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Help choosing a doula

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For the last week I've been interviewing Doula's. We're having a hospital birth for a variety of reasons, but I want to try if at all possible to do natural childbirth. So, having a doula is very important to me to help me during labour especially as interventions are suggested to help me weigh those decisions. 


I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between two, input would be appreciated.


Doula #1: I really like her, she's a straight shooter, very blunt and straight forward. Which is a great fit for my personality. I know I need someone with a strong personality because I am a strong personality and I need someone who can handle that when I'm in pain and stressed. She does pre-natal education and child birth education. She also teaches hypnobirthing. She does 3-4 pre-natal visits and one post-birth visit. The only downside to her is that she's about 1.5 hours away from us and with a winter birth that is a concern. 


Doula #2: She's younger than #1, she's extremely nice and took a lot of time in our interview to really get to know me and was able to draw a lot out of me in terms of things that I'm thinking about for the birth and asked questions that made me think. She does 2-3 pre-natal visits and 2 post-birth visits. She does not teach pre-natal education or child birth education. She's located close to us and our hospital. 


There is not a significant difference in cost. Both have access to tonnes of reading materials. Both will work with the RMT I'm also working with. 



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Personally, I'd go with the closer one. Sounds like she went in depth to get out of you what you want for the birth. That is important. Also, being closer has the benefit that she can be with you sooner.
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I would go with whom you feel will help you more. Do you need MORE before or after the birth?


Me I wanted someone more after.

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If it were me, Id choose doula #2. For a lot of reasons, mainly because she's closer. Also, just because a doula is a CBE, does not mean that they are any "better" or are going to give you any more knowledge. I know tons of doulas who could totally teach a CB class, but that's just not what they are into. In fact, most of the doulas I know wont take a client who hasnt taken a class because they dont want their job to be educating the client. 


Also, blount and strong is good, but if you do go with her make sure she isnt going to plow over you and your emotions and what you want while in the labor and delivery room. 


Im sure they are both great choices- Id go with number two because of the distance factor. 

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As a strong personality myself, married to a gentler soul, I'd pick #1. I think the subtle compatibility of people who deal with situations the same way is tougher to quantify than distance, but more important.

In a way, I feel like when picking a doula, I am picking a partner for my partner whom I consider my primary coach/helper, etc.

In our case, I know my husband needs my bigger personality and drive to complete his initiative, and he'll need the same from a doula supporting us in labor.

Plus, it means she and I will want to react to things similarly, which is nice I think.
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If my husband was also a stronger, louder type, I think all those big personalities would just clash!

The distance is a bit of a worry, but look into their backups.
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I ended up choosing Doula #2. Mostly very worried about snow in mid-February. I think I'm also thinking less about supporting my partner and more about supporting me and I think they'll both do a good job with that. 

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