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My husband. DS resembles him sooo much, I think the man has strong genes wink1.gif

If I could fly anywhere in the world right now I would visit...
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...A beautiful secluded beach somewhere tropical but not sweltering.

Once I have the baby, I'm most looking forward to...
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Slowing down!! Every major event is happening right now, seriously!! Once the baby comes life will get boring again wink1.gif I can't wait!!

The hardest thing about being pregnant is...
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the wait. I've wanted to be a mom for so long and after the initial excitement wears off it's still soooo long till you finally have a baby in your arms!

My favorite season is...
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spring. I love seeing everything get green(er- I live in a rainforest afterall) and everything smells amazing.

As a kid, my favourite cartoon was...
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All the awesome nickelodeon cartoons. Doug, Ahh! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, etc

I truly dislike..
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Passive aggressive behavior.  Just say what you want to say and we can work it out!!!


My favorite summer activity is.......

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swimming in the ocean! All the swimming really, rivers too though lakes worry me often. But the ocean is the best, especially if I can get out to the very edge of the coast where there's nothing between me and the next xontinent because then the waves come crashing in and it's the best.



The food I have been overindulging in without guilt is...

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Ice cream. Out of all the sugary candy type indulgences it doesn't seem all that bad (or so I tell myself)


The best thing about being pregnant is...

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getting pregnant in the first place.


I'm most comfortable when I ...

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.....am playing board games with my husband.  We play every night, and we especially love Euro-style games (so, not Monopoly and stuff).  It just makes me feel right.  :)


My last meal would be.....

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Pizza, lasagna, or enchiladas. Something cheesy, bready, saucy, and spicy.

I always wanted to be...
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An orangutan care giver. Not a zoo keeper, but to live at a nature reserve caring for orangutans.

I never imagined I would..
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end up living in New Mexico and working in the fitness industry. I grew up in metropolis and this is far from, I thought I'd end up working at an office, lunching with colleagues, now I work for myself.

A perfect day for me would include...
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Swimming in a pool by myself, eating a fresh homemade BLT with avocado, napping, then getting a massage and a pedicure and playing board games after dinner with family/friends.  I'm salivating thinking of it.


My favorite clothing item I own is.......

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My favorite article of clothing right now is a striped maternity dress from H&M. I would have been lost without it the last few months. In general, though, I'm obsessed with my weather-proof boots (i live in the pacific northwest, ok?) 


My best friend's best quality is.... 

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She is the most patient person I know. Hardly ever let's anything ruffle her feathers.

I've always thought of myself as..
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....really funny.  Even if only to myself.  I don't really care if anyone else finds me funny, but I surely do amuse the crap out of myself.



My "signature" fragrance is...

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Brown sugar and vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works.  I usually rotate between whatever scent I like best, but I always come home to roost with that fragrance.


My favorite thing to do at an amusement park is.....

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Leave! Haha, or eat junk food, I guess. I'm so not an amusement park lover.

About this pregnancy, I keep thinking...
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