even out the team, but a girl would be just as awesome. I find myself subconciously referring to baby as 'she' a lot...hmm...


Oh, and I really want to wait until birth to find out. We have everying we need for baby (including lots of gender neutral newborn clothes) so I don't really need to find out early. And baby will be in our room for quite a while, so no need to worry about which kids to shuffle around to which bedroom yet either. Now we'll see if I can really make it that long. My DH always persuades me to peek when I'd rather wait. It's just so tempting!!!

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I think my twins are boy/girl. We didn't find out the sex with my ds, but we probably will this time since we will have to do a few ultrasounds. I can't wait to see if I'm right!
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I was so sure my daughter was going to be a boy. This time I wonder if I am having a boy just because my symptoms are so different than when I was pregnant with my daughter. Other than that I have no idea. 

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Haha hmm looks like based on this tiny sample size I may have to re-think my confidence in mother's intuition. And stop shopping for girl baby clothes. 


I'm gravitating toward a lot of gender neutral stuff anyway bc I don't like super girly stuff and to me, since we plan to have other kids in the future, it doesn't make much sense to to buy blue or pink baby gear when we have no idea what the next kid will be and I have no intention of re-buying all that stuff. 


I think we'll find out at the 17-week u/s. My mother waited to find out with both of her pregnancies and always encouraged me to do the same bc she said the surprise was so wonderful. But honestly, I just don't think I'll be able to resist the temptation! It seems like a nice little consolation prize for making it half-way through the pregnancy :)

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I was sure my first was a boy. Sure! No sonogram. Boy was I surprised to have a girl! The staff in the hospital (I had her at 7:07am) hung around to see what I was having over shift change. smile.gif My second, I was a lot sicker and the sonogram tech kinda gave it away, so I suspected girl and was right. This time I go back and forth. Sometimes I feel the same, sometimes different. I really don't know. Currently, I'm guessing boy. BTW, two moms I know are 4/4 and 8/8 WRONG. They have dreams and everything and cannot guess the gender right. smile.gif
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I had a dream I'd have a boy on June 10th, and I had a girl on June 25th! And my mom also had a dream I'd have a boy. 


In fairness, there was also a mom in our last DDC who claimed to be 10/10 RIGHT. The odds of that being by chance are like 1/1000. So I dunno. 


But I also kind of wonder if with some of the "intuition" that "I knew I'd have a boy" or "I knew I'd have a girl", in reality sometimes a person felt that she'd have a boy and other times she felt that she'd have a girl and when she found out the sex it validated some of those instances and the other instances were conveniently forgotten. 

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I was dead on with all three of mine (and all three of my sisters) but I have no idea with this one!  I think because I want another boy so stinkin badly I just can't tell.


I would love to wait til the birth to find out but I'm not sure my 3 children could handle the suspense that long.  And, my son wants a brother so badly he might need a few months to mourn if it's not a boy.

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I've never had any intuition ahead of time. I have had dreams, but they haven't been right.

This time is the same... No feeling one way or another. And my daughter's pregnancy was no different than my 3 sons'.

Of course my daughter really wants a sister, and even all of the boys want one with her this time, it seems unfair that they have brothers but she has no sister. I would be overjoyed if it were a girl. At the same time I am sure there is something awesome about being the only girl.

We won't find out because of the pressure in the house for a girl. Instead of finding out early so there's time to 'mourn', I feel it is best is we use this wait to surrender our expectations and feelings of control. It is either a boy or a girl, and we will all love him/her when we are holding him/her in our arms.
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I think, in a way, I anticipate what I want least, so there is no disappointment, you know? Not that I strongly don't want anything, I'd love either and feel God knows what is best for our family, but I think my heart settles on the one I'm leaning away from so I can be mentally prepared. We do want a boy (even though I'd kinda like to spite my MIL for being disappointed twice and just keep having cute girls), but at this point I've gotten so used to girls, I believe it would be a shock to my system to have a little man. My mother is worried what it would do to a boy to have two extremely doting big sisters. smile.gif
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Has anyone read about the heartbeat gender predictor method? It has been accurate with several friends of mine and with my first. The wives tale is 155(I think) and below is a boy and higher is a girl. I know this method isn't 100% accurate but it's still fun. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by tabitha View Post

We won't find out because of the pressure in the house for a girl. Instead of finding out early so there's time to 'mourn', I feel it is best is we use this wait to surrender our expectations and feelings of control. It is either a boy or a girl, and we will all love him/her when we are holding him/her in our arms.


I love this thought process, tabitha! I've been going back & forth on whether to find out for my son's sake (he has 2 sisters, but no brother yet). I'm fine waiting for me, but am concerned with him. We only waited with our first, but it was an awesome, sacred experience! And you don't have to '2nd guess' what the u/s tech told you (they have been wrong, you know). I like the surrender control part. God has already decided what we will have...we just need to be patient and wait! 


[But if any/all of you find out early, there will be no judgement from me -- both ways are very exciting!! :]


And yes, I've heard about the heartbeat method ... also the severity of morning sickness ... also how high/low you are carrying, etc. I don't believe any of it. (although, they are kinda fun :) I did a super quick google and found this article that debunks many of those myths and explains some of their interesting origins. 

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Don't forget about the Chinese gender prediction method and the lunar cycle method (waxing moon means girl, waning means boy). Both of these put me with girl as does the HB theory but honestly I don't put any stock in them either -- it's just fun to compare.  

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me, my partner, and everybody else thinks we're having a boy. I've always thought I would have a boy first too, and based on the 'nub theory' of my 12 week scan, it looks like a boy. If it's a girl I'll be so surprised! I'm not planning on adhering to too many gender stereotypes anyway, so don't care either way. I could go the whole way without knowing, but I like having something to look forward to at 20 weeks.

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I had a strong intuition it was a boy for my first pregnancy and it was! Pretty much everybody went with me that time too. Now for my second pregnancy I've got the feeling it's a boy as well but my mother in law wishes it will be a girl. 

I feel I will have 3 kids, 2 boys and a final girl. We'll see!

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Chinese predictor says girl for me too, whether I conceived in May or June. I took on of those quizzes and answered as many questions as possible (can't tell if I'm carrying high or like a basketball or watermelon). It was exactly 50/50! I'd like to wait until birth to find out, but the suspense gets worse each time!
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I am convinced I'm having a boy.  My husband had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy the night before I had implantation spotting.  I really will be happy with a boy or a girl, and who knows if my intuition is telling me its a boy or if its the knowledge of the dream that got into my head.


But, I absolutely believe in intuition... :)

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Had a super vivid dream last night that I gave birth to a baby girl! This obviously reinforces my already-strong conviction but who knows if there's any merit to the dream theory?!
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This thread will be fun reading in another couple of months for sure. We can see how many people were right. 

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This one is a girl.

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