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Homebirth Backup (x-post)

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So I live in a state where CPMs and home birth are alegal- so there is no licensure and no CNM or OB will dare do a Homebirth nor will they backup a HB midwife.

And a CPM can't order the tests I want - NIPT and a 20 week ultrasound. And no practice will want to take me if I tell them I'm just going to them for prenatals but am doing a HB.

So what have you ladies done? Do you go to a midwife/ob practice for testing and then just dump them at the end? Do you tell them that is your plan?
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Most moms in states with that birth climate either skip those tests or hire an OB as if it were a normal hospital birth planned then stop seeing them after the tests are done or at the end.

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I also live in a state where it is alegal (Michigan). Since it was my first baby, I did want to have testing done. (I only wanted to homebirth if I was truly "low risk" and felt the testing would help prove that). My midwife told me about an OB who was open to working with women who had birthed with her in the past. (The other major practices in the city will drop you completely if they find out you are planning to homebirth). When I first went to see the OB, his policy was that he would treat me like any other patient, he expected that I would go to all appointments and then "oops she just didn't show up at the hospital." I was fine with doing that because he seemed very supportive of natural childbirth and if I ended up needing to choose hospital birth, I would already have an established relationship.


However, about halfway through my pregnancy, he got a lot of pressure from the OBs who back him up--he is in practice by himself so it he can't make it, they were refusing to cover him. In the end, he decided to continue seeing women who were planning on having homebirths on a "consultation basis" basically all the appointments that would have testing associated with them 12 weeks for heartbeat and labs, 20 weeks for ultrasound, 24 for GTT, and 35 for GBS, etc, (maybe more but I just can't remember). This worked out really well for me because I felt like I was truly making a fully informed decision, but didn't have to drive 45 minutes go to all the other worthless appts--IMO because all they did at those appts were the same things that my MW did--BP, fundal height, listen to heartbeat, ask if I had any questions, etc.


I know many women don't say anything to the OB, but that felt like lying to me and I wasn't comfortable with it. Perhaps you could find an OB who might be open to a consultation relationship like mine decided upon. Or you could always say "I'm still deciding whether I want to deliver at the hospital or at home" that way you could wait until after the ultrasound (or whatever other testing you were interested in) results came back and then say, "based on these results, I feel comfortable having a homebirth, thank you for providing me services, but at this point I would like to transfer my care to the homebirth midwife"


I hope that helps!

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Your best bet is to ask your midwife first if you haven't already. I live in an illegal state too, (KY) and my MW only checks hemoglobin but says that there are 2-3 CNM's in the area that will take on home birth moms for additional testing and in case you want them as your backup in case of transfer. Apparently our health dept also offers these tests at a reasonable rate.
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Have you had a chance to talk to your midwife about what her clients who want testing do?

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I'm only 8 weeks so I haven't seen anyone yet, but last time i was PG i was on my own if I wanted testing.

For now I decided to see a CNM practice at a birth center and might switch once I have the information I need.
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I'm a midwife in Mass and I can get most testing done.  I just can't order genetics, but I can send for all the others.  I see that you are now getting some co-care, but please feel free to PM is I can help you out at all with this. :-)

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Homebirth interests me extremely. I gave birth at home six months ago, in Slovakia. Strictly illegal. But I guess you can call it orgastic childbirth. A nice experience...
Now further I will take courses in Tennessee on The Farm with Inna May Gaskin, and I am going to help promote homebirth in Czech Republic, where it was once legal, but now banned again.
Can I gather information about legality/illegality and approaches all around the world here?

Plus how is it at the moment in the state of Massachusetts?

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http://massmidwives.org/ I think it's illegal still for the midwife there but there are those who do it anyway. I think the easiest way to find out about around the world is country by country research.

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