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Which seat for our babies?

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Our babies are growing and we are thining it is time to start thinking of a convertable seat.

We have 8 month old twins. Right now they are in Snugride 35's. They do have lots of time left in them. They are both about 20lbs and lots of height left. But we want to get them out of the buckets soonish.

We are hopefully wanting a seat for them that will last for a long, long time. Maybe until they are done with seats.


We have a 4yr old, 40lbs and 41inches tall. She is in a Safety 1st Complete Air. It goes to 50lbs and 46inches. She will out grow the height well before the weight. Although, the 46inches seems low. Her head isn't anywhere near the top and the harness still has lots of height to grow.


Anyway. I was thinking of getting DD the Britax Frontier so she can be in that until she is done with seats.

And then getting 2 convertables for the twins. But ones that go to a higher weight and height so that they can be in the seats until they go into a booster, probably 5 or 6 yrs old.


DD can technically go into a booster now. She is old enough, weighs enough and is very mature. She never ever falls asleep in the car and doesn't figgit or anything. But she is 4, and I fear she will have some defiant moments and try to unbuckle herself or something while we are on the highway. Thats why I would like to get her a 5-point harness that can then become her booster.


OK. Any recommendations for seats?

We are in Canada.

We would rather pay more for a seat that will last forever than pay less and have to buy another later.

We do not plan on any more kids, so do not need to pass seats down. Although could pass DD's down to a twin and only have to buy 1booster later wold be good.

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If you want to buy your oldest a new seat, a frontier or nautilus would work well.  By the weight on your complete air, I would guess it's the older model which were made around 2009.  That means it will expire around 2015 when your twins will be only 2-3.  Ideally, you rearface to the limits of the seat, or to 4 years old (or how close you can get).  So if you pass down dd's seat, in a couple of years you'll be looking at ffing at least one of the twins or buying another rfing seat.  If you do pass it down, at that point I would move your dd to a dedicated booster and pass down the frontier or nautilus.  


The other option is to just get 2 new convertibles.  The Diono Radians will last most kids to booster age.  The newer complete airs will as well.  No seat is going to get you from now through boostering, but if the radians get you to 5-6 years, then you can just buy 2 boosters and be done with seats. And then keep your oldest in her seat until it is outgrown unless you are dying to get her a new seat.  I know Dorel states a height limit for their seats (most do), as long as her shoulders are below the lowest harness slot and her ears are below the shell she should be safe.  It's a parental decision, but that is the general rule of thumb for most seats.  When your oldest outgrows her complete air, you can just buy her a booster.  It is doubtful she'll be out of a booster by the time your twins are ready for them, so I wouldn't necessarily count on passing that down.  Fortunately boosters are cheaper than harnessed seats.  Also, keep in mind that most boosters expire in 6 years when you're thinking ahead to possibly passing it down.  Even if you were able to because your dd was out of a booster, you probably would only have a couple of years left before it expires and you'd end up having to buy another booster for one of the twins at some point.

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