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Renovations and fumes ?

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How do you handle fumes from renovations?  Wherever possible we are picking earth friendly stuff like zero VOCs paint and for our flooring low VOC adhesive.  However they installed granite counters yesterday and the epoxy they used stinks to high heaven.  It is something terrible.  We are staying away from home - well at least I am and my kids.  My husband is working in a room that is not as smelly.  He is going to open all the windows tonight when it is not 100 degrees outside and vent the house as much as possible.   


I am literally smelling a faint smell of these fumes on the dirty clothes I am washing at my in laws.  

What can I do other than air the house to clean the air?   I will def. stay away as long as needed.  Not taking chances.  

I assume after airing stuff out the smell will go away right?  

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Did the contractor or the packaging for the epoxy say how long it has to cure? That is probably how long it will smell if you are sensitive to it. I would open all the windows and place fans in them, going out, to air out the rooms.


Renovations are so hard!

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Yes hubby aired said it was much better - I'm staying away for a couple more days! You are right - renovations are hard. I am less than a week into it and I am over it already.

Thank you!
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Just an update.  Smell is getting better.  It doesn't smell at all if we are ventilating.  It has a slight smell now if we close it up for the night but dissipates when we open things up and even when it does smell it doesn't knock you out like it did at first.  
We cannot smell anything upstairs so at least we can live in the house.  

We have nixed the idea of gluing the wood floors down.  NO FREAKING WAY. 


Now I am considering an air purifyer to help the last of the odor go away.  

This has been SO stressful. 


Any other suggestions are welcome!   I did put a bowl of vinegar in there too and will probably go get kitty litter and baking soda and onions.  Like a crazy person - hahahaha

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