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In home child care

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I just accepted a job from a friend of mine, single mom of two kids.but her older one is 8 and will be in school, and his dad lives nearby, so he's available for care for him. Her home child care provider is going back to work and she needs someone reliable to leave her son with. I've been helping her out off and on since her son was born. He's 15 months old(different dad). The only problem I have with it is the pay! She wants to pay me 100 per week. It's not full time, but would be anywhere from 18-40 hrs week. She's going through nursing school right now, and is doing her clinicals(is that what it's called?) so her schedule will vary greatly. She's going to pay me 100 regardless. On the light weeks, 100 isn't bad but on the heavy weeks its kinda crappy. But I feel for her and I'm her only option right now. She can't afford any more and she said when she can she will pay more. I also had to agree to take him even when he's sick since she can't miss more than one day the whole semester. She said he's only been sick 2 times since he was born, still breast fed and has only been to in home care. She's trying to avoid daycare. I'm hoping this will help me better about our own routine. I don't love routine but know kids thrive on it so I'm trying. Caring for another child will help with that I think. To give you an idea of child care rates where I live(rural area), its anywhere from 125-150/week for full time care for 1 child. That's upwards of 50 hours a week. So 100 isn't horrible but it's not great. There are lots if in home care providers in this area so competition is something I have to be careful about. I'm just wondering how hard this will be on me and my family. I could be caring for him from 6am to 1pm or 11am-6:30 pm or it could be all day. 7-6. What do you ladies think? Is it going to be as hard as it sounds? It's only temporary too. I really only need to work for the next 8 months or so until my husband moves out of his training period. Also, I drive a beetle, so the times I have him I can't drive anywhere with all the kids. Good thing we live near a park and are going into Texas autumn. We also have a trampoline, see saw, swing set, and a huge back yard, so we have lots to do around here. My DS is 4 1/2 and my DD is 2... I guess unjust wonder if my DS needs to be able to be around his friends more at this age or if its okay for him to be home so much only interacting with me, DD and one other child. We're going to homeschool, so I wonder about socialization. I can have his friends come over too.
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I think you said it yourself. You are her only option and she really doesn't have more money to offer you. So it's not like she is refusing to pay you more. She is taking advantage of your wonderful offer to help her and your recognition that she needs you and you are able to help her. So, you either accept it or you decide you can't and decline to continue. 


I would not worry too much about the socialization concerns for your son. You seem to have options there - going to the park and having friends over. 

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If you can handle the extra work it sounds reasonable to me. Lovely to help get and a good chunk of extra money for you.
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I think it's wonderful you are helping out your friend. My son has a nanny that helps me and she makes a lot more than that, but we live in a different area with a higher cost of living. I'm wondering, if you don't feel good about the exchange and might be resentful about it, maybe in addition to the $100/wk there is something else she can trade that isn't money? Maybe some child care for you on the occasional weekend so you can have some free time? Maybe she has a garden with veggies or fruit trees? Chickens that lay eggs? I'm just throwing things out there. You wouldn't want to so so much that you feel resentful and taken advantage of. That would mess up your friendship...
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As a single mom, its really nice when people like you are willing to help and work for less. Its people like you who make us getting ahead possible. With that being said, I used to do daycare before dh died. With easy children, it was fine and I didn't mind watching other peoples kids. It was really nice to have the income. However, it was the hard kids that threw the balance off. I needed the money then so I stuck it out. They didn't treat my kids well. My kids were babies. I finally had to stop. Is there a way you could have the baby over for a day to see how he does with you without his mom? Then maybe you have more of an idea of what you're getting into. If its the money then be up front. I took less than daycare charged because I didn't have overhead costs and goverment rules to follow. If it doesn't work out, she'll find someone else. Your kids and health are the most important
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Thank you. I do feel good about helping her out. I think her son is a pretty easy boy. I haven't say for him in 6 months though. I think she's open to parenting suggestions and will take any sort of parenting advice I can give, so I'm not worried there. I'll treat him the same as my other kids and discipline the same and she doesn't have a problem with that. I just wanted some input!! I really do want to help people out. I have a heart for that. My kids like being home more anyway, too
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