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When am I "single"?

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Can I consider myself single now that the decision has been made? When I file? Or when it's final? I'm anxious to be FREE!

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We were never married, so this might not apply, but I considered myself officially single when we were no longer living together (in this case I moved out into my own place with the kids.)  For the 3 months after the decision was made but before I moved out, I would just say I was in the midst of a separation if my marital status came up :)


With a divorce, I think lots of people consider themselves single when someone moves out since a final judgment can take so long, but a case can be made for waiting for the final paperwork to go through.  I'd do whatever feels right to you :)

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I wanna be free now! Lol. Unfortunately we officially live together until January. Boo. I'm staying with my parents as much as possible between now and then.

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yeah, I felt single when he moved out. Until then, he still felt like my husband


forgot to say, you can consider yourself single whenever you want - there's no rule about it. But being single while still living with an ex makes it complicated.

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I can not wait to separate physically...

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Micah_Mae, you are single whenever you feel it.  There's no right answer.  Personally I felt like a single parent when he left me but I didn't feel free to date until I was officially divorced.  That was just my personal feeling, I know I lot of people who felt the urge to date as soon as they had physically separated from their spouses.  Two of my neighbors are single moms and started dating immediately upon separation.

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Oh I'm not planning to date again. Like...ever. I have had 2 serious relationships in my life and both were abusive assholes, I'm done with men.

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I've said the same thing quite recently actually.  I'm sorry to hear you are in the same position.  

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I still don't consider myself single. I was married. I was separated. I AM divorced.

I didn't accept date proposals until the day the judge signed the divorce decree. That was almost 8 months ago and o.m.g. it is CRAZY out there. I applaud your decision to not date and after a few terrifying experiences, I think I'm with you.
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