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"Oops" birth with VBAC?

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Hey everyone, I am wondering, has anyone on here ever done (or would recommend) an almost "oops" birth with a vbac? I mean, going to the hospital when you are just about pushing out the baby? Any ideas or feedback about this would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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I thought of this! If we can't get support from doctors or midwives to do the safest option for us because of insurance regulations deciding for us, it seems like the only way to get a VBAC! Frustrating, right? I want to have a midwife and doula available to me but I've heard horror stories of them not being able to check you into the hospital because of all these weird laws. Ahh! I'm just as confused as you

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Is there any reason why your doctor would not want you to VBAC besides you haven't delivered vaginally before? If you and the baby are healthy, the scar healed well, and all's well, I don't see why they'd prevent you from at least attempting a VBAC.


I feel so fortunate my midwives will let me go 42+6 before talking the re-C-word... Waiting until the last minute to go to the hospital is what they and my doula (they've never met) recommend for my best chance at a VBAC. They've even said they'll come to my house to check me to make sure we don't leave too soon. I'm currently 41 + 4 and hoping to go into labor on my own this time.


Stay at home as long as you can and refuse medical inductions - Pit and epi's increase chance of UR, but I'm sure you already know that. Good luck!!

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well, I showed up 8 cm and pushing with dd1, and if anything it only made the hospial experience worse.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone (I got the cs after saying no... long story).  If I had to I would probably get DH to retrofit the back of our van with a tarp and towels and give birth near the hospital in an open field or the parking garage.  But homebirth being quite legal (and our house being 20 minutes from the hospital, plenty of time for an emergency cs if we called ahead), I tried to homebirth.  So happy with my UBAC (also long story)!  

If you don't trust the hospital staff to make good decisions for your baby during labor, do you really want to rely on their advice during that crucial crowning/birthing part?  I mean, that's what you'd be doing.. paying them to give you advice.  If you can't trust them why pay them?  

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My concern with this is that if you do have the rare uterine rupture, you won't be near medical facilities or with a medical professional who could detect that and intervene. Its the reason that we do our VBACs in the hospital with continuous fetal monitoring.  I wouldn't feel comfortable having strong contractions outside of the hospital with no monitoring. I have had 3 successful VBACs in the hospital after my 2 C/S and all three were induced with pit and I also had epidurals! There are many factors that contribute to your success of having a VBAC and I personally don't feel that the hospital in and of itself is a barrier to having a VBAC. As the old saying goes, there are many paths up the same mountain. 

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