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Do I realllly have a baby bump already!?!?!

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This is my first, if I don't count the m/c, and I'm 9w5d today and I swear to God I already have a baby bump! It's there in the morning, there at night and I can't suck it in. I in no way expected to be able to tell a difference before like 4 months. I don't think anyone looking at me would be able to tell yet unless I pointed it out but I can definitely see it and so can DH. I don't know if it's bc I'm petite -- 5' 2" and had a 24-25 in waist pre-pregnancy -- but I feel like I'm going to look enormous at this rate. 


Anyone else showing this early with your first??!

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This is my second pregnancy and it is showing already. Enough for one of my girlfriend who did not know to get suspicious!

I showed early for my first pregnancy as well. I only learned I was expecting on week 9 but I remember I was concerned about my belly but I tought it was just regular weight gain. At 12 weeks I was obviously pregnant, enough for everybody to notice. I was convince I would be having twins. And then, from 4 to 7 months I hardly got bigger. I ended up not being that big at all for the last months of the pregnancy.


Now, this early showing is part bloating I think. And maybe the small figure (I am on the skinny size).

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I've had two u/s so definitely confirmed there's just one baby in there! Maybe it's just bloating then for me, too. My stomach is always the last place I gain weight so to have a belly feels weird for me!

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Yesterday I fastened my jeans with a hairtie, and by evening I had to take that off and pull out the belly band. I am 12 1/2 weeks now and look like I did at 17-18 weeks with my daughter. 

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erigeron - I am doing the hair tie thing too smile.gif! I am 10 weeks..but it's our 4th child and my-oh-my did my bump pop out fast this time!
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oasis, I thought there was going to be a picture of your bump on this thread! Let's see it! winky.gif

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Sounds normal to me. I'm pg with #5, 9w6d, and can easily feel my fundus above my public bone. I haven't had any scans so I can't say whether there's one or two, but previous singleton pregnancies have been much the same.

It's so amazing to have a real, tangible pregnancy symptom, I mean, I suffer from HG so that's a symptom I suppose, but feeling my uterus rising up is more fun.
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I second that tabitha -- bump is definitely the funnest symptom smile.gif
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I'm a petite gal myself 5'3" and short-waisted and my 1st pregnancy was apparent at around 10 weeks...

This time, not only have I been wearing maternity pants since I was 8 weeks, this past week (I'm 12 weeks, 4 days) I swear I'm feeling baby flutters! Any time I lie on my back or drink a cold beverage...butterfly wings in my tummy!
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