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Any other previous hospital birth mamas going home birth this time here?

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Anyone else have a hospital birth but then switch to home birthing? I had my DD in the hospital over 2 years ago and didn't want to do that again. This time I have a Midwife whom I love and am planning a home water birth. Any other home birthing mamas want to give advice on how to prepare and stuff! I know my midwife will help but it is nice to have others advice too! I thought I would be a little nervous to try a home birth but I am not at all! I'm sure there will be some nerves when we get closer to the time but I am so excited to give birth in my own home! orngbiggrin.gif

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Well, I had a hospital birth 19 years and had a hb w/ my last 9 babies and will w/ this wee baby too. Hbing is so awesome!
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I had my first in a big hospital, ob, epi, etc, second naturally in a small hospital with a midwife, and third at home with a midwife. I'm planning another homebirth, my experience was amazing!
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orngbiggrin.gif Any advice on things I might need or might not think of needing? My midwife has a kit that I will need to get but is there anything outside of "medical" supplies and personal products that is helpful to have around? 

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We're planning a homebirth too! And I actually work with a homebirth midwife. :) Some little suggestions I have are as follows:


- witch hazel. It's great for putting a teaspoon or 2 on one end of a pad, then sticking those in the freezer. You have a cold pack that is still absorbent. You could also do this with sitz bath herbs. Brew/steep them, strain off the herbs, and then do the same thing with the tea/brew.


- a birth plan for "plan B" in case there is a need for a hospital transfer. It would be tough, I know. But to consider what your labor, postpartum, and newborn care preferences would be is important. As you know, you still have options in the hospital.


- some freezer cooking prepped. Things that are easy for anyone to heat up or bake while you snuggle in bed with your new squishy babe. I have soup year-round and don't live in the coldest of places (I'm in NC.) But when the time comes, I want to make some soup and freeze it in muffin tins. Pop them out, and then put the frozen single-servings in a Ziploc in the freezer. Then just one serving can be heated up in a mug when you're ready to enjoy it.

- Coconut water for labor. It's replenishing, especially if you cannot keep anything on your stomach, and a better electrolyte replacement than Gatorade.


I thought I had more ideas, but I guess pregnancy brain has kicked in!

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Rebekah7- Thank you! thumb.gif Now that I am starting to feel better I was thinking about doubling the meals I make for dinner and freezing them! I love the soup idea, what a great idea! Thanks! 

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I did a hospital birth 6 years ago and would love to do a home birth this time, but is worried hubby will freak.  Does anyone have any helpful hints for bringing a wary worry-wart of a spouse around?

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butterscotch- Have you ever watched The Business of Being Born?? (There are some birthing scenes in it, don't know how he would be about watching those.) To be honest my husband and I used to be against home birth before we did any research! My sister-in-law recently had her 8th at home and I always thought she was crazy till I did research to see that it can be safer than the hospital if you are low risk! Plus, I found a great midwife that says she won't take risks. She is very experienced and says if things aren't going right we go to the hospital, but she has a very low hospital transfer rate, so that it is rare to have to go. You have already had a child so you know your pelvis is big enough and shouldn't have any complications like that! To be honest my family (parents and sisters) hadn't been on board with me on this till recently.  Here is a link that my sister found that made her come around and even say she would consider a HB if she has another. http://www.theage.com.au/national/study-delivers-good-news-for-home-births-20130616-2ocgd.html  Or you could tell your husband what the comedian, Jim Gaffigan says, they have homebirths so he doesn't have to put any pants on and go outside. haha Anyway, I really made my mind up after my friend had her baby in the hospital and he ended up back in the hospital a few days later because he had gotten a Staph infection at the hospital.... ICK! Good luck with whatever you and your husband decide! If nothing else you and your husband could at least interview midwives, that way he could ask any questions about what would make him nervous about HBing and if you don't like the answers then you have your decision! 

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tspencer - Yes, I'm familiar with the film, and I am planning to have us watch it a bit further along in the pregnancy.  Of course, he's no dummy and I'm sure he'll know exactly what I'm up to!  The funny thing is, I already have a midwife - she assisted my hospital birth, side by side with my doctor - two people who were perfectly capable of delivering the baby in the same room! What my mother would call "surplus to requirements."  So he loves this woman, it's just that he is the kind of person who assumes that if the worst can happen it will... I'm starting to think if I can set up an appointment with the midwife, and she can totally assure him that they would know to transfer me to the hospital early enough, should there be complications, then he might relax.  Anyway thanks for the thoughts and for the link - I will read it!

