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Placenta anyone?

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I had my placenta encapsulated. Just wondering if any other moms are planing this or have done it in the past and how it worked for them?
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I had mine done and am taking it every day. I'm fairly certain it's made my mood even out tremendously. Other than a few sparky moments I feel (emotionally) great. So unlike my last two babes. I was a weepy wreck with them.
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i had mine encapsulated too-- been taking less per day than recommended, but i keep forgetting. it's hard for me to say because my last birth and immediate recovery felt so much more intense than this time....but i'd have to say i've only had a few weepy moments too so far...don't know that i attribute it to encapsulation. but glad to be taking it. i am glad to have any postpartum recovery help! :)

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I'm still debating having mine encapsulated. I was pretty convinced but recently came across something that seemed off. I was talking to an LC about supply/storage issues I am anticipating due to a medical condition, and she mentioned that it's the sudden drop in progesterone which triggers milk-making after the baby is born. 


Separately, I know that the placenta is the producer of progesterone, and that it is it's absence that causes the drop. I've also heard that the mood-regulating benefits of placenta are the hormones in it that you re-ingest. 


It made me think that consuming progesterone after giving birth might not be the best idea if you are worried about breastmilk supply issues because it would turn what would have been a big drop in hormones and a sudden in-coming of milk into a gradual slow-down of hormones and maybe less milk? 


This is just me trying to piece together some information I found confusing. Has anyone heard anything about placenta consumption and milk production in low-producing women? 


The other thing that always confused me is that if "once upon a time" humans ate placenta raw right after birth for some reason, wouldn't they have had it all at once (or over a few days, max) rather than in low doses over time? Seems like that would make a big difference in what it does for recovery. 

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you make some interesting point cynthiamoon--which i can't really give much input on. but i can say my milk experience was pretty much the same as last time. milk came in on day 2 and i have lots of it...so for me, taking it or not taking it didn't change when it came in or how much i have.

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I've had mine encapsulated and have been taking 1 a day.  I struggle with iron deficiency and PPD normally.  This time my mood seems very stable and my energy levels are great!!!


I was told it helps with milk supply!  I have had no issues...though I struggle with over supply...so I probably wouldn't have a problem regardless.

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Ditto with the oversupply. Does the projesterone survive the encapsulization process? Is placenta a store for projesterone or does it only help produce it during pregnancy. So I'm curious now.
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Answered my own question.
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wrenmoon--your link said it cut down bleeding time--i am still bleeding 2 weeks pp--has yours stopped? i can't remember when i stopped bleeding last time, so i don't have a comparison. but, like i said, i'm also taking it less regularly than directed...

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Mine just slowed way down after being heavy and clotting for some days, but I had retained membranes (the source of lots of pain) that just passed two days ago. I am assuming they are mostly gone because the bleeding lightened up except for some gushing.
I'm definitely bleeding more this time around though.
I was looking at the hormonal content specifically, I think that everyone's bleeding will have to do with their specific physical landscape- I'm not sure any pill, placenta or herb, can really make everyone's bleeding shorter cause we bleed for different reasons.

Here's my thinking...
Some bleeding comes from low iron- placenta would assist in that case, some comes from low tone so maybe it wouldn't have as much of an impact there?

Maybe low hormones and low tone = heavier bleeding for some women because of the oxytocin bringing on more activity in the uterus. It sure would be interesting to see some studies done around that, with differentiation for low iron women etc, but how would one define "low tone"? I have a small clinical practice but not enough pregnant mamas. I do have a friend who works in a birth clinic in dc I might tap her for keeping tabs on the women she sees. This will be something to watch over the years.
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My bleeding has been significantly less this time compared to my other three.  I do struggle with iron deficiency so it makes sense that the placenta would help with that!  Very interesting!

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i have not bled much on a daily basis--but i'm still bleeding. ;( can't wait to stop so i can stop wearing a pad. 

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Amen to that ashleybrook. So very tired of having a bulky crotch. Making me feel extra frumpy all day, such a special feeling.
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you made me laugh wrenmoon...because that's exactly how i feel. extra frumpy, extra bulky, special & sweaty!!!

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This time I've quit bleeding about 5-6 days pp. I'm only 9 days out but it's kinda wired that I'm not bleeding. Guess its the placenta? Home birth? Last time I bleed for 6 weeks!!! I feel really good though. I think it's the placenta pills. I don't feel like I'm delirious & crazy like after my other babies. So far so good. I also got a tincture made that will last indefinitely.
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And about milk production I could feed triplets right now. I have to pump at least once a day to relieve pressure.
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I felt like my placenta caps made me feel almost dizzy.  I was taking 1 at a time 2 x a day and stopped after 3 days because I didn't feel good.  Then I thought it could have been my narcotic pain meds, so I took them again a few times after pain meds were done and still felt that way.  So I go back and forth on how I feel with taking them.  I also have the tincture but haven't used it at all.

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I've been getting headaches. Not sure if its form pills which my lady said take 3 3x a day w/ meals! I cut back to two pills twice a day. I think I'm just freaking tired.
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Yep, I had a headache too. But I'm also super tired greensad.gif. My wish for tonight is 5 straight hours of sleep. Anyone else?
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Omg. 5. Sound like bliss.
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