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Diabetes anyone?

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Hi-- my name is Crissy and I am due 27 Nov. I have type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump, and I am curious if anyone else out there has diabetes- type 1 or even type 2/gestational. Thanks! 

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Welcome, Crissy! I don't have Type 1 diabetes, but will be going in next Friday to test for gestational... My midwife is concerned, as I have PCOS and they're often linked, but I'm not worried either way. Hopefully you'll find others on here who are in your situation!

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Thank you for your response-- I would guess once everyone in this group starts getting their glucose tolerance test there will be more. It would be interesting to hear what others do/eat to avoid spikes in blood sugars, etc.


My sister has PCOS and had my niece 12 years ago-- congrats on your pregnancy! This is my first too =)

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Granite-I have pcos and the only time I almost failed the test was with ds1 when I had to drink the glucose drink.  Since then (years ago), I've done a complete diet change and pretty much have the pcos a lot more under control.  I ate the meal with ds2 and passed and this time my diet is even better so I have no worries.  Having eggs on a multigrain eng muffin  and small cup of oj before my test.


ckarnes-we are pretty much sugar free, and eat minimal processed foods.  The ones we do eat are gf multigrain.  If I didn't eat that way and my test failed, it's what I'd probably switch to-the no sugar and limit processed foods at least, and more fresh foods.  

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I passed my glucose tolerance test! So no GD for me... And now I understand why people avoid & hate the test! Hippy mum, I did have the thick glucose drink, and it was just as icky as I'd expected. I had to have been fasting for 8 hours, so went to the lab at 7am. They took an initial blood draw, I drank the goo, waited an hour, had another draw, then waited another hour before a final draw. By then, my head was pounding, whether from the glucose or hunger or thirst or what I don't know. Blech. Glad I had a snack in the car waiting for me! And that it's done.

It's interesting, though, that I still have an official PCOS diagnosis, as this test is yet another that disputes it... Seriously, so far the only PCOS-y thing about me is that I don't ovulate regularly. Hmmm.

In other news, blood work also showed I'm anemic... Boooo!
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Granite-my only pcos symptoms are crazy cycles and bad acne breakouts, then hypoglycemia is connected, but mine is more or less corrected by now via diet.  I have no other "classic" pcos symptoms.  It was hard for me to find info on pcos and thin women, perhaps because it's just not reported/talked about as much, or they don't realize it is pcos.    I'd end up w/ a headache too having to do that test, and probably sick.  I plan to bring a snack for after my test, even though I'm eating a meal, just because of how much blood they have to take.

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Hi! Just joined the group and had to jump in. I've been pre-diabetic for 8 years. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew immediately it would be brought up as a concern because I'm fat, so I did hours of research on how GD is diagnosed, how it's treated, the risks involved, and the benefits of the various types of treatment. It is my strong opinion that GD is a bit of a farce. This is the best round up of information I can find in one spot, although it's not complete. The biggest thing for me is that, unless you have wildly out of control blood sugars which can be very dangerous, treatment for GD does not improve outcomes. Women without GD can end up with large babies, and women with uncontrolled GD can have small, skinny babies. Same thing goes for a baby struggling to regulate after birth. Controlling blood sugars in pregnancy will also not prevent your child from being predisposed to it later on. The entire metabolic system is far more complicated than that.


Anyway, I refuse to do any official testing for GD. Since I am pre-diabetic to begin with, I monitor my blood sugars throughout pregnancy as if I did have GD because while I believe the standards set for GD are ridiculous at best, I still want to be safe and make sure I'm keeping my sugars in check. I self report the readings to my midwife along with a food diary. I don't need a big bottle of glucose to run a test with a massive false positive rate to tell me I need to be eating a sensible diet and exercising, something every person on earth should be doing.


I've struggled a lot with this pregnancy because my digestion slowed to a crawl and my normal fat/protein based diet caused nausea. I'm currently trying to get my iron stores back up by eating rare cooked meat and liver. It sucks because I worked so hard to get off grains and sugars, and now I'm addicted again. Plus my appetite has been non-existant in general, which makes it a lot more tempting to nibble a little cookie (I hate raw/dehydrated veggies) than cook up a whole balanced meal.


I also used to have PCOS. I cured it with diet, and although I haven't lost any weight and still classified as prediabetic, it is not related to reproductive hormone imbalance. I've been very fat my whole life so I really didn't think a simple change in diet was going to fix everything, but at least I have zero PMS, and very easy, perfectly regular periods. I'm still on a very long journey of healing the body I was born with and giving my children the fighting chance I never got.

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Yup, found out 2 weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes (first pregnancy in the 4 I have carried this far although I never tested with the last 2 so they could have been too), probably because of the progesterone shots I have been getting this time around.  Baby has been measuring right where she is supposed to be and so has my belly...the diet isn't too bad so far although there have been a few times that I have eaten within my carb allowance and still popped high at my 2 hour test :/  but, thought I would let you know you aren't the only one :)

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I have borderline gestational diabetes. I have been able to keep it under control, with occasional spikes here and there. Stress is usually a factor when that happens. My OB says my fundal height is measuring big, but because my levels look good, she thinks I either have too much fluid or my baby has long legs! (Her legs were measuring in the 92nd percentile at our last ultrasound!)
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