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Do you let your toddler watch TV?

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I know it isn't good for them, but I admit that when I was getting dinner together, I'd put a toddler in front of a Baby Einstein video - not because I thought it would make them smarter but because it would keep them quiet while I was working, and I wasn't prepared to baby wear around knives and hot stoves.

Do (or did) your toddlers watch any TV?


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Honestly, a few times a month. When I'm exhausted, have chores to do, and having him running around, poking the dogs, etc would be the last straw. He gets to choose from the Cars movie, Lady & the Tramp, and Thomas the Tank.
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DS typically gets 1 half hour show per day, either Little Einsteins or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  This started so that I/the nanny could get his sister down for nap, which used to be quite an ordeal.  She goes down easily now, but the TV show habit is sort of established.  I'm okay with it - it still gives me some time to deal with DD and have some down time myself.  And I feel like it helps him wind down for his own nap.


When he is sick (the lethargic stage of being sick), he basically gets movies all day, as much as he wants - usually Cars and Finding Nemo with sometimes A Night at the Museum thrown in for good measure.

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I limit TV for everyone. (7yrs 4yrs 15 months) They watch maybe 1hr. They will watch a muppet show or 2.

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My kids watch a good amount of TV daily.  Doesn't bother me and I don't feel the need to be apologetic about it or validate my decision.

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We occasionally watch a 5min. youtube video or something equivalent when DS (3.5yo) has a question about animals, plants, the planet, etc.  And we will watch videos of him or our friend's kids (also short), but we don't own a tv.  I think that if tv isn't an option it is a lot easier for everyone to make that (no screen time) work.  If there is the option of putting on a show then your kid will want to watch one and you will want to let them, no matter if it is one show a day or unlimited screen time.  Same goes with computers, iphones/pads, and games...  (some days I want to toss the computer out the window because of its magical allure -to all of us).  I think you have to decide what is okay for you, and then stick to your rules.  No one rule works for everyone.  If half an hour of Doodle Dots while you make dinner is what makes life that much sweeter (for you and the kids) then half an hour of Doodle Dots it is!  If you really don't want tv in your life, then you will find a way to make that work for you too. 


There is always the down side too... On tough days I think longingly of popping in a video and letting DS zone out while I, well do ANYTHING!  But I also have friends who send their kids over to our house so that they will stop begging to watch this-that-and the-other, or just to get them off the couch. 

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I'm with you.  We had a TV in our basement from pre-kids days for movies etc but we gave it away when we had our first kid.  I didn't have a TV to watch growing up and I didn't want my kids to have one either.  I cannot see any benefit to it that out weighs the multitude of negatives.  There was a brief time we let her watch about 1/2 our a day on the computer but saw a change in her behavior we didn't like which reinforced our belief in no TV and no screen time.  No video games, no smart phones, no kids computer games....Occasionally for a treat we let our almost 4year old pick out a movie at the library.  I challenge anyone to prove tv/screen time is better for a person compared to a book, art, going outdoors, spending time together etc.

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I let my 2 1/2 year old watch tv, but it's definitely limited. She has lots of other interactions ie: games, craft, reading and play out time. 

I usually let her watch tv around the time I'm cleaning up and while I'm cooking our evening meal.

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Welcome to the new posters I see here! joy.gif

I agree that it isn't good for them, but wow sometimes life gets busy and I only have so much time and something's got to give. Sometimes that's what gives. They watch a little TV and I get some work done without a toddler underfoot.
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Yeah.  All the time.  No limits.  Our only restriction is that we won't have "cable" (or whatever it's called nowadays), cause there is so much crap and commercials to get through.   My kids are 2 and 6 and they both have their own computers and can watch videos and play games whenever they want.  We have 5 screens in the living room alone.  We are very, very media friendly here.  I guess they do see commercials when they go on youtube, but they both are very good at skipping them lol.gif.

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My boys are almost one and two and they LOVE tv, I leave the tv on nick jr all day so they watch it whenever they feel like it, they already seem to have favorite shows!
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The tv is never on during the day when I'm home with my 2 1/2 year old and 7 mth old. 

