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Pediatrician eastside/lynnnwood

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I'm searching for a new pediatrician for three kids- one on the spectrum. We are a no vax family so looking for someone who is ok with that and also (this is important) is easy enough to get into for urgent/same or next day sick visits which I've found difficult with nds. I'd prefer to not travel to Seattle and would like to stay within 20 ish minutes of bothell. Recommendations?
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deb zaret at harbor point pediatrics is cool. no trouble at all with non-vax, from her, the nurses, or any staff. the office is near lynnwood, but heading out toward mukilteo. its reasonable to bothell. we go there from kenmore. I have no idea about getting in for sick visits same/next day, since we've never had to. 

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We see the ladies at Cascade Natural Medicine.  It's in Kirkland, just across the street from Evergreen Hospital.  I've never had a problem getting in for same day visits, and no problems with non-vaxing.  We usually see Dr. Candace, but everyone there has been great.  

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Unfortunately, Dr. Zaret is not taking new patients. greensad.gif Have seen her name a few times and since we just moved here, I need a signature on the school vax form and thought I'd give her a try. No go.
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There's another ped in the office whose bio mentions attachment parenting. I've never met her but heard good things. Forgot her name but if you find the website and look up bios you should be able to figure it out. It was a woman. Maybe try her?
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Yes, Dr. Lelach Rave - I did see her bio, but when I googled her there was a review that talked about her prescribing antibiotics for an ear infection. The parent was not happy. Does anyone have experience with her? I tried to talk to the receptionist about our needs hoping she could direct me to another provider, but she said I just had to read the bios and decide for myself. Having done that before and sat through a vehement lecture on the dangers of not vaccinating, I'm a little reluctant to make an appoointment without a recommendation. LOL!
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We recently moved to the Martha Lake area. In my search for a pediatrician, I've been drawn toward Lelach Rave. I've had her bio bookmarked for months. I finally called them today to see about getting in with her. My kids should be seeing her within 4-6 weeks (waiting for insurance stuff to get situated). I can let you know what our experience is.

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I am sure you probably have a pediatrician by now, but I thought I would share my experience/review, as we finally got into see Dr. Rave today (that two months between my last post and now was my scheduling fault- not theirs). I must say, I absolutely loved her! She is very soft-spoken and respectful. I nursed my 27 month old while in the room (it was my 7 year old's appt) and Dr. Rave commented how she was still nursing her almost three year old. :) 


We did talk about vax, as we selectively/delay vax. She was totally okay with our choices, though she did bring up a recent Hep A outbreak linked to frozen berries at Costco, and how you just never know. But she was absolutely not pushy in any way. 


She mentioned how if there is a same day appt needed, they will do their best to get you in. Otherwise they do have other clinics in the area (that's great, though I obviously prefer to see our actual pediatrician- but we do what we must).


She seemed open to alternative medicines, though she willingly prescribed an ointment for my daughter (severe eczema/skin allergies- we've tried numerous natural remedies, and her skin allergies make that a challenge).


She was also just fantastic with my hypersensitive 7 year old daughter. It takes a lot to get my daughter to warm up, and the fact that Dr. Rave spent an entire hour in the exam room with us and had my daughter responding to her by the end of the appt was incredible.

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