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We were able to get me tennis shoes for the first time in 5 years & after getting over the horror of my now size 11's, my feet want to move! I was watching a friends children & had Leora, an 18 month old, two 3 year olds born 3 days apart, & my 5 & 7 year old. It was a bit overwhelming until I remembered those Billy Blanks Tae Bo VHS that mom had given me while still pregnant, so we tried those out for "dancing". It was hard as I'm really uncoordinated & stopped 1/2 way through the Basic tape when they all tired of dancing & just stared at me. It was fun to get my heart rate up though & break a sweat for pleasure rather than regular work. I'm holding on to 15 pounds, though I feel stronger & like the way I look...excepting squishy belly, lol.

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I've hit about 150 now from 184ish, which puts me in a size 10. I think I look pretty normal now, although I still have a linea nigra. I expect to stay around this size until around 6 months pp....at least thats how things were last time. I have no idea whether or not I will get back into a size 4, but I don't think that's my goal. Really I just want to work on strength and toning, although doing a specific exercise program isn't in my immediate future...my exercise is generally playinv with DS, which is actually a pretty good work out if I handle it right.
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My weight has gone back down pretty fast, but my shape is totally different. A lot of my blouses won't button and some of my pants are still too tight. I'm hoping to work on doing more tummy exercises as I definitely still have a belly. For you mommies who have breastfed before, will my breasts stay this same size they are now until I quit breastfeeding? And when I quit breastfeeding will they go back to the size they were before? I bought several nice new bras before I got married a year ago and am wondering if they will ever fit again or if I should just get rid of them. 

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I was a 34A pre-pregnancy. My breasts stayed a 34C until dd was about 18mo and then went down to a 34B. They were shrinking again right before I got pregnant with this squish and Dd was a little over 2.5yrs old and still nursing. Now almost 3 mo pp with this one and I'm a 34 DD! So I'd say expect a lot of fluctuation depending on the age of your baby and how much they nurse.
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My boobs went back down to their regular old size between this babe and my middle, which was 6 years. So I would count on them being pretty similar but it might be a few years

Afm my weight is still pretty 'up there'. I've never been one of those who just melt off weight after my babies. Pre prego I was 142, got up to 161, and am now 153. And I still have a pretty big smooshy belly... Which doesn't really bother me (it feels kinda like 'baby pride') but I'm wondering if it will go away?? I've never had a belly last this long pp before.
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I feel exactly like this, Shanna!! Or should I say I look exactly as you've described!! My belly is super puffy. So my shorts fit but there's a pooch below the button and below ... I do NOT like it nor do I feel pride for it greensad.gif
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My boobs sloooooowly went down to one cup size above where I started by 2 years PP the first time....but DS was still nursing all.the.time and my boobs had gone from a 34d to a 36gg. And I had lost more weight than I gained in the pregnancy, and ended up below my pre preg weight. My shape shrunk up too. I never stopped nursing.
The weight is coming off much quicker this time, probably from a combination of tandem nursing and eating better tbis time around. I am in the mid- upper 140s now, which means I've lost almost 40 pounds and have a littler more than 10 more to go to get to about pre preg weight. My hips and thighs are still wider (they took a long time to go back before too) so Im not fitting into smaller clothes yet....and a lot of my weight is still in my boobs - I'm btween an f and g at the moment. Part of fhat is because of DS keeping my supply up.

What happens when ds misses a session. My belly is just about to normal.
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Hahaha, yes! Good old Frankenboob! She makes an appearance over here as well. Sometimes it lasts a whole day or two! Attractive.
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Thanks everyone for the input on bra sizes...helps me know more what to look forward to. :p  We're hoping to have more children, so it sounds my breast size may not get back to "normal" for a long time (unless future babies don't come for awhile). 

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I dropped a lot of weight very quickly and was under my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week followup with my MW.  I'm not actively trying to lose any more weight at this time, though I'd like to down the road since I was a little over where I'd like to be when I got pregnant.  I've been trying to eat more and drink lots more water since I am slowly getting back to regular exercise and I am paranoid about keeping a good supply while nursing.  I'm not really sure about how much I should be consuming to find a healthy balance between intake and output.  Maybe I should track my eating habits for a few days to make sure I'm eating enough of the right foods?  I think that I have actually gained a few back now, but I have not been on a scale to check...I may or may not be eating a little extra ice-cream these days  :Sheepish 

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I haven't posted a stated goal, but I've reached it this morning; 148! I wanted to be down to 150 by Oct., 145 by Nov., etc. Pre preg, I was 135 which is on the thinnish side for me, I begin to look sallow & hollow, but 140 is where I feel & feel I look the best.