It would probably make my life a whole lot easier and keep me from stressing out trying to get the baby down for a nap while the toddler is noisily being ' creative' in the next room but I just can't bring myself to do it.  And , yes, as a result, I generally get nothing done during the day because I have to be with them to play, read, prevent the toddler from smacking the baby in the head, etc.  My house is a mess, there are laundry piles everywhere and the diaper pail is probably a bit too ripe for most folk but I'm going to try and hang on to my no tv policy as long as I can.  I am aware that one day, I will eventually have to face reality and let them watch, but for the moment, they have no idea what they are missing.   It comes on in the evening and on Saturday afternoons for maybe 1/2 hour of rugby matches when hubby is home. He can't abide by the NO TV rule.  My 2 1/2 year old will mimic everything he sees during the game, shuts out the rest of his environment and just sits transfixed in front of the screen. That's enough to make me keep the tv off during the day.

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We have Netflix on our laptops, and my toddler watches Dora or Caillou when I need to make dinner. So yes, every day.

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We usually do a 20 minute show first thing in the morning, and then inlet my kids play on the iPod or computer for quiet time. I have a 2 and 4 year old and neither one naps anymore.. I'm home all day with them and when I get a break from them I'm a much nicer mama. They both go to their rooms after lunch and have an hour. sometimes they read or play but mostly that's their iPod time.
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I have a 6 1/2 yr old stepdaughter a 2 year old son and am 20 wks pregnant. Yes, we watch tv. But, we watch amazon or netflix. I control the programming. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a current favorite and it actually inspired my son to start potty training himself. I am dead serious. I had bought a potty, but I wasn't even trying to get him to go, I just put it there. He saw a potty episode and went to the bathroom all by himself and came and told me. I was bowled over. dizzy.gif

I have found the programs we choose to have taught numbers, letters, music, etc and don't feel my kids are set back in any way. While it's a nice thought to be the end all be all for your kids, I frankly don't have the emotional and physical endurance to be ON all day everyday. Sometimes momma needs a break and it's not like its a break anyway. Cooking, cleaning, etc. ;-)

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My son just turned 3 and goes to daycare 4x/week.  In the afternoon he watches limited TV at daycare (1/2 hour?).


When we're at home the other 3 days/week, we let him watch after nap time, but he doesn't always ask especially if we're doing some other fun activity.  There are exceptions of course, like when I have to cook something for lunch (but I usually don't, just cook dinner).  My husband and I try to be consistent by telling our son he can watch after nap, but we are flexible about the time especially if we're trying to teach him something (like the other day, he wanted to know about centipedes -- I wasn't about to go digging for one in the garden! A video was a much safer alternative).

Fave video: Dora and the 3 Little Piggies.  That's all he wants!  Before it was Bonnie Bear.  He's picky!  And recently he wanted to watch a video on how to make red velvet cupcakes (which I made for his b-day) -- over and over.  He's very focused on certain things.

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Are 3 year olds still considered toddlers?


My kiddo is three and she gets to watch tv sometimes. I WAH about 35 hours a week, and for 18 of those someone is here to help with childcare and she gets no screen time during those hours. But, for the other 16 hours She is usually either play with toys, playing educational games "at her desk" "on her ipad" which is right next to my desk in the office, and if she gets really fussy sometimes I let her watch DVD's. We don't have "tv" per se, but we have Netflix and 4 DVDs that she has memorized. 


She watches it all the time at the grandparents and it drives me insane with the sponge bob and dora. Blah...stop turning my kid into brand snob. 

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DD is 18 months and we've been becoming more and more lax about it. But now that she has started to ask to watch it, I've realized I really don't want that for her now. Maybe when shes a little older, a little sesame street here and there, but I do prefer it to be not an every day thing. That said, I'm the only mama I know IRL with an 18 month old who doesn't let them watch as much tv as they want.
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Don't let others actions dictate yours.  Pediatric society recommends no TV or screen time for kids under age 2 and limited time after that.  Screen time has been linked to increases in attention deficit disorder, obesity, aggressive behavior, various mood disorders etc, etc.   This link is a great read, makes good sense and isn't preachy. http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/family/tv_affects_child.html

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We try not to turn the tv on in front of our 25 month old. I don't like the way she stares at it when it's on..almost like she's in a trance. I think it's creepy. At this point she is much more interested in going outside, and playing. TV is not an option for her and I think it is working well for us. We don't watch much TV ourselves, so it's really not a big deal. It's a little more work keeping her entertained while I cook dinner and do things around the house, but no biggie. I'm used to it. We will probably continue no TV access for as long as we can. I have also showed her youtube videos of animals -- she heard a woodpecker and wanted to see it, so I pulled up a youtube. I think youtubes can be pretty educational. We will probably also rent movies from the library when she is older. I agree, its tough to parent and do all the things that need to get done. I do definitely get it. 

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