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YES!!!!!!!!!! The first time he did it I felt like a new person smile.gif the second and third times I was in absolute heaven. The 4th time he was awake for 2 hours (after the 5.5 hour stint) spitting up or puking on us both greensad.gif
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This is my first pregnancy, and I decided to have my placenta encapsulated after my friend (who had her first child last April) raved about how it helped regulate her moods after birth.  I had a Caesarean, so I wasn't able to take the capsules until my third evening postpartum.  I took two, and two more the following morning, and I had a really hard time sleeping both nights.  I'm sure it was a combination of emotion, the transition home, and learning to move in a way that wouldn't strain my stitches, but when I laid in bed, I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest.  I actually called my midwives because I thought that maybe something had gone wrong with my lungs after the anesthesia, but I think I was just experiencing anxiety for the first time in my life!  After that, I didn't take the pills for two days, just in case they were contributing to the way I felt.


That said, I've taken one capsule today, and one yesterday, and I feel wonderful!  Yesterday I took one nap in the afternoon, and when I was able to lay down last night, I slept like a rock.  I also felt like I had a lot of energy yesterday until I decided to nap while my little boy slept.  As far as bleeding and mood swings, I haven't had a problem with either, but I was told in the hospital (before I was able to take any of the capsules anyway) that I was healing very well.  I think I'll continue to take a pill each morning unless it starts to wind me up again.  Great thread - thanks everyone for chiming in!


Oh, PS - my milk arrived in force on day 4, and engorgement subsided after about 36 hours.  My boobs leak less while I'm nursing than they did before, so I think they're learning how much milk to make for little Oliver.  He's gaining weight well, so presumably supply is just fine!

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The little guy we lost in 2012 was named Oliver, love it!!   Glad you're healing well, mama!  I'm going to try mine again in the mornings and see how they make me feel.  Anyone know what the tincture would be good for?  How to take it?  I have 2 vials of it.  One is the one that can be made immediately and the other is the one that needs to sit for 6 weeks or is it months? but I haven't taken them because I have NO clue how to take them or what they are for.  She even said I could give it to Camden if he needed it, but again I have no idea what the reason would be.

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My lady said not to take pills if there was infection/fever BUT after six weeks the tincture would be ready and that can be given if sick etc to myself or the children. When it gets low you just add more vodka.
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