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Sending tomorrow! Sorry I suck at good timing! To make up for it, I'm sending extra beads. :)

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Ok, I went to mail the beads today and was told that the pre-paid envelope wouldn't work to be mailed from the USA, because they don't accept canadian stamps. So, I am going to have to withdraw from the exchange. Sorry greensad.gif
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So sorry to hear this Lida! One of the reasons I didn't want to do this from Germany.  Maybe if you guys can use Paypal?

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Sigh. I'm sorry, ladies, I've been so exhausted lately, and every time I get out of the house, I have a million things I need to do. I finally got out yesterday and bought the cutest beads. I got a padded envelope, sealed and addressed it, and was trying to figure out postage when I realized that I forgot about the SASE. So now I need to get two more envelopes, and postage, and get it mailed by tomorrow. I'm going to try, but I'm not sure if I'll make it. If not, I'm just going to keep the beads for myself.
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Oh, Lida! Please don't bow out! I will be happy to send Stephaniqua the cash to cover your postage.  It shouldn't be that much, right?  I sent mine yesterday, and I put $2.07 postage on the SASE.  It can't be much more than that to send to Canada.


Stephaniqua, would it be OK for me to send you the amount to cover Lida's once you send it and we know the exact cost?


Michelle, I do hope you are able to send the beads! Sending prayers everything falls into place to make it happen.

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Finally sent!

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you can always send the beads in a regular envelope and then send her paypal to cover return postage.  Even if you are in the states, this way you would get tracking info for the same price.  I thought about it but had already put my sase in the envelope.  


Also, after this is over I will be bowing out.  I have my own little bean now, so keeping track of where my sister is is less.... big... now :) 

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Did  you already announced this on another thread, and I missed it? Well...either way, Congratulations, Fayebond! Awesome news! I see you are in the May 2014 DDC. Woo-hoo! 

Yay for lil beans!

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Oh, yay, congrats Fayebond! smile.gif
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I got the beads mailed! I'll mark the Google document when I'm on the computer again.
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Congratulations Fayebond! Haha it took a few minutes to get it :)

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I will send my beads either way, and then everyone gets them, and if Stephaniqua will accept Paypal then I can send her the $$ for the return postage, and if not, then it's ok too. At least everyone will get mine. They are painted wooden beads that my daughter volunteered orngbiggrin.gif
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Sorry Ladies! I started school and havent had a chance to pop in here. I want everyone to participate, so I will happily just pay the shipping and let you know what the cost is so you can paypal me the amount. This is a small swap, so I'm not worried about paying for everyone (and I know those of us in the US didn't have too big an issue). So please just send me the beads. We can work out the shipping cost later :) I am really looking forward to this, and already have some beautiful beads waiting to be sent off to you.

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Kali, I got an envelope and a return envelope from you but there weren't any beads? Was there a mistake? Or are they coming seperately?

Sarah B, missbrea, herbivora, pudsmouse, and opheliajoy are you all sending beads still? I don't have if you've sent or are going to send soon. I've got some beautiful beads coming in and can't wait to share them all with you!!:joy

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Yes, I am sending them today.  I've been paralyzed by the fact that they're a bit large and I don't want the post office to not take them, and also I don't know how many stamps to put on the envelopes. I think I'll put three stamps on each and that should be fine.

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Ack! I thought I posted yesterday! I did send.

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I posted my beads today!! Postage was only $2.65, so I can't imagine it will be much more the other way smile.gif
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I went to mail them today and after many delays, I missed the final pickup a hare over 5minutes.  They'll be out first thing in the AM.  If you need to process without mine, feel free, but they'll be in the first mail out. 



Mine are a bit on the smallish side.  I really had a type of bead I wanted, and was limited on size and shape... so I'm sending two different sized beads of that style to help fill the bracelet if needed.

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I don't know if I made this clear, but I  used stamps so I could just drop it in the mail.  I left it at the PO yesterday, so they are "in the mail."  Just some odd hours late. :(

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What???? I put the beads in there for sure!!! they were small blue beads...

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