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I have recently gotten the Paragard IUD and I must say I LOVE IT! After I had my child about 10 wks I tried the Mirena and I hated it. I had horrible cramping and non stop mood swings. I actually gained 20lbs, my body thought it was prego again. My thyroid got out of wack again. So after a few months i got rid of it. I went back on the pill for a while. Then found out I couldnt have kids for a very long time r/t health issues. So I got the paragard and I cant even tell you how amazing it is. When my OBGYN placed it, it barely hurt, some cramping and pressure but nothing like the Mirena. That was beyond painful. I did have some bleeding after it was inserted but I feel great with it and so far no horrible side effects like everyone keeps posting!

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This thread has a multitude of reviews: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/200926/paraguard-reviews-mirena-vs-paragard-iud


Might be helpful for others looking for experiences.

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