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Anybody else have gestational diabetes?

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I know there's a giant gestational diabetes threads somewhere on these forums, but I was wondering if anybody else in our group has GD.


I failed the 1 hour screen, and I couldn't stomach the 3 hour test. I had my blood sugars under control until about a week ago, and now they're getting harder to control. I'm a little disappointed with how little advice I can get out of my nutritionist. Does anybody have any good tips on how to control with diet while still getting enough carbs for baby's brain development?

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I don't, but my brother and aunt both do. Carbs aren't as necessary as you may think. This is a good read:

FWIW, the American "food pyramid" is so so so wrong when it comes to the amount of grains and carbs it recommends. I think there are at least one or two Paleo mamas in the group who could also attest to the fact that lots of carbs aren't necessary for a healthy diet or healthy baby.
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Eat low on the glycemic index. Cut out all refined carbohydrates (no sugar, bread, pasta, etc),and limit starchy veggies and fruits though do keep them in your diet because you do not want to enter ketosis whilst pregnant.


Good luck!

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I have gestational diabetes and am on insulin. I've found that eating enough fat and protein is key to managing my sugars.
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I'm sorry to hear your nutritionist hasn't been very helpful. This is my second pregnancy, and my second time with gestational diabetes. My nutritionist has me on a very prescriptive eating plan, and when I follow it to a T, my sugars stay in control. Here are the carb counts I stay within (designed to provide the baby with enough carbs for growth):

  • 30g carbs at breakfast (no fruits, cereals or fruit juices; lately I've been eating plain Greek yogurt with high-protein granola)
  • 15g carbs morning snack
  • 45g carbs at lunch
  • 15g carbs afternoon snack
  • 45g carbs at dinner
  • high-protein snack before bed


I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the ideas everyone! I still was having trouble controlling my blood sugars, so I'm on glyburide now, very low dose.

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