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Crafty: it has driven me crazy that they are so insistent on managing my family size. But I've chosen my battles and told them what they want to hear.
Cardigan: i talked to supervisors and sent letters to various supervisors, it wasn't the only thing he bugged me with. And now is the time to start practicing a good bedside manner.

Calladonna: thanks. I was rather proud of it myself.
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Harmie, that would drive me absolutely nuts. Seriously, good job for keeping your cool with that med student. I'm not sure I could have done the same!
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Condoms, until I can start back on BCP, which is my preferred method because it eases my time of the month a lot. 

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Someone had asked about Mirena.  Mirena has a synthetic form of progesterone I think.  It made me crazy and I had 0 drive.  The only benefit was no periods for 5 years.  But otherwise it was a horrible experience.  

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I used Mirena for six months before I had it taken out. I hated it. I had horrible pinching pain in my uterus that was only alleviated by a lot of pain medicine. That was ongoing for several weeks. Then it eased up, but it was still an issue throughout the month. My period was lighter, but cramps lasted all month, and everything was very irregular and accompanied by weird discharge. My belly was swollen like I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, and I couldn't lose a pound of weight even going to the gym six days a week for 2 hours a day. And if that wasn't enough to turn me off of sex already, I had no sex drive. 


I gave it six months, hoping the side effects would ease up, but they never did. 

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Hubby's getting snipped here too! 


Also, for those considering Mirena or IUDs in general...I had one placed in Dec 2011, three months after DS was born and there are two major issues I will mention: 1) I could swear up and down that the IUD triggered my PPD - I later learned from my PPD counselor and also my midwife that progesterone-only hormonal bc options are linked to higher rates of depression in woman who are already predisposed to depressive symptoms and 2) it perforated my uterus, and I ended up having to have laparoscopic surgery to remove it.  The IUD (thankfully) was hanging out under my ovary, and did not perforate any other major organs, which could have been life threatening.  The Pharma rep for Mirena at the OB's office where it was placed offered me another at no additional cost to me.  Yeah, right...never again.

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I will go back to FAM and condoms during fertile time. We use lambskin or the synthetic equivalent. (I prefer the former, dh prefers the latter) I don't find them to be disturbing at all. They are only lubricated, no spermicide.

I don't want to do anything permanent. I'm not really comfortable with what that can do to a body. And while my DH is done and I'm pretty much okay with that, I'm not opposed to more children if he changes his mind( in the next few years, at least).

I am very interested in a product called vasalgel (google it), that will hopefully make it through the trials it's going through in the next few years. My dh is interested in being a part of the human clinical trials, and we will be on the right coast. In India, the clinical trials for original version of the stuff have been really successful for 20 years!
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What do you all do when you use FAM before you get a cycle back? Monitor cervical fluid? I don't want to start temping too soon and it took me 18 mos to ovulate after my daughter so I just don't want to waste a ton of time. We can't risk a pregnancy because of my miscarriage risk being nearly 100% without medication pre-conception. Do any of you feel comfortable/confident enough to just use condoms till that time? I'm only 3 weeks post partum so nothing's happened yet but eventually I do need to consider this. We'll use FAM but I am not sure how to really implement it right off. I know the LAM but I'm pumping not nursing that much so they are getting bottles.

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Edelweiss, I'll be temping once my CF gets fertile.  That and using OPKs when I suspect something might be happening.  But I hope DH gets the V before I start getting concerned...

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Edelweiss, I have zero FAM experience but I wanted to talk about my experience with condoms. They were the only form of BC we used for about 7-8 years and NEVER had a pregnancy scare. I get pregnant at the drop of a hat too: DD1 was conceived on the first try and DD2 was an oops when we skipped condoms once (I thought I was totally infertile that day). Just my experience wink1.gif
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I have a pretty solid track record of return to fertility at 14 mo pp. I feel comfortable not using anything until then. BUT we don't have anything other than being inconvienced by kids too close together to worry about. I don't see fertile mucus until close to then.
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Thank you ladies. I will watch CM. I had plenty of notice with DD, I had several anovulatory cycles anyway but I know fertility can return before menses...I can't believe we're already thinking about this but my NP asked what we were using for birth control at my 3 week PP check up. Ha, abstaining right now of course.

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