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The cruise! I am so not an outdoor/hiking type girl. I'll camp for a few days, but I'd definitely prefer a "real" vacation!


Would you rather have to take three cranky kids shopping for three hours, or watch some sort of marathon (sports or a show or movies) that you hated with your partner for a whole day?

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the latter.. uh oh is that a bad sign? 


would you rather be stuck at an airport for hours due to bad weather.. or be the one waiting at home while this is happening to your partner? 

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I would much rather be at the airport waiting for hours, than be the one at home. 


Would you rather permanently live at Disney World or secluded in the mountains?

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secluded in the mountians........mostly because i would be with my husband who would hate Disney World! Would you rather............live in the same town as your extended family (quantity but not quality), or farther away and see them only a couple times a year (quality, not quantity)?
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i'll pick the opposite of what's the case and say, i'd rather live in the same town and get to see them all the time. 


would you rather live in the forest or in the desert? 

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Forest..........live in the desert now. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
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Blind, I couldn't live without the ability to hear music.

Would you rather have store bought orange juice with lots of pulp or no pulp?
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Neither. Medium pulp.

Would you rather eat eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast or a bowl of cold cereal?
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Would rather eat a bowl of cereal. But I usually eat eggs and bacon trying to at least START the day right food-wise.

Would you rather buy a "new" used car or fix the old broken one?
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New! I love change smile.gif

Would you rather live in Texas or Alaska?
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Texas. I already struggle with PNW Winters because of the lack of sunlight, so I think I'd rather suffer Texas heat in order to have more Sun the rest of the year.


Would you rather see a polar bear or a penguin?

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Would you rather continue or stop these games now that the contest is officially over? BTW, I dreamed last night that MadameXCupcake won!
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Continue! I love games smile.gif

Would you rather be unattractive but well liked or beautiful but lonely?
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