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Advice on 8 month old who has stopped sleeping!

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Hi there!!


Okay, so my little bunny muffin has never slept through the night. Well, not since she turned 4 months old and we started co sleeping (did things kind of backward) and that's all fine and good.  She is 8 months and "normal" is waking often. 4-5 times  a night.  Usually she just rolls over, nurses and goes back to sleep but occasionally she's difficult to resettle, but as in a 20-minute ordeal.  This is a situation I can deal with.


Well the past couple of weeks she's been waking and not able to go back down for hours!  Usually, I just take her out of the bedroom and let her play until she's tired again but this has been getting exhausting. Last night, I decided to keep her in the dark room and keep trying to rock her back to sleep. She'd drift ff for a second or 5 minute then be awake again, crying.  This went on for 3.5 hours! Then she finally fell asleep for 3 hours straight. This is a situation I'm having a very difficult time coping with!


Any advice as to why this may be happening? She still takes 3 naps, and I tried to stretch her and cut one and I think I may have made things worse! Also, any advice as to how to handle it when it does happen? 


Last but not lease, if this happened with your little one please assure me that it did end...or that it lasted years so I know just how freaked out to be.  Thanks!!!

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It happened with my first DD. Second is 8mo and it hasn't happened so far but I'm not celebrating yet!

It didn't last long, maybe a month or two? I think it was just because she had so much going on developmentally. I used to take her into her room (we co-slept but she had a room with her toys, clothes etc) and lie on the floor and doze while she played. I kept the lights very dim md took her back to bed as soon as she seemed tired again. I also didn't have any other children or a job so I could sleep with her during the day which helped.
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Sounds just like my babe! She has a room upstairs with a crib (where she naps) and a futon on the floor which we're transitioning her to once the room is totally baby-proofed.  I've been laying with her on the futon and keeping the lights low while she pummels through her baskets of books and toys until she's ready to sleep again.


Last night was much better! It's been an every-other-night thing so far, which is helping me stay sane.

Thanks for the input!

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