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Yay Voondrop!
I came in just under 145 this morning. I'm pretty comfortable here, but I tend to have trouble keeping weight on, so I'm sure I will loose a few more pounds. I've still got ten more to go to get to pre preg weight. My hips are still spread a bunch though, although I can now fit in my really stretched out size 8s....but not the newer ones that are truer to size.
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So after a brief stomach bug, I have bit my approximate pre preg weigbt of 135lbs. It happened way faster that I thouvbt it would. So tbats 50 pounds gone....crazy. It would be nice if my clotbes fit thougb. That still hasn't happened yet.
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Wow, 50 lbs?! You dropped that quick! Good job!

I'm losing very slowly, but steadily. Or, at least I was until my birthday and halloween came along. I've plateaued this past couple of weeks and I've really gotta make some adjustments so I dont start gaining. I'm right around 125 and pre-preggo was a very fit/toned 115-117. It will probably take quite a while before I get back to that!

I'm also feeling quite a bit softer and more jiggly than I'd like, and much much slower when I run. I recently completed my first post-partum 5k (it was a race, but also the first time since 32 weeks preggo that I completed that distance.) And I wasn't terribly pleased with my time. It was a really hilly course, I finished in 32:45. It was on my 32nd birthday! And it was close to Halloween, so lots of people ran it in costume. I went as strawberry shortcake, lol.
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Love the outfit!!! And wow, good for you on the race!! I was doing several miles, maybe 20 a week, in brisk walking but after a stomach virus in the house I slacked off. I feel so freaking tired nowadays that I don't dare attempt greensad.gif

So finally below the 140 mark, I'm at 139. I started at 135 BUT that's was after we were having a drink pretty much daily. Not drinking a lot but having one every day, so I gained about 5 pounds just before I found out I was pregnant greensad.gif my real issue is I still can't fit in my damn pants. WHY??? My belly is so puffy and I can barely fit in an 8 but more comfortable in a 10 greensad.gifgreensad.gifgreensad.gif so very frustrating !!
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Ugh. I am no where near where I would like to be, I am gaining because I still can't do much of excercise due to my prolapse that is taking forever to heal. I am a very 'no pain no gain' type of person so I I know there are types of excercise I could be doing but they all feel so mild (yoga, swimming, ) I would rather be weight lifting or running! So I know it's partly my fault.
Good for you Kitteh! Your costume looks great!
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Hey so with the prolapse, does it hurt to have sex?? I have almost zero desire for DTD greensad.gif I love my DH with my whole heart and feel bad because I never want to do it so at times I just say let's go and I just want him to get it over with. But if he goes fast or if it's more than a few minutes it starts to hurt inside and after I feel like there are little tears or cuts from bring so dry greensad.gif it totally sucks!!! Someone tell me I'm not alone here?!?! I don't recall this from previous babies either 😫
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Tenk that sounds awful, and from my experience dtd doesn't hurt with prolapse. Maybe your body just isn't ready for it yet? I read somewhere that in the first several months after having a baby all a mothers intimacy needs are met by her LO so she's less likely to want to be intimate with her partner.
Do you have any kinda ppd?
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Hi, I thought I'd check in.  I have done 3 post-partum runs.  I am super slow, but I can still run 2+ miles w/o stopping.  I am impressed w/ myself!  


I am up just 4 lbs over my pre-preg weight.  I was shocked when I stepped on the scale the other day and saw 126.  I was more expecting 136!  I think the move to OH this past month has really put a damper on eating enough calories in a given day - I find I am too busy to eat!  Even though I am only up 4 lbs, none of my clothes fit correctly.  My shape is all different and much gushier.  I know running will tone me again and I am happy to be back in the saddle.  I expect I may gain a few pounds of muscle before I see the scale tip back toward my pre-preg number.

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Hmm, I don't think I have PPD, I had it after our last daughter then Oliver passed away, now Camden. I wonder if it's just a lack of lubrication from breastfeeding? I also recently had mastitis after dealing with very sick kids and hubby for a month. I've been super wiped out greensad.gif
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