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orngbiggrin.gif I pray you have a safe beautiful birth no matter where it takes place! It doesn't matter where you are as long as you are completely comfortable and happy! Good luck mamas! 

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@butterscotch - helping to reduce that fear has has is important, too. As previously mentioned, reading and researching evidence-based information is vital in preparing for it. You can also read oodles of birth stories, homebirth included, at http://birthwithoutfearblog.com. I would also suggest seeing if there is a homebirth group in your area. Where I live, homebirthers and those interested in birthing at home have a public Meetup once a month. It gives moms and dads a chance to interact, bounce questions off of each other, and kids get to play. There are also birth networks through http://birthnetwork.org that may be able to connect you with like-minded families, too.

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Rebekah - those are some great ideas - thank you!

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I had a hospital birth the first time around, we couldn't get a midwife :( I had a natural birth in the hospital with a doula, I pretty much ignored everything they told me in the hospital and did my own thing. This time around I called the second I got a positive, multiple days before my period so we got a midwife and can have my home birth :)

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I had a midwife-attended hospital water birth last time around, (14 years ago tomorrow!!!!,) and this time I am hoping for a home water birth. We finally have a midwife group we love, after initially hiring one who cancelled our appointments 3 times in a month, two of the times I was standing on her doorstep at appointment time! Starting to finally feel excited and let myself daydream about the possibilities.


I am also planning to use hypnosis for birth, and have been practicing a few times a week.

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I had planned a hospital birth with #1, didn't know how to find a mw.  I hated my evil dr and ended up having him unassisted.  The next 4 were all attended at home by a midwife.  If all is well this one will also be attended at home with a mw.  Unless she doesn't make it in time, then I'll be thankful that quick births have (generally) less complications. 

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I had my first three in a hospital.  First one with a midwife and she was great overall experience was ok, second one she was out of town so I go the MD on call-and he was a TOTAL jerk!  I was planning on having my 3rd at home but we moved at 36 weeks across country so i couldn't find a midwife to take me that late, so I had a midwife in the hospital- the hospital was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.  I had to argue with the nurses IMMEDIATELY following the birth, let me nurse before you wash her the nurse actual had a HUGE temper tantrum right there 5 minutes AFTER i gave birth.  Then they were constantly giving me incorrect nursing advice (i had been nursing over 5 years STRAIGHT at that time and was a LLL leader).  We checked out 5 hours after I gave birth and when I woke up in my room and she was gone-off to hearing tests no need to wake me up for that???  So here I am 20 weeks pregnant and were moving again, I'm hoping to find a midwife and finally have my homebirth.  My husband is VERY nervous about it would rather I went to a birthing center-I would consider that but there isn't any where we are moving.  The only concern I have is my insurance covers 100% at the hospital and close to 0% at home.  This SUCKS and in so so many ways is wrong.  But I'm sticking to my guns this time, I too hate to pay but I can't imagine going to the hospital again and having an experience like last time.

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Katy1844- I am so sorry you had such bad experiences! That is just terrible! I hope you are able to find a midwife and get the birth experience you desire! See with us, our insurance didn't cover that much for our hospital birth with my DD. We still ended up paying $4000 with insurance and my Midwife charges $2500 for all prenatal, labor and delivery, birthing pool, any books or videos in her library and postnatal appointments. So with us we are still saving a lot of money! It is still a lot of money (at least for us) and we couldn't do it out of pocket but I would much rather give my money to a local woman doing something I really want to support! Good luck to you! Hope you are able to work things out and have the perfect birth! orngbiggrin.gif

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Wow $2500 for everything- you are SO lucky I wish I lived closer to you!  I'm looking at $5000-7000 AT LEAST  greensad.gif

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Oh man! Yikes! That is a lot! We live in Ohio so it may not be worth saving the money by living here. hahahaha j/k I like Ohio. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Tspencer,  I lived in Ohio for awhile.  My ex, the kids dad, was from there and I have spent lots of time up there.  I may actually end up there eventually, if I can find a place in the hocking hills area.  It is soooooo beautiful there.


My son was born in ohio, I couldn't find a midwife at that time and I am so glad that it seems like it is a more viable option now.  My lack of midwifery access is one of the reasons I had my so unassisted.

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