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What do you think you're having?

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I'm going with girl #3. I just got a feeling when I took the test!
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Probably another boy. I wish it were a girl, but it just doesn't seem much different from my other two pregnancies.
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I'm betting on our forth boy. I ask myself if it's because I always feel the same and have always had boys, or maybe I'm just afraid to think of the unknown. My mom-tuition says boy, and even hubby has slipped up and calls the baby "him." Could just be habit though. smile.gif

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I'm thinking boy but based on timing and Chinese conception charts, it's a girl. I found out with DD#1 but didn't with DD#2. Going to find out this time too.
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According to gender prediction mine says girl! thumb.gif still thinking boy though.

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I'm feeling girl.  :)  Most gender predictors are saying girl as well.  (LOL I won't even tell you how many I checked out) :P

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Hmmm, that link says girl. I've been thinking boy.

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According to those things it's a girl but both of the boys were supposed to be girls to according to those. My gut says another boy (timing supports that theory) though everyone else says girl lol

So far my pregnancy has been the same as my previous ones which supports my feeling of boyness lol
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I did some other gender predictor things. My gut says boy. And I have no preference so I'm not swaying myself lol. But the chinese thing says girl, biorythyms say boy (I checked these things after my gut feeling), ring over my uterus says boy. I did the ring over my wrist and it said b,b,g,g,b,BOY and then stopped. I have used the thing over my wrist since my 3rd. It's always been right and has always given all my children in order in the correct gender. So, despite that the chinese thing says girl (and some of them are off as you have to do a specific age or something) I still think boy.

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I've never had a gut feeling about any pregnancy. I had dreams of a girl who I always thought was supposed to be my daughter when I was a teenager, but I only have 2 boys. I also had a dream about a daughter and a son announcing to me they were getting married (to separate people, obviously) a week or so ago. So, we'll see if this is a girl!

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Having a boy already, I would love to have another boy.  I am so much more nauseous this time around which makes us think it is a girl.  Whenever someone asks what I'd rather have, a boy or a girl, I say, "A Baby!" because really, either way, we'll feel very very happy.  

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I think boy because my boobs dont hurt at all this time! But I thought boy last time too and I was wrong so who knows! smile.gif

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I honestly don't know. With DS #1 I knew boy, just couldn't picture anything else. My symptoms with DS #2 were so different I decided it must be a girl, but nope, another boy. This time I think girl but I have a bias towards wanting a girl so I can't trust my intuition. But the Chinese gender chart says girl, the wives' tale about heart rate says girl (185 bpm!)... I'm just waiting to see...

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I'm pretty sure it's a boy, as my skin is a mess, just like it was the whole time I was pregnant with my son (and it was fine with my daughter). Also having NO sweets cravings, which is unusual for me and was unheard of when pregnant with my daughter! lol

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girl. Just think so from crazy heartburn.